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LATEST UPDATES, JANUARY 31, 2016: CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE: End of Challenge, 2015/2016 Edition; Last stories posted: "The Pilgrims' Way", by Skybase Girl - Reposting of "Christmas Lights", by Marion Woods /// JANUARY 15, 2016:  CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE: "Of Feelings and Hope", by VMR - "Christmas for Soldiers", by Adam Blue /// DECEMBER 31, 2015: CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE: "Stand by for Action (Part 2) Captain Scarlet Calendar for 2016", by Caroline Smith, with help from Marion Woods, Isabelle Saucier and Chris Bishop - "First Footing", by Isabelle Saucier /// DECEMBER 25, 2015:  CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE: "I'll be Home for Christmas", by Chris Bishop - Reposting of "Cindy's Angel", by Chris Bishop /// DECEMBER 17, 2015:  CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE: "The Dark Side", by Marion Woods - Reposting of "Christmas Presence", by Hazel Köhler /// NOVEMBER 18, 2015:  CHRISTMAS FAN FICTION CHALLENGE: 2015/2016 Edition of the Challenge launched! See the page to know how to participate! /// NOVEMBER 10, 2015: HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE: "The Last Remake of King Kong", Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 (Conclusion) /// NOVEMBER 6, 2015: HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE: "The Village", by Caroline Smith - "The Last Remake of King Kong, Chapter 4", by Chris Bishop


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SOULS APART  New series Suitable for all readersSexual innuendo

In which Scarlet & Destiny ponder the meaning of life and death, as they each struggle to deal with a difficult anniversary. New Captain Scarlet story  ff 323 Posted August 1st, 2007.


COMPROMISING POSITIONS  New series Suitable for all readers

While spending Christmas on Skybase, Colonel White discovers that the most unwelcome presents are not always given by the Mysterons. New Captain Scarlet story. Christmas Challenge ff 350 Posted January 13, 2008


SIGNALS THROUGH THE GLASS  New series Suitable for all readersAction-oriented/low level of violenceImplied adult situations

Set in the early days of Spectrum, before the advent of the Mysterons.  Captain Grey and the newly-recruited Melody Angel discover that the world is indeed a small place and there are times when the past refuses to be buried. New Captain Scarlet story. ff 383 Posted November 9, 2008.

PAPER CUTS  New series Suitable for all readers

In which Symphony Angel's good deed lands her in hot water, while Scarlet and Destiny play a game of 'Truth & Consequences'  New Captain Scarlet story.  Christmas Challenge ff 427 Posted January 16, 2010.


SHIFTING SHAPES  New series Suitable for all readers

Shape Shifter - a speculative look at what might have happened next. New Captain Scarlet short.   ff 438  Posted June 21, 2010


BLOOD AND CANDLE SMOKE New series Suitable for all readersBad or strong languageAction-oriented/low level of violence

New Captain Scarlet story. December in Mexico - and Captain Ochre finds herself struggling to deal with the aftermath of a Mysteron attack. ff 453 Christmas Challenge. Posted December 12, 2010.


THE CHOCOLATIER'S HOUSE  New series Suitable for all readers

New Captain Scarlet. With Valentine's Day approaching, someone is checking inspiration for a very special gift. ff 461  Posted February 14, 2011.


THE VIGIL  New series Suitable for all readers

On Christmas Eve, Captain Blue worries that Santa Claus might not deliver the one gift Spectrum needs. New Captain Scarlet story. Christmas Challenge.  ff 478 Posted December 24, 2011.


THE FIRST CHRISTMAS New series Suitable for all readersImplied adult situations

Spectrum's first Christmas means different things to different people and unexpected emotions flood to the surface. The sequel to "Signals Through the Glass".  Christmas Challenge.  ff 483 Posted January 31, 2011

CHILD OF DESTINY New series Suitable for all readersSexual innuendo

Destiny Angel is having Captain Scarlet's child...  but all in not well in the couple's matrimonial life. New Captain Scarlet story. Halloween Challenge. ff 504 Posted October 28, 2012


IDLEWILD  New series Suitable for all readers

In the run up to the first Christmas following the Mysterons' declaration of war, Scarlet and Destiny embark on an unexpected pilgrimage to New York city. New Captain Scarlet story.  Christmas story ff 510  Posted December 9, 2012


A VALENTINE ROSE New series Implied adult situations

by Skybase Girl.  Black faces a lonely Valentine's Day until the Mysterons unexpectedly step in.  New Captain Scarlet story.  Valentine's Day story. ff 518 Posted February 14, 2013


A TWISTED TRINITY  New series Medium level of violenceAdult situations

A family Christmas in the Canadian Rockies forces Scarlet and Destiny to confront their inner demons. Meanwhile, an old adversary has some shocks in store. R rated. New Captain Scarlet story.  Christmas Challenge ff 345.  Originally posted December 25, 2007 - Reposted January 7, 2014.


What remains  Original series Adult situations

Set in the year 2100 and intended as a sequel to Marion Woods’ story “Valediction”. Colonel Scarlet and former Symphony Angel Karen Svenson are struggling to deal with the tragic deaths of their spouses. But when their efforts to rebuild their lives take an unexpected turn, they are unprepared for the resultant fallout. Christmas Challenge. ff 572 Posted January 28, 2015.


THE PILGRIMS' WAY  New series Suitable for all readersSexual innuendo

When Flight Lieutenant Caroline Foster-Finch rescues a group of motorists stranded on a flooded causeway, she has no idea that her life is about to be changed for ever. A pre-Spectrum New Captain Scarlet story. ff 598 Posted January 31, 2016.