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LAST UPDATES:  February 25, 2008:  Comics International devotes six issues to Gerry Anderson /// August 8, 2007: "Thunderbirds, 40th anniversary edition" Region 1 available /// June 24, 2007:  New "Space: 1999" DVD sets available in both Region 1 and Region 2 /// November 11, 2006:  Classic Captain Scarlet Playstation 2 game - to be released soon ///  August 12,2006: Larger artwork for New Captain Scarlet Series 2 and New Captain Scarlet Series 1 & 2 DVD boxsets /// July 30, 2006: Artwork revealed for New Captain Scarlet Series 2 DVD set


























On this page, you will find old and past news related to either Captain Scarlet specifically, or Gerry Anderson's stuff in general.


Bear in mind that these are OLD news, and that they are out of date.  However, this website decided to keep them on this page purely for informational purposes. 


Some of the news on this page have been shown to be merely rumours, contradictory with other information, reported the release of then upcoming items that were cancelled later on, or even prove themselves to be false.   This site provided  updates and detailed info as they became available, and made amendments when necessary.






EUROPES LEADING TRADE PAPER Comics International is to continue its unique coverage of classic TV SF in British comics with six installments devoted to the shows of Gerry Anderson.

Written by Shaqui Le Vesconte , the worlds leading expert on Anderson in comics, this mammoth and exhaustive series is to showcase artwork by some of the worlds top illustrators who brought the fantastic worlds of International Rescue and Spectrum to life on the page, including such greats as Frank Bellamy, Ron Embleton and Mike Noble.

This special series begins in CI #205 (March 2008) under a special tribute cover [see below], with an overview of Andersons 45-year long association with comics. With each succeeding 100-page issue also featuring an appropriate Anderson cover, Part 2 (CI #206) focuses on the early years spotlighting Four Feather Falls , Supercar, Fireball XL5 and Stingray in the 60s weekly, TV Comic.

Part 3 (#207) is dedicated to the many strip incarnations of Thunderbirds while Part 4 (#208) features Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and everyones favourite programmable boy genius, Joe 90. Comics based on Andersons live action projects, UFO, Space:1999 and others are explored in Part 5 (#209) while Part 6 (#210) wraps it all up with a look at Project SWORD, Agent 21, Starcruiser and those other Anderson concepts seen only in comics form.

Andersons many creations have not just appeared in British titles. His vivid futures hold global appeal to young and old alike. Accordingly, the six-parter will also explore various international editions.

Cosmic Publications is offering Gerry Anderson devotees an exclusive a money-saving opportunity to have these six special issues delivered direct to their door every month as they come off the presses. Not only is it dropping its usual 12-issue minimum, but it is offering six issues for the price of five! Get #205-210 for just 15 (19 first class) in the UK ; mainland Europe 25/36; rest of the world $60 (air)/$46 (surface).


SUBSCRIPTION INSTRUCTIONS: email  with your name, address and payment details quoting reference FAB01 OFFER or send to: Comics International (Department FAB01), 8 Galliford Road , Maldon, Essex CM9 4XD , England . PayPal [] and all major credit cards accepted. Make cheques etc payable to Cosmic Publications. Subscriptions enquiries telephone: 01621 877231 [011-44-1621 8772321 from North America ].

ABOUT SHAQUI LE VESCONTE: He is a 40-something fan of television and comics. By day, graphic artist; by night, researcher and writer of articles on television, comics, television comics, and anything between. With Kim Stevens, Shaqui is responsible for websites about puppet series
Space Patrol and Sara & Hoppity, The history of Gerry Anderson comics, and has written for Star Trek magazine and the website Look-Out. A fourth website, about the Junior TV Times, Look-in, is currently in preparation.

ABOUT COMICS INTERNATIONAL: Acquired by Cosmic Publications at the end of 2006, CI was launched in April 1990 to fill a need for a trade magazine for the US and UK comics industry. From its 48-page 4,000 copy debut, it has expanded to a 100-page monthly with many pages in full colour and a circulation in excess of 24,000. Read internationally by fans, collectors, publishers and creators, it is the independent guide to the world of English-language comics.  






Contrary to earlier news, the Thunderbirds 40th Anniversary Edition, from A&E, in Region 1 (North America)  was not released on July 31rst.  The release of this new DVD set of 12 discs has been postponed until September 25, 2007.  At least, according to, the Amazon Canadian store, which presently lists the new release date on their website. does not offer a release date as yet, but it is suspected that it should be the same date announced by the Canadian store. 


So never fear, Thunderbirds fan, the series will still become available to you very soon!


This 12-discs set will contain, of course, the 32 episodes, of the fan-acclaimed favourite series, digitally remastered and presented in original  videcolor, with a few bonus that include production stills, two 1965 making-off, characters biographies, etc. 


Here's the publicity information found on the A&E website:

When your house is invaded by alligators ten times normal size or fashion models hijack your futuristic superjet, who could possibly come to the rescue in time? Why, THE THUNDERBIRDS, of course.

Late in the 21st Century ex-astronaut-gazillionaire Jeff Tracy devotes his fortune to the ultra-tech International Rescue Team. He is joined by his five sons, who operate the Thunderbirds vehicles (rocket plane, VTOL aircraft, spaceship, submarine and space station) and utilize a stunning array of gadgets that put James Bond to shame.

Rescue adventures - from speeding trains to collapsing buildings, as well as the aforementioned alligators and fashion models - take the intrepid Tracy family and their companions (Brains, Kyrano, Tin Tin, and Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward) around the world and into space. Natural disasters keep the IR Team busy enough, but when the evil figure ""The Hood"" gets up to his dirty tricks, they have to pull out all the stops to foil his wicked intrigues.

By the way, they're puppets, the absolute cutting edge of mid-sixties SUPERMARIONATION, in fact. But the stories, special effects and characters that emerged from the brilliant mind of Gerry Anderson (Supercar, Space: 1999) make this one of the all-time best TV sci-fi shows.

Don't let four decades in the can fool you; this is top-notch adventure, strings attached!

Like the Anniversary Edition of Space: 1999, this new set will be presented in a slimmer boxset - and at a much slimmer price than the previous Megaset.  A&E suggested price is already at about 45% less than the megaset, but you can still find it at even less. will soon be be offering a pre-order for this set.  Keep your eyes peeled to this space.


Thunderbirds 40th Anniversary Megaset


32 episodes, 12 discs

Box set, Color, Region 1, NTSC Format

Run Time: 1664 minutes

English language


A&E Home Video



  • Photo gallery of production stills

  • Two original 1965 "Making of" featurettes

  • "The History of THE THUNDERBIRDS"

  • Character Biographies

  • Gerry Anderson biography and filmography

New released date:  September 25, 2007



JUNE 24, 2007




To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the series, A&E Home Video will release a brand new, more affordable Anniversary Edition complete boxset of Space: 1999.  At approximately half the price (and even less) than the previously released A&E Mega Set, this complete DVD set will include all of the 49 original episodes from both series 1 and 2.  Here's the publicity sheet from the A&E website: 


Escape into worlds beyond belief with the seminal sci-fi series from producer Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, UFO, Captain Scarlet). SPACE: 1999 features thought-provoking stories, exceptional special effects by Oscar® winner Brian Johnson (Alien, The Empire Strikes Back) and a remarkable cast. This complete DVD set includes all 48 original episodes, digitally remastered from the original 35mm film elements, along with a cool bonus features, extra footage and more!


The legendary cast features Oscar® -winner Martin Landau (Ed Wood, Crimes & Misdemeanors), Emmy® -winner Barbara Bain (Mission: Impossible), Catherine Schell (The Return of the Pink Panther) and a host of international guest stars, including Joan Collins, Brian Blessed, Leo McKern and Christopher Lee.


The ancestry of this program - Thunderbirds, 2001 - and its legacy - Aliens, The Empire Strikes Back - are enough to secure this series an everlasting place at the top of any sci-fi fan's must-own list. That it remains as entertaining and compelling as ever after three decades only confirms that this fantastic all-encompassing megaset belongs in your collection.


This new DVD boxset is set to be released on July 31, 2007.  You can pre-order it at




Space 1999 - 30th Anniversary Edition Megaset


48 episodes, 17 discs

Box set, Color, Region 1, NTSC Format

Run Time: 2496 minutes

English language


A&E Home Video



  • Rare vintage interviews with cast and crew, including Gerry Anderson, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Catherine Schell, and Brian Johnson

  • Original Year 2 behind-the-scenes featurettes

  • BBC behind-the-scenes segment

  • Black Pool "Space City" exhibit film

  • Season 1 trailer gallery

  • Original Year 2 promo spots

  • Original theatrical trailers for two Space: 1999 films

  • Gallery of pre-production artwork

  • Photo galleries of production stills

Released date:  July 31, 2007




SPACE: 1999 SERIES 2  (Region 2, PAL Format) - SOON TO BE RELEASED


Finally!  After two years of waiting, Network DVD will at last release the second season of  the Space: 1999 series.  This approximately 2100 minutes long DVD set will compile all the 24 episodes from "The Metamorph" (which introduced the character of Maya, played by Katherine Schell) to "The Dorcans".  Number of DVDs are yet to be revealed.  While no information regarding any specifications or extras, but it is suspected that the original 4:3 frame will be kept (just like Series 1) and that the episodes will also be digitally re-mastered.   More details will be given as they become available.


Release date is scheduled for September 10, 2007.  If you wish, you can already pre-order the series online at  Just follow the link below.



 Space: 1999 - Series 2


24 episodes (20 hrs, approx.) - 6 discs

Boxset (Region 2, PAL format)


Fullscreen, 4:3 (To be confirmed)

English language.


Network DVD


Release date: Septemter 10, 2007




NOVEMBER 11, 2006




Captain Scarlet (PS2) 


The news had been announced quite a few months ago in a press release  - but now it seems official.  Blast will be releasing a new Playstation 2 game based on the classic Captain Scarlet series.  Age rating for this time is 3 years old +, and will only play on Pal European Playstation 2.  


From publicity sheet:


Play as Captain Scarlet. Get behind the wheel of the Spectrum Patrol Car and the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle for high-speed, mission-based combat racing in exotic locales. 

 3 Modes of play - Pursuit, Escape And Race .

Explosive weaponry - Machines Guns, Rockets, Mines and Bombs ; Features the iconic Spectrum Patrol Vehicle as well as the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle.

16 Adrenaline filled missions.

Includes a remixed Captain Scarlet music track.

The game is due for release before Christmas, but the information we have doesn't give us a precise date as yet.   This website will give you further news as it comes along.    Just cross your fingers this game doesn't follow the fate of the previous 'Retaliation' PC game...


In the meantime, the game is available for for Pre-order from  Just click the image or the link for order.









The deadline is coming close now for the release, in September 18,  of the Captain Scarlet series 2 DVD set, individual discs for series 2 AND a complete set of both Series 1 & 2.


Although we STILL don't have any details of what Series 2 will contain as extras, larger pics of artwork for both the Series 2 set and the Complete Series 1 & 2 set have been discovered online, at that we are now sharing here with you.


No sign so far of what the individual discs artwork will look like.


From Amazon's description of their Complete Series 1 & 2 boxset (Captain Scarlet Series 1 & 2 Slip Case)  it might be that it  will indeed include the same boxes as for each of the two series, collected in one large slipcase.  Although nothing is still sure at this point, we will try our best to confirm this information to you as it becomes available.








UPDATES, JULY 30, 2006:




Following hot on the news of the September release for the Series 2 release on DVD, here's the artwork for the complete Series 2 boxset:


Granted, for now, the pic is small, but as soon as this site is able to find a much better one, we'll make sure to post it in this space.  


Cover art for the Complete Series 1 and 2 boxset, as well as cover art for each individual disc will  be revealed as they become available.  


The same goes for the information on the DVDs extras




UPDATES, JULY 22, 2006:




As announced earlier this month, the long awaited series 2 of  New Captain Scarlet will be available in DVD on September 18, 2006.    The  second series will be offered as a complete box set, and as four individual discs, just like Series 1 last year.    


A complete series boxset, containing ALL of the 26 episodes of the series will also be available, as a very affordable price, so fans who didn't buy the first series as yet, might be waiting for this boxset instead.


No image of the covers are available at the moment, and there is no details concerning the discs, or what the extras would be, for any of the sets.  This website will keep you informed on new developments as they become available.


For now, you can always pre-order your copy of New Captain Scarlet Series 2, at, by clicking the following banner, or the complete set or any of the individual discs, by clicking any of the links below.





New Captain Scarlet - Series 2


13 episodes (286 min.), 4 discs

Boxset (Region 2, PAL format)


ITV DVD/Granada Ventures Ltd

DVD Features:

To be announced.


Release date:  September 18, 2006



New Captain Scarlet - Series 1 & 2, Slipcase


26  episodes (572 min.), 8 discs

Boxset (Region 2, PAL format)


ITV DVD/Granada Ventures Ltd

DVD Features:

To be announced.


Release date:  September 18, 2006



New Captain Scarlet - Series 2, Volume 1


4 episodes(?), 1 disc

Region 2, PAL format


ITV DVD/Granada Ventures Ltd

DVD Features:

To be announced.


Release date:  September 18, 2006




New Captain Scarlet - Series 2, Volume 2


3 episodes(?), 1 disc

Region 2, PAL format


ITV DVD/Granada Ventures Ltd

DVD Features:

To be announced.


Release date:  September 18, 2006




New Captain Scarlet - Series 2, Volume 3


3 episodes(?), 1 disc

Region 2, PAL format


ITV DVD/Granada Ventures Ltd

DVD Features:

To be announced.


Release date:  September 18, 2006




New Captain Scarlet - Series 2, Volume 4


3 episodes(?), 1 disc

Region 2, PAL format


ITV DVD/Granada Ventures Ltd

DVD Features:

To be announced.


Release date:  September 18, 2006





UPDATES, JULY 2, 2006:




Since Thursday, June 29, 2006, the website has announced, for pre-order, the long awaited New Captain Scarlet Series 2 on DVD.  Marked with a release date of September 18, 2006, the second series will be offered as a complete box set or as four individual discs, just like Series 1 last year. also announces  a Complete Series 1 & 2 Boxset at a competitive price.  


No image of the covers are available at the moment, and there is no details concerning the discs, or what the extras would be.


No other online merchant has made the same announcement as yet.


This website will keep you informed on new developments as they become available!



UPDATES, APRIL 22, 2006:



In the last weeks, Bandai launched its new series of New Captain Scarlet toys.   As announced in a previous article, Colonel White and Destiny Angel joined the line of action figures - bringing the set to five figures now, with Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue and Captain Black.   In addition to these, two new sets of mini vehicles have also been added to the two previous releases:  Set C comprises the Rhino and its Albatross transporter, along with a mini figure of Captain Blue, while set D features the Stallion Raid Bike, the Cheetah and the Druzniuk Tank, along with a figure of Captain Black.  Both the Rhino and the Tank come with sounds effects, provided by LR44 batteries.  

The toys are presently sold directly on the Bandai UK site, along with all the previously released New Captain Scarlet toys.  For more details, and to order these items, you can check the  CGI Merchandises page.



Japan joined the U.K., South Africa and Australia in the airing of the New Captain Scarlet series.  Since March 12, the series can be viewed on Animax, at midnight on Sunday.  No news yet concerning viewing in France or the United States, although nothing came to deny reports that the series has be bought by TF1 (France) and Voom Animania (U.S.).   There is no information so far on yet other Network around the world that might have bought the viewing rights of the series.

 More news to come as it becomes available.



UPDATES, MARCH 11, 2006:



As these lines are written, the Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet series is presently viewed in different parts around the world.  In UK, CITV 4 started airing an entire new run of the high-quality series on March 11.  All 26 episodes are expected to be aired in the following weeks, in a 5.30PM, a much better time slot than in the middle of the Saturday morning MOM programming, last year, which should also appeal to a older and different range of audience.

New Captain Scarlet had been showed since January in South Africa,  on M-NET in an 8.30am slot on Saturday mornings.

 and had recently started running in Australia, on Monday 6, 6.00PM, on ABC2, a free-to-air digital channel, as part of their ABCKids Rollercoaster strand for older children.

New Captain Scarlet has also been sold to France (TF1), Japan (Animax) and the USA where it will be broadcast in High Definition for the first time on Voom HD Networks' Animania HD channel.

More to come.







Book One of 'Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller', the new-format, 100-page, all-colour publication from the team that produced Sci-Fi and Fantasy Models magazine throughout the '90s is available now via the Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller  website.


The site offers on-line ordering facilities, plus full details of Book One's contents, including how to make a Supermarionation replica puppet, Fanderson convention foto-report -  and article on a new garage Stingray kit -  on site!








Members and visitors of the Spectrum Headquarters Forum already know this.  And maybe some of you have taken note of the 'odd' address under which the CGI merchandises page was listed.   The administration of the Spectrum Headquarters site had announced its desire of creating a sub-domain (section) within its space totally dedicated to the Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet series.  Since the untimely 'death' of the Official site, a few weeks ago, following the end of the second season's airing on television,  it seemed that the web community (read:  fans of the new series) was now in dire need of a new place where information about the show will be gathered.  


This new site now exists.  Its name is SKYBASE CENTRAL.


SKYBASE CENTRAL  was mainly created using a similar presentation as SPECTRUM HEADQUARTERS - on which space it's now reside.   It will contain the same kind of information and subject as Spectrum Headquarters, but specific to the New Captain Scarlet series.  Characters, crafts, vehicles, episode guide, technical information, merchandises, everything you want to know about the show will be listed there.  And more.   


At the moment, the information you can find on Skybase Central is as follow:

  • The CGI Merchandises page - with a list of all which is presently available from the New Captain Scarlet series.

  • Cast of Characters page - with profiles on Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Colonel White, Lieutenant Green, Destiny Angel and Captain Black.  Other characters' profiles will be added soon.

  • List of Episodes on  the Episode Guide page. Details on each episodes will be added eventually.

  • Fan Fiction page:  list of presently available New Captain Scarlet fan fiction on this site.  There isn't many of them right now on the list, but other stories have been promised, and should be added soon.  Hopefully, this will generate interest in other writers, who will also send in their submissions for this brand new section!

  • The answers from Gerry Anderson to Forum Members' questions  have been moved to  Skybase Central Miscellaneous page.  The CGI page on the Spectrum Headquarters space will eventually be moved on Skybase Central too, as soon as the information it contains is thoroughly checked and compiled appropriately. 

Others pages are in preparations, as you will notice when you'll visit Skybase Central.   Since there already isn't much information about the show, the administration of Spectrum Headquarters (and Skybase Central) will rely heavily on the series' fans to provide most of them - in order to create the most complete database of information possible.  

Don't hesitate to contact the webmaster at the following address for any comments, suggestions and material you think might be of use for this new site.

Spectrum Headquarters and Skybase Central will continue with its mandate to keep you inform on every news that might interest you on your favourite shows.  Stay tuned!


* * *




Fanderson beat everyone to the news (Well done!) and members on the Spectrum HQ forum already started discussing this!  The administration of the Spectrum Headquarters site learned that  New Captain Scarlet series will soon be aired again on British television.  Digital Channel ITV4, which is already airing other Gerry Andersons's shows, such as UFO, Space: 199 and The Protectors, will soon be airing the entire run of 26 episodes of New Captain Scarlet as well.  A date has yet to be determined.


As stated on the Fanderson page:  


[...] The ITV4 run of New Captain Scarlet will help to boost sales of a second wave of merchandising which got underway last week with the publication of Puffin Books' Instrument of Destruction junior novelisation and Spectrum Agent's Handbook (both written by Richard Dungworth) and Funfax's New Captain Scarlet Funfile. Ladybird Books are about the publish a pair of storybooks based on the episodes Swarm and The Achilles Messenger as well as a pair of activity books: a Scratch and Reveal Activity Book and a Vehicle Sticker Book. [...]

Due to this new airing, the second DVD set, featuring the last 13 episodes of the series (dubbed 'series 2') will not be released as yet.


New Captain Scarlet is presently airing in South Africa - the first country outside the UK to broadcast the series.   The series is aired on M-NET, at  8.30am on Saturday mornings.  TF1, a major broadcaster  in France, also bought the airing rights for the series, which also been sold to a broadcast company in the U.S. and to one in Japan (both to be determined).  


Corgi will soon release their new die-cast Rhino model - as well as a SPV model,  which will also be available together as a gift pack.  These are already announced on the Skybase Central Merchandising page.  Other Captain Scarlet related merchandises, announced within the Corgi catalogue are, from New Captain Scarlet:  the Cheetah and the White Falcon, and from the original series:  the SSC and the Angel Fighter.  These models will also come in gift set, for collectors to buy.  


In addition to these wonderful news from Corgi, Bandai will be adding to their range of New Captain Scarlet vehicles and action figures by adding  new action figures.  Colonel White and Destiny Angel should be joining the three already available figures of Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue and Captain Black in a near future.

Stay tuned for more details about this.


However good these news, the New Captain Scarlet magazine has sadly folded.  Number six has been the last issue produced, and works on next issues have been cancelled.   This last issue is still available at the moment, and can still be found online at Star Trader.   Details of each issue can be found on the CGI Merchandises page.






The three remaining individual DVD discs containing the rest of the episodes from Series 1 of New Captain Scarlet will become available to public on January 30, 2006.  Each disc will contain three episodes of the series.  The extras are unknown, although it is highly possible that those discs have the exact same content as those from the 4-discs set that was released.  No cover art is available at this point.


If you want you can pre-order either of the discs at, by following the links below.  The first individual disc, and the entire DVD set are, of course, still available, and you can visit  New Captain Scarlet Merchandises page to find the links that will bring you right to them, on










January also seems to be the month chosen by Corgi for the much-awaited release of their model for the Rhino, from the New Captain Scarlet series.  The Rhino will be sold separately, or as half of a special set which will also comprise the now classic and famous SPV, from the original Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons series.   The SPV will also be sold separately - and will also be available in January.





New addition - November 30, 2005

Classic Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle from Corgi

Die-cast metal. 


From the original Captain Scarlet Puppet series. Features drop down rear tracks.


Concealed firing rocket and opening door with fixed Captain Scarlet figure.










Issue 3 of the New Captain Scarlet Magazine is now available, and this time is offered with a pair of Spectrum binocular.  The photo-novel strips continues, with the adaptation of the second half of Part 2 of "Instrument of Destruction.  Character data now focuses on Destiny Angel, and you will also find information about the Falcon fighter.   Issues 1 and 2 are  still available, and can be bought online at Star Trader.



An update of the New Captain Scarlet Merchandises page had been made to now include washing and bathing accessories that seem to be exclusively available at  So far, only a Captain Scarlet washing mitt and a Cheetah bubble bath bottle are available.  But other items might eventually come to complete the list.


Links to buy DVD, toys, magazines and bathing accessories can all be found on the New Captain Scarlet Merchandises page.







As promised in an earlier announcement, a new page has been created on this website, listing available and upcoming merchandises from the New Captain Scarlet CGI series - with links to where to buy them online.   All you have to do is follow this link to find this new page.   Many of those items are available in time for Christmas - so give yourself a gift - or your children a gift, and check out this list.  As it the list is probably not complete, you are invited to contact the webmaster with whatever information you may provide on other merchandises.  Web links to articles, pictures and/or merchants will be appreciated.


The New Captain Scarlet Annual that was supposed to hit the stores this Summer as been postponed.  The news has been confirmed by Egmont Books Ltd.  This site doesn't have news of when the Annual will be released - even if it'll be released - but as soon as we have further information on this subject, we'll make sure to let you know.





You probably remember that, some months ago, this website forum offered visitors a possibility to ask questions to Gerry Anderson concerning the new CGI series.  And as you probably also know, Mr. Anderson was kind enough to accept answering those questions - that you may find, listed on this page, along with their respective answers.  


Now forum member Aegis, our contact within the technical team of New Captain Scarlet, is offering us a new opportunity, this time to ask another batch of questions to David Lane, supervising director of the new CGI series, and Wayne Forrester, the voice of the new Captain Scarlet.  


As for the previous batch, questions will be examined by the forum administrators, and a selection will be made so to keep the most relevant amongst them.  The selected questions - when we'll have a reasonable number of them - will be listed on this site.  They will then be forwarded to David Lane and Wayne Forrester, through our ever helpful contact - Thank you for this new opportunity, Aegis!


So if you have questions you want to ask to both David Lane and Wayne Forrester, now is your chance.  If you're a member of the forum, just click to the CGI board, and check under the Questions to David Lane and Wayne Forrester topic.  If you are not a member, never fear:   you can always leave your questions on the Guests and Visitors board.  We'll make sure your question(s) will be added to the list.







Issue 2 of the New Captain Scarlet Magazine hit the stands on November 2, 2005, with, as a special gift, a Spectrum Searchlight.  Issue 2 includes the second part of the photo-novel adaptation of "Instrument of Destruction", Captain Blue's character data, a poster and many other features.  Issue 1 is still available, and can now be found online at Star Trader.  This website will keep you informed on the online availability of Issue 2.









You might have noticed the ad above since last week. As a reminder:  the DVD release for Season 1 of the New Captain Scarlet series in CGI is due to hit the stands next Monday, October 17.  Check your local video and DVD stores, or order it online, but if you are a fan, don't miss the opportunity to own this set.  


Fans reviews of 'Second Season' of the new series have been raving, and everyone agrees that it is so far much better than the first season.  There's much comments about this on the CGI section of the Spectrum Headquarters forum, as well as other interesting comments about different aspects of the show.  and we invite you to drop by to check it out.  You don't have to be a member to read the comments.


Issue 1 of the New Captain Scarlet Magazine has hit the stores as well, and is presently available. I'd like to thank Mr. William Potter, from John Brown Jr. to provide me with a copy of the mag (impossible to get from me here in Canada!), and I wish the project all the success it deserves.  The mag is of good quality, with strikingly beautiful artwork, and well-done. Aimed at young readers, the mag comes with a Spectrum shooter toy. 


Unfortunately for now, the mag is not available online.  This website suggests that you try to online magazine, or collectors stores that you know about and see if they won't be providing the mag at some point. 


In the upcoming weeks, this website will provide information and pictures on the New Captain Scarlet toys.  Stay tuned!








The second batch of New Captain Scarlet episodes (dubbed 'season 2'), containing episodes 14 to 26, starts airing on UK Television on September 3.   Still a part of MOM (I'm hearing groaning from my many of my English friends and contacts), on CiTV, the show will be shown on Saturday mornings.  No news concerning a possible rerun of what was left of the first 13 episodes that had started being aired during the Summer.  


The promotional campaign for the new batch, an various merchandises for the new series (including the DVD set for the first 13 episodes) is presently in full gear, and details of the many interviews and events are presently listed on the Fanderson site.  An interview given to Simon Mayo on BBC Radio Five on Friday, August 26, can still be listened to on their webpage.   Click on the 'Gerry Anderson' link you will find on the right of the page.  







As previously announced, a 30th Anniversary Edition of Space: 1999 - Series 1, Network DVD will  release on October 23rd, 2005.   This seven-disc  new DVD set will include all 24 episodes of the first season with will be digitally remastered from High Definition masters, in its original 4:3 frame. 

Here are further details regarding the extras you will be able to find in the set:   

Cover art of the set is still to come.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, if you want you can pre-order either the Space: 1999 - Series 1, 30th Anniversary Commemorative Boxset  at   Just follow the link.


 Space: 1999 - Series 1, 30th Anniversary Commemorative Boxset


24 episodes (20 hrs, approx.)

Boxset (Region 2, PAL format)


Extras: 'Making of', Commentaries with Gerry Anderson, Commentaries with Sylvia Anderson, Barry Gray's main theme demo, Trailers for movie versions, Backgrounds and unused SFX footage set to music, The Clapperboard  2-part special on the work of Gerry Anderson from 1975


Fullscreen, 4:3

English language.


Network DVD


Release date: October 23, 2005







This one presented by CiTV, the competition offers the chance for the grand winner to win a full assortment of New Captain Scarlet toys.  Comprising action figures of Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue and Captain Black, a Deluxe Skybase set, the Deluxe Rhino, the Hummingbird, the Stallion Raid Bike, a Deluxe Cheetah and a Spectrum communicator - all signed by Gerry Anderson.  To win this full set, you have to answer one question and tell in 50 words or less who is a real-life superhero - and why.


The competition is open to residents of UK only.  There is no age restrictions, but people under 16 must obtain permission from their parents or guardian before entering the competition.  One entry per person.  Be sure to read the other rules.


To enter the competition, click here.  Good luck - and if you win, be sure to tell us!





The following press release has been received from Forbidden Planet Press Office this week: 




Forbidden Planet is delighted to announce a signing by Gerry Anderson to celebrate the launch of the new range of Captain Scarlet toys from Bandai, at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2 H 8JR, on Saturday 10th September 3-4 pm


Gerry Anderson’s illustrious career has spanned over 50 years and has created many iconic series including, the world famous Thunderbirds, Stingray, UFO, Space 1999 and Captain Scarlet which has recently returned to television screens in the all new CGI series.
The new range of Captain Scarlet toys from Bandai, are described by Anderson as “the best he’s ever seen” includes highly detailed and movable action figures from £4.99 as well as vehicles from the ground breaking new series starting at only £14.99


Anderson will be signing at the Forbidden Planet Shaftesbury Avenue Megastore. Offering a 10,000 square foot of floorspace and over a mile of shelving holding 25,000 products, this store will continue the Forbidden Planet tradition of hosting appearances by the greatest names in science fiction and fantasy. Previous appearances have included Arthur C Clarke, Frank Herbert, Douglas Adams, Anne McCaffrey, J. G. Ballard, Iain Banks, Larry Niven, Clive Barker, Frank Herbert, Stephen King, William Gibson, H. R. Giger and Terry Pratchett.







A new CGI Captain Scarlet Magazine is coming this way.


From an e-mail from the editor:


"The mag, aimed at young fans of the new CGI series, will feature comic strip, puzzles, Spectrum missions, personnel and vehicle data, competitions and science fact files. Every issue includes a free Spectrum gift. Issue One is launched on Wednesday 12th October.

As it's too soon [...] to have any readers, I'm writing to ask if you can contact any fans of the new series  who are in our target readership of 5-10 year-olds. I am looking for letters and drawings about the series to publish in the first few of issues. EVERY LETTER OR DRAWING PRINTED WINS A CAPT SCARLET PRIZE!

The deadline for Issue 1 is crazy. I need artwork and letters by next Monday, 15th.  Any later and they can be considered for Issues 2 and 3.

Please note, the pictures and letters need to be about the New CGI series, not 'Classic Scarlet'. [...]"


The address to send drawings and letters is:


William Potter,
New Captain Scarlet
John Brown Junior
The New Boathouse
136-142 Bramley Rd,
W10 6SR.

Contributions can also be emailed to:






As promised on a previous post, here's now your first view of cover art for the Captain Scarlet - Series One DVD Boxset, which will include the 13 first episodes of the series. The set contains 4 discs.


Granada is also offering,  an individual disc of the first volume of the series, containing episodes 1 to 4 of the 13 episodes first series.  No further date release(s) has (have) been given for the other volume(s) - but they will probably become available somewhere during the Fall or early Winter.  More info on that as it becomes available.  


If you want you can order either the New Captain Scarlet - Episodes 1 to 4 - at   However, the New Captain Scarlet - Series One DVD boxset comes complete - You might prefer to order this one instead and not wait!



 New Captain Scarlet - Series One


13 episodes (260 minutes?)

Boxset (Region 2, PAL format)


Granada Ventures Ltd

(details to be confirmed)

Release date: October 17, 2005




New Captain Scarlet - Episodes 1 to 4


4 episodes (Instrument of Destruction, Part 1 & Part 2, Swarm and Rat Trap)


Single disc (Region 2, PAL format)

(unknown extras)


Granada Ventures Ltd

Release date: October 17, 2005






In celebration of the  the  40th Anniversary of Thunderbirds, Granada Ventures will release, on September 19 2005, a limited edition of a commemorative DVD boxset containing all the 32 episodes of the most famous Anderson's show.

Unfortunately, this  Thunderbirds 40th Anniversary commemorative DVD Boxset will contains the same DVDs that were previously released in 2000 and 2004. 

However,  for fans who do not already own Thunderbirds on DVD, the new boxset, of 8 discs, will also contain an exclusive set of postcards and  a 20-track CD of music from Barry Gray's compilation of  Thunderbirds episode scores from the two existing Silva Screen CD soundtrack albums). 

This new anniversary boxset is scheduled for a a limited edition release of 5000 individually numbered units.

If you don't have your copy of the Thunderbirds series...  Now might be the time to own it! You can pre-order your copy of  'Thunderbirds, 40th Anniversary Commemorative Boxset'  at,  by clicking the link below.



 Thunderbirds 40th Anniversary Box Set Limited Edition


32 episodes

8 discs box set boxset (Region 2, PAL Format)


Studio: Granada Ventures Ltd

(details to be confirmed)
Release Date: September 19, 2005





On October 23rd, 2005, Network DVD will release a 30th Anniversary Edition of Space: 1999 - Season One.  This seven-disc  new DVD set will include all 24 episodes of the first season -  digitally remastered from High Definition masters, in its original 4:3 frame. 

Extras for the set are presently in production, and the exact content of the set is not yet complete.  However, it will include episode commentaries by Gerry Anderson, Zienia Merton, Christopher Penfold, Johnny Byrne and Sylvia Anderson, a demo version of Barry Gray's main theme, text commentaries, and trailers.  It will also include Granada's two-part 1975 Clapperboard - a special behind-the-scene show on the work of Gerry Anderson on Space:1999.

Further details on the Space:1999 Series One Special Edition 30th anniversary commemorative DVD set - including cover art, more extras and link to order it online - are still to come.  Stay tuned.






Some  weeks ago, the Spectrum Headquarters Forum has been gathering questions to ask Gerry Anderson and his team about the new CGI series.   Many interesting questions have been received, and have been taken into consideration for our selection; after adding them to an accompanying text, that selection  has then been handed to our friend, Forum member Aegis (of the Indestructible Productions),  who had offered to forward these questions to whom it may concern!


And now the exiting news is:  The questions have been answered - by Mr. Anderson himself!  And you are now able to read both questions and answers on this page, in the exact format in which they were received!





The first 13 episodes of 'New Captain Scarlet' are confirmed for a DVD release in the Fall.  The date is set to October 17, 2005.   All the episodes will be complete, uncut, without interruption, in widescreen format and with a 5.1 Dolby Surround sound.   Details on the cover art, price and extras are yet to be announced, but the extras should at least include commentaries by Gerry Anderson, David Lane and Wayne Forrester (the voice of Captain Scarlet).  Stay tuned for more news on that subject.

In the meantime, you can pre-order your copy of  'New Captain Scarlet'  at,  by clicking the link below.


 New Captain Scarlet - Series One


13 episodes (260 minutes?)

Boxset (Region 2, PAL format)


Granada Ventures Ltd

(details to be confirmed)

Release date: October 17, 2005




The next 13 episodes ('Season 2') will start airing in the Fall, but no date or viewing slot has been announced so far.  It is unknown at this point if the first series of 13 episodes will also be reprised before the Season 2 run - which might still be possible considering that the second viewing of the show seems to have stopped 4 episodes before it was completed.  Stay tuned for news on that subject.


The Japanese company Bandai will soon offer a full range of New Captain Scarlet toys (which should have been slated to coincide with the original Fall viewing.  The TV Century 21 site offers a photo gallery of those toys, which look rather stunning.   In collaboration with Bandai, the Teen Today Site is presently promoting in UK a New Captain Scarlet  give-away contest.  Enter to have the change to win a prize package of New Captain Scarlet  toys!


A selection of those toys will be available in UK in  Argos Stores.  Most of them can't be ordered online and can only be reserved and picked up at the store.  Other stores are expected to offer the toys as well.  Check online for availability.


Last newsletter from the official New Captain Scarlet site also announce that 'wheels are in motion to broadcast the show worldwide. The most notable recent news is that French broadcaster TF1 have obtained the rights to screen the New Captain Scarlet in France.


Specific airdates for France and other countries will be announced through the [official] site as they become known.'




With the release of 'New Captain Scarlet' set for October 17, many other Anderson series will be made available on DVD (Region 2, PAL format - Europe)  this Fall, which promises to be a very busy period for fans of all ages!  Some of those releases will be brand new, like the second season  of 'Torchy the Battery Boy' - which will make the full run of the series finally available for the first time ever.  The complete series of 'Lavender Castle' will also become available, for the first time, in a brand new DVD box set of 2 disks, that fans of the original stop-motion animated series will not want to miss.  


Then new boxsets of both 'Thunderbirds' and 'Space: 1999, Year 1' will also be available, in order to mark, respectively, the 40th and 30th anniversaries of those cult series.  Year 2 of 'Space: 1999' should be made available next year.


While details concerning the releases of  'Thundebirds' and 'Space: 1999' are still to be confirmed, information and pre-order links can be found below for both  Volume 2 of 'Torchy the Battery Boy' and 'Lavender Castle'.



For the first time ever, the complete second series of Gerry Anderson's original Supermarionation series will be available on September 5, 2005.  Offered in a boxset of 2 discs, this release from Network DVD has a running time of 350 minutes, comprising all 26 episodes of the second season, in glorious black and white.  

You can pre-order your copy of  Torchy the Battery Boy - The Complete series 2  at,  by clicking the link below.



Torchy the Battery Boy - Volume 2


350 minutes

2 discs (Region 2, PAL format)


Black and white


Network DVD


Release date:  September 5, 2005.




Gerry Anderson's 1999 animated series Lavender Castle will be released on Region 2 DVD  September 9 2005. For the ever, the complete series will be available.  The two-disc set will feature all 26 10-minute episodes of the fantasy series, which tells the adventures of Captain Thrice, and the crew of the spaceship Paradox, in search of the legendary Lavender Castle, which they must find before the evil Dr. Agon.

Originally presented on British television as two separate series in 1999 and 2000 by ITV, Lavender Castle has not been broadcast again to date in the UK (It was however recently  broadcast  in Australia).  The upcoming release of the entire series will present an occasion for many Anderson fans to actually own the complete series.  

You can order your pre- copy of  Lavender Castle  at,  by clicking the link below.

   Lavender Castle - Complete DVD set


??? minutes

2 discs (Region 2, PAL format)




Universal Pictures Video


Release date:  September 19, 2005.




UPDATES  JUNE 11, 2005:



Ed Bishop, lead actor in the excellent series UFO as commander Ed Straker and co-star in Supermarionation series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons as the voice of Captain Blue, died this week, Wednesday, June 8th 2005, at the age of 72.  By a sad coincidence, his co-star in UFO, Michael Billington (who played the role of Paul Foster) also passed away on Monday, at the age of 63.  

On behalf of the all the members, loyal supporters and fans, the  Administration of the Spectrum Headquarters site and the Spectrum HQ forum, expresses sincerest condolences to the families of both Ed Bishop and Michael Billington.

Both men will be fondly remembered.



Ed Bishop (1932 -2005)


George Victor Bishop was born in Brooklyn, New York on 11th June 1932.   He changed his name to Edward (Ed) Bishop on becoming a professional actor, to avoid confusion with another actor called George Bishop. 

Educated in Peekskill, New York State, he graduated from High School in 1950 and after a short spell at Teacher Training College; he went into the United States Army in 1952 to do his National Service.   He worked in the Armed Forces Radio Services and first started acting in a local amateur theatre group.

Once discharged from the Army, he started a course in Business Administration at Boston University, but in 1956 he enrolled in a two-year drama course instead, and graduated in 1959 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the Theatre.

He was able to continue his studies at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) after winning a United States Fulbright Grant.   He stayed on in England, working on television and in the theatre, as well as in feature films, including parts in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Lolita’ (1961) and ‘2001: a space odyssey’ (1968) – although most of his scenes in that Sci-Fi classic ended up on the cutting room floor as the film was over-running. 

In 1967, came the first of his collaborations with Gerry Anderson, when he was cast as the voice of Captain Blue, in the Supermarionation programme, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.  He appeared in all 32 episodes of the series, as well as in the audio adventures released on record.   In his authorised biography, Gerry Anderson says:  ‘I was intentionally listening out of sight of the artists, as seeing them as they do the voices can throw you.  Ed has a wonderful voice, which he often refers to as his ‘wall to wall corporate voice’, and he was instantly taken on board to play the role of the smooth talking co-star Captain Blue.”*

In 1969 he worked with Gerry Anderson again, on the film Dopplegänger (Also known as ‘Journey to the far side of the Sun’) and was cast as Commander Ed Straker in Anderson’s first live-action production UFO.   He appeared in all 26 episodes of the series, which was broadcast in the UK in 1970-71. 

Gerry Anderson explained his choice for the role by saying: ‘I wanted to get somebody who was a good actor, who would turn up on time, who was very workmanlike and who understood the British people – that guy was Ed Bishop.  I cannot say enough in support of the man; he is everything, I think, that a good artist should be.’**

Reviews of UFO were mixed; people associated Anderson’s shows with children’s adventure series and the storylines in the new show were far more mature.  This lead to many regional Independent TV companies scheduling it in irregular time slots; however the series did generate a positive response and plans were well underway for a second series, especially as, when it was syndicated in the US, it led the ratings in New York and Los Angeles for seventeen consecutive weeks. 

However, for various reasons, the second series was never made and Gerry Anderson went on to make Space 1999 instead. 

Bishop went back to America in 1972 and landed a vocal role in the animated Star Trek series, and a role in the movie Pets (1972). He then returned to England and continued to work in films and in roles in many TV series, most notably as the motor-mouth TV anchorman, Jay Garrick, in all six episodes of the cult LWT sitcom Whoops Apocalypse!  He was also busy with radio productions for BBC Radio 4.  He starred as Detective Elijah Bailey in an adaptation of Isaac Asimov's The Caves of Steel, portrayed Philip Marlowe in a series of six adaptations of Raymond Chandler's detective novels, and had a role as the American tourist, Al Clancy, in The Archers.   In October 2002, he starred as John F Kennedy in the programme Kennedy's Secret Tapes on the 40th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

He worked on numerous voiceovers for television advertising campaigns.

Politically active, he participated in the British protest against the Iraq war, in March 2004.


Ed Bishop was a frequent guest at many Sci-Fi conventions, and remained a firm favourite with the fans of the Anderson shows.  Asked in an interview if he had an interest in Sci-Fi, Bishop replied: ‘No, not really. I don’t have an overwhelming interest in the subject. It was an acting job… actors have to do this.  I keep going to conventions and getting fan mail from all over the world, it’s extraordinary.  It’s partially to do with sci-fi, as it does stretch the imagination.  Westerns and the cop genre come and go, but I think sci-fi sticks around. ***


Ed Bishop died on the morning of Wednesday, June 8th, 2005, aged 72. He was married twice and had four children, one of whom, his son Daniel, predeceased him. 



* Gerry Anderson the authorised biography, by Simon Archer and Stan Nicholls, Legend books, 1996

** UFO and Space 1999, by Chris Drake, Boxtree, 1994.
*** From Sci Fi Online interview by Keri Allen. 


text by Marion Woods. 



Michael Billington (1941-2005)


Born on Christmas Eve 1941, in Blackburn, Lancashire, Michael Billington's was a stage actor at Soho's Windmill Theatre and before getting into musicals as a hoofer, appearing in the television series Broadway Goes Latin, and working in cabarets.  After taking drama lessons, he did small parts in various productions before working with the  Royal Shakespeare Company.


Having seen Billington appear in a small role in The Prisoner in 1967,  UFO's casting director, Rose Tobias Shaw, remembered him  and cast him in the role of  Colonel Paul Foster. After UFO completed production, Billington appeared in two episodes of Yorkshire Television's Hadleigh before taking the lead role as Daniel Fogherty in the first season of  BBC's The Onedin Line. He appeared in  various TV and film roles over the following years, during which he was cast as the lead role of Colonel-Sergeant Jacko Jackson in the first season of ITV's  Spearhead.  In 1982, he moved to Hollywood and landed guest roles in episodes from various TV series (Magnum, P.I, Hart To Hart, Fantasy Island, etc.) 

Michael Billington tested numerous times for the role of James Bond on those years (Live And Let Die (1973), Moonraker (1979), For Your Eyes Only (1981), for which he was Albert R. Broccoli's first choice for the role if Roger Moore's contract negotiations had failed, and Octopussy (1983).


Returning to England after Hollywood, Billington was cast in a leading role as  Tom Gibbons in the BBC's The Collectors, then starred in  KGB: The Secret War (1986) and in Flicks (1987). His last screen appearance was a guest role in ITV's Maigret in 1993.

Michael Billington died on Monday, June 6th, 2005, aged 63. He is survived by a son.


UPDATES  MAY 29, 2005:



 The first 13 episodes of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet series, previously seen on Ministry of Mayhem on Saturday morning, will be rerun in their own  timeslot on ITV1 Starting again from 4.30pm on Tuesday, May 31st with Instrument Of Destruction - Part 1, the series will run nearly all through Summer until August 23rd.

With this new timeslot, the series will receive a higher profile and will actually be details in television listings magasines and newspapers - something that it had not while being part of the Ministry of Mayhem Saturday morning show. Many people who had missed the opportunity to see the series - and who were not even aware of it, sometimes only after a few episodes had been aired -  will have their chance to see it this time around.

Falls will then see the airing of the second season - 13 news episodes - as well as the release of the DVD containing the first 13 episodes.  More news to come on date of airing for the news episodes and on release and other information concerning the DVD...


SECRET SERVICE DVD SET - REGION 2 PAL FORMAT (UK) - Available June 20, 2005.


The last, and less known Supermarionation series from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson comes to DVD, region 2 PAL format (UK and the rest of Europe) for the first time ever, on June 20, 2005, a year and a half after its release in North America.   The series had been made available before in UK, in VHS videotapes, but has been sold out for years.  Now it's your chance to own it!


Presented in a nice two discs box set, with a very affordable price, this 13 episodes series presents the adventures of Father Stanley Unwin (played by... Stanley Unwin), a very special secret agent, who, with the help of a neat invention, can reduce his partner Matthew Harding (who posed as the presbytery gardener) to the size of a (puppetsized) doll, in order to crack various cases for the BISHOP organisation. 


Fans of the Captain Scarlet series might be interested to know that this series features many of the puppets who previously starred in the Captain Scarlet series - including the Captain Scarlet puppet itself, in the recurring role of Agent Blake, the BISHOP's assistant. 


You can order your  The Secret Service  DVD set at, by clicking the link.


Other upcoming DVD releases from Network include a new release of Space: 1999.  Dates to be confirmed.





UPDATES  MAY 12, 2005:





Gerry Anderson's first puppet series is now available to own! 


This new, highly collectible 4 discs DVD set (Region 2, PAL format)  contains all the 39 episodes of the series - which had not been seen anywhere on the planet for years  Now Network is releasing them for the first time ever, with all episodes digitally remastered to their original, clear black and white format.  Running time  will be of 585 minutes, plus extras, which still have to be confirmed.


 This is information taken directly from the Network site:  


"When Sheriff Tex Tucker saves a young Indian boy, his father – a great Indian chief – gives him the gift of four magic feathers. Two of them allow the Sheriff’s companions (Dusty the dog and Rocky the horse) to talk and the other two allow his guns to fire automatically whenever he is in danger.  This charming puppet series was Gerry Anderson’s first Supermarionation series – a process which uses electronic lip-synch and eye movement, a technique he was later to perfect on shows like SUPERCAR and THUNDERBIRDS..."


You can order your  Four Feather Falls DVD set at, by clicking the link.


Other upcoming DVD releases from Network include The Secret Service (possibly date set in May) and a new release of Space: 1999.  Dates to be confirmed.






On August 1st 2005, Egmont Books Ltd. will published a brand new Captain Scarlet Annual book.  Based on the present-day  new remake of the TV series, this annual, aimed at junior readers, uses high-quality images taken from the series, and will include puzzles, games, and photo-stories.  The book will be 64 pages, hard cover.  No cover has been presented as yet, but this site will keep you informed as soon as new information becomes available. 


The book is available for pre-order at  You can click the link to order.








A new, hard cover, revised edition of "The Complete Gerry Anderson, the Authorised Episode Guide" will be released  by  Reynolds & Hearn Limited.  First published in 2003, in a soft cover edition, this book, written  by Chris Bentley - with a foreword by Gerry Anderson -  contains all the goodies of the first edition (episode guide to all Gerry Anderson's TV productions, feature films, unscreened pilots, etc.) and has been painstakingly revised, cover to cover, for this new edition.  It will this time include additional material such as the Eternity project,  Firestorm and the New Captain Scarlet CGI series, alternative versions of Thunderbirds episodes, and more detailed information that could be found in the first edition.  A new cover art featuring the New Captain Scarlet (seen here) reflects these changes and additions.  Over 50 pages worth of new material have been added to this already impressive book, which should hit the stands on May 3rd, 2005.  


You can already pre-order the book at or at 






The entire first season of the Protectors  series is now  available in Region 1 DVDs (NTSC format) by A&E Entertainment.  Season 2 will follow on April 26, 2005, making the entire run of the series available to own for North American fans.

You can order "The Protectors" DVD sets  now, at (for Region 1)  simply by following one of the  links bellow.  The entire run of the series is also available in Region 2 DVDs by Carlton Visual Entertainment Ltd, for Europe, and also can be ordered at


The Protectors, Season 1


Starring Robert Vaughn, Tony Anholt, Neree Dawn Porter. 

4 discs

26 episodes, 676 minutes. 

Color, Closed-captioned. 

EXTRAS: Commentary by director John Hough on 2000 Ft. to Die. Photo gallery.




The Protectors, Season 2

Starring Robert Vaughn, Tony Anholt, Neree Dawn Porter. 

4 discs

26 episodes, 676 minutes. 

Color, Closed-captioned. 


EXTRAS:  To be confirmed.

Release Date: April 26, 2005




UPDATES  MARCH 29, 2005:




In the last weeks, the Spectrum Headquarters Forum has been gathering questions to ask Gerry Anderson and his team about the new CGI series.  Along with my very helpful team of moderators, I'd like to thanks everyone for their interest and contribution to this project.  We received many interesting questions, and took them all in consideration for our selection.  Now this selection has been made, and, after including them into a very nice letter written by one of our moderators (Thank you, Clya "Doc" Brown!), they have been sent to our contact within the production team  (And  thank YOU, Aegis, for offering to forward these questions to whom it may concern!).


The questions are as follow.  We're hoping to receive answers for them (or some of them)  eventually, and we're hoping to post those answers here, for you all to check, as soon as they will be available.


Stay tuned to these  news!



Dear Mr Anderson,


Firstly we’d like to thank you so much for finding the time to read our little list of questions relating to the ‘New Captain Scarlet’.  Should you be able to respond, we’d like to post your replies (with your permission, of course) on our fan website,, which is maintained by Chris Bishop, a Canadian fan of the original Captain Scarlet who needless to say is waiting impatiently for the opportunity to see the new CGI series.

We’re very much an international group of Scarlet fan, We’re very much an international group of Scarlet fans, from countries all over the globe (The Americas, Asia, Europe, all the way to Australia, etc.).  Most of us use aliases, by the way – they’re included in parenthesis after each question – but please don’t let that fool you with regards the sincerity of our interest in your work, as exemplified by the following introductory paragraph and question, which comes from another of your staunchest fans in Canada:


  • Mr. Anderson: Please let me begin by taking this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for many, uncounted hours of imaginative enjoyment (specifically, fan-fiction) based on the programs that you and your creative teams produced in the 1960's. In the years since the original Captain Scarlet left my local airwaves, I have been privileged to have encountered a number of other enthusiastic Classic Scarlet fans who have become pen-pals and e-pals and very close friends, immeasurably enriching an already busy life.  While this spin-off may have been unintentional, do you find it gratifying that your various programs have inspired such positive and long-lived effects among members of your original audience?  (Doc Denim)


Doc Denim’s one of many foreign fans who – much to their frustration – haven’t been able to see the new show yet, so we’d like to ask two questions immediately on behalf of all of them:

  • Are there plans afoot for showing the New Captain Scarlet in countries other than the UK?  And if so, could you tell us which countries and whether Australia is included?  And when?  (Chris Bishop & Elentari)

  • Already the presenters of MOM have referred to fans wanting to buy the DVD of the series when it appears.  Can we assume it’ll follow hot on the heels of the TV premiere in the UK?  (Doc Brown)


The Old vs the New

Many of our group are old enough to remember the original series with much affection, and therefore inevitably have a number of questions concerned with some of the changes that have been made when creating the new series:

  • Are there any elements of the original series that you would have chosen to retain, but were unable to?  (C21)

  • What was the rationale behind the changes to the original series’ characters that do appear in the new series? (Lt Flaxen)

  • Of the innovations introduced (other than technical production aspects) in the new Captain Scarlet, which do you consider the greatest improvement? (C21)

  • Is this new series closer to your original concept of Captain Scarlet and how has that concept developed over the decades? (Shaqui)


The TV21 Connection

A number of questions arose on the subject of tie-ins and related merchandising, and in particular the legendary comic ‘TV21’:

  • During the 1960s, the comic ‘TV21’ provided fans with a tie-in to several of your series, to say nothing of all the other merchandise that proliferated at the time.  With a whole new generation of fans potentially clamouring for Scarlet-related material, are there any plans for something similar this time around? (Doc Brown)

  • Speaking as editor of the 'Gerry Anderson Complete Comic History' website, I feel that the new series is far closer to the 'TV21' version of 'Captain Scarlet' than the original series. Were you perhaps inspired by the 'TV21' strips, which were freed of the constraints of the puppets, and had more adventurous storylines and action elements than perhaps the original series allowed for?  (Shaqui)

  • Can we expect to see comprehensive character bios and full hardware specs for the series developed, in a similar way to the original 'TV21' versions of the original series?  And if so, when and where? (Shaqui)


The New Captain Scarlet

Many other questions relate solely to aspects of the new series:

  • All of us were very pleasantly surprised by the earlier than expected transmission date of the New Captain Scarlet.  Why was the series launched in the UK in February 2005 rather than September, as it was understood had originally been planned? (Carrie)

  • Were you disappointed at the way the early episodes were broadcast – with large gaps between the halves and then with graphics over the screen?  And is there any news of the rumoured repeat UK showing as a stand-alone programme rather than part of MOM? (Shaqui)

  • On a purely personal level, as creator of both original and new series, how successful do you feel 'New Captain Scarlet' to be?  (Shaqui)

  • Is there a limited amount of motion capture that is used for each episode due to lack of time or difficulties in the motion capture process?  (Lt Green)

  • Was it a conscious decision to make the voices somewhat less distinctive as the characters' ability to convey emotion by facial and physical expression increased?  (Lt Flaxen)

  • Many people grew up with your creations and will have been influenced by them in their choice of career, probably including many of your current production team.  Do you find that that makes for a particularly dynamic working environment?  (Yorkie & Doc Brown)

  • Are things just like the old days?  How does a typical day unfold, and which part of it is the most enjoyable from your point of view?  (Yorkie)


The Future

Now that we’ve had the opportunity to see the potential of CGI in the context of Captain Scarlet, the final question is not in the least bit difficult to predict:

  • Given that (the fates willing) 'New Captain Scarlet' is the success you want it to be, what does the future of CGI/Hypermarionation hold now? A second series of Scarlet? A revival of another Anderson show like 'Thunderbirds'?  Or something totally new?  (Chris Bishop, Shaqui & Yorkie)


There – that’s all of them!  If you could find the time to respond to any or all of them, we’d be thrilled.  In the meantime, may we wish ‘The New Captain Scarlet’ a long and successful run, and you personally every success with any new ventures that you might be planning.


Yours most sincerely,


The members of the Spectrum Headquarters Forum.




UPDATES  MARCH  21, 2005:




First of upcoming releases of Gerry Anderson's series this year by Network, Torchy the Battery Boy - one of the earlier Gerry Anderson's puppets productions - will finally become available, for the first time on DVD,  on April 11, 2005.  In a project to make the complete series available for the first time ever, this set will comprise all the 26 episodes of the first series. Series 2 is to follow somewhere this year.  Definitely a children series, Torchy the Battery Boy follows the adventures of Torchy, and all the other toys of Topsy-Turvy Land.  


You can pre-order your copy of  Torchy the Battery Boy - Series 1,  at,  by clicking one of the links below.


Torchy The Battery Boy - Series 1


350 minutes

2 discs


Black and white




Release date:  11 April, 2005.


Two weeks later, Network will then release Supercar - the Entire Series - for the first time ever in U.K.  The entire run of 39 episodes from Gerry Anderson's original Supermarionation series will be comprised in this unique DVD region 2 box set, telling the  39 episodes adventures of Mike Mercury and friends, and the extraordinary Supercar.   Many fans of the series will want to own this unique piece of collection, which will also include as a bonus the independently-produced documentary programme Full Boost Vertical: The Supercar Story.


You can pre-order your copy of  Supercar - The Entire Series  at,  by clicking one of the links below.


Supercar - The Entire Series


975 minutes

6 discs

EXTRA:  Full Boost Vertical:  the Supercar Story


Black and White



Release date April 25, 2005





Okay, not really a Gerry Anderson's production.  Okay... not REALLY something for under-aged kids to watch.  But definitely worth mentioning on this site for any interested adult to see.  Team America: World Police is the crude, explicit, violent, sometimes bad-tasted, and controversial movie by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of the equally non-politically correct South Park TV series), where all the characters are puppets - a-la-Thunderbirds style.  The movie,  one of last Summer's success sleepers in theatre, follows the adventures of a team of not-so-apt terrorist fighters, who watch over the world  from their secret headquarters inside Mount Rushmore - and leap into action whenever stereotyped baddies threaten world peace. 


It's the same kind of humour you find in South Park, so if this the kind of humour is for you, you'll enjoy this movie.


Team America: World Police will be available May 17, 2005 in North America (Region 1) and then one week later, on May 23, 2005 in UK, in Region 2.  The Region 1 version of the movie will be made available in three different editions:  a full screen format, a wide screen format and a special collector's unrated edition, wide screen format.


To pre-order any of the copies of  Team America: World Police,  either in U.K. at , or North America, at , you can simply click one of the links below.



Team America - World Police (Region 2 - Pal Format)


Paramount Home Entertainment, 2004

Directed by Trey Parker


Voices by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Kristen Miller, etc.

Approx. 1h45


EXTRAS:  To be determined.

Not recommended for under-aged.


Release date:  May 23, 2005




Region 1 

Full Screen Edition 


Region 1

Wide Screen Edition


Region 1

Special collector's 

Unrated edition

Release date for North American various versions:  May 17, 2005.








This animated gif was made by Kelly Haycock.This project has been proposed by members of the Spectrum Headquarters Forum, following that simple question:


"If Gerry Anderson monitored this website and decided to answer questions on his new CGI Show... what would you ask him?"

It is all probable that Gerry Anderson himself doesn't monitor the website, but maybe there would be a possibility to forward the questions to him.  In this eventuality, it has been suggested that this project be announced on this page.   You might want to visit the
Spectrum  Headquarters Forum and check the CGI board, to see what it's all about.    Questions will be examined by the forum administrators, and a selection will be made so to keep the most relevant questions.  The selected questions - when we'll have a reasonable number of them - will be listed on the forum.  Then, if it's at all possible, they will be forwarded to Gerry Anderson, in the hope that he will agree to answer them.


So if you have questions concerning the new shows, things you are wondering about, now's the time to ask.  If you're a member of the forum, just click to the CGI board, and check under the Questions to Gerry Anderson topic.  If you are not a member, you can leave your questions on the Guests and Visitors board.  UPDATED March 21:  The board is now close, and selection of the questions will be made in the following weeks to forward to Gerry Anderson.  Stay tuned for further information!







No comments from me, since I didn't see it yet.  And won't be seeing it before some time - it's a long way before it'll come to this side of the Atlantic.  But reactions on the Spectrum  Headquarters Forum have been interesting, so we're waiting with bate breath... You are invited to give your own reactions to the new show on the Forum.  If you are not a member, you can use the 'Guests and Visitors' board to leave your messages.   Please abide to the Forum rules of respect and politeness. 





We've been hoping and waiting a long time for this!  It's finally happening... and earlier than we all anticipated.

Contrary to earlier news reports that  Gerry Anderson's highly anticipated New Captain Scarlet series will aired next September - it has been reported earlier this week that the new series will start airing on British television, on ITV, only a couple of weeks from now!

The pilot of the series - part one of "Weapon of Destruction" - will air Saturday February 12, 2005 at 9.30AM - which will be the regular slot for the new series.  13 episodes will be aired starting this Spring, with the last 13 episodes aired in the Fall.   It was originally planned for the whole 26 episodes, of what was supposed to be the first series, to begin in September.  The last 13 episodes of what will now be the ‘second series’ will complete production around July.

Negotiations are under way for each episode to be repeated on ITV during a weekday afternoon slot, and on Saturday evenings for older viewers.  

In addition to this, the first 13 episodes will be released on DVD in October.  

Related toys and other merchandising should be made available very soon.  More news to come about that subject.

For more information, check the Fanderson website, and this article on the Times Online site.

You are invited to use the Spectrum  Headquarters Forum to give us your comments about this news!








Since this week, the official site for the upcoming Captain Scarlet CGI series (entitled "Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet") is accessible online.  


Using the 'Skybase' webpage that had been accessible through the Fanderson site since a few months ago, the new, very professional and hi-tech looking website will answer many questions fans are wondering about concerning the upcoming series.  The Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet Official Website  presently offers data on Spectrum members (Scarlet, Blue, White, Green and Destiny), a foreword by Gerry Anderson,  a downloadable trailer that had been available, the possibility to sign in to a mailing list group, and recruitment information for The Indestructible Production Company.


Updates will be added to the site - hopefully, regularly -  with further information on the series itself, equipment, craft, characters - and upcoming merchandising.


Nine months to go - before the new series is launched!






A hacker’s attack to the host server during the last week - SPECIFICALLY aiming at ALL older versions of this host's php forums (such as the Spectrum HQ one).  This forced the Spectrum  Headquarters administration to temporarily close down all access to the forum from the site. The site was untouched by that attack, as it was solely aimed at those specific versions of php forums.  

Since then, the host has corrected the problem. Exploit coded lines that had been injected into the forum - causing for a virus or Trojan alert to appear on some anti-virus software, upon access to the site - have been removed and the forum has been subsequently cleaned this week.


Links are now re-established, and the Spectrum  Headquarters Forum is open again to visitors.








Issue 50 of the FAB magazine has revealed new information about the upcoming CGI series.  Amongst those information, names of the characters and  titles listing for 20 of the 26 episodes.  Script of 22 of those episodes have been written, and the 20 episodes which titles follow are presently in production:


  1.  Instrument of Destruction (Part 1)

  2. Instrument of Destruction (Part 1)

  3. Rain of Terror

  4. Mercury Falling

  5. The Homecoming

  6. Chiller

  7. Rat Trap

  8. Swarm

  9. Circles of Doom

  10. Trap for a Rhino

  11.  The Achilles Messenger

  12. Skin Deep

  13. Heist

  14. Virus

  15. Contact

  16. Enigma

  17. Best of Enemies

  18. Proteus

  19. Syrtis Major

  20. Fallen Angels


Names of characters are also been officially released, with the confirmation that BOTH Lieutenant Green and Captain Ochre (Or Lieutenant Ochre, as information on that subject is still mitigated) are women:


Captain Scarlet:  Paul Metcalfe

Captain Indigo:  John Roach

Captain Blue:  Adam Svenson

Destiny Angel:  Simone Giraudoux

Colonel White:  Sir Charles Grey

Harmony Angel:  Rebecca Drake

Lieutenant Green:  Serena Lewis

Melody Angel:  Esther Jackson

Captain Black:  Conrad Lefkon

Rhapsody Angel:  Caroline Foster-Finch

Dr Gold:  Dr. Mason Frost

Symphony Angel:  Yoko Inukai

Captain Ochre:  Elaine McGee

Lieutenant Silver:  unnamed

Captain Grey:  Iain Taggart

Captain Brown:  unnamed

Captain Magenta:  Mario Moro

Captain Orange:  unnamed


While Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue and Colonel White keep the same names they had in the earlier version of the series (although Colonel White's name had only been mentioned in Century 21 printed material), the background for each characters are now very different.  Still born in Winchester, England, by an English mother, Scarlet's father, Tom Metcalfe, was the first man to walk upon Martian ground.  As for Captain Blue, born in Texas instead of Boston, Massachusetts, he is now the son of a three-star general, advisor to the US World President and friend with Colonel White. It is now Blue who is the West Point graduate, instead of Scarlet, in the classic series.  


Colonel White has been given  the title of "Sir" (which, so far, had been created only in some fanfic stories...) and Captain Magenta had now gained an Italian name (maybe designers of the new series decided to keep his link to the mob, but thought that an Italian name would give more weight to this).  Symphony Angel is now the Asian member of the Angels team, instead of Harmony, and Captain Grey is Scottish.   Lieutenant Silver, a brand-new character, is being cast as Lieutenant Green's sometimes replacement as communication officer, when Green will be off-duty.


Visitors of the Fanderson website  have probably noticed the countdown at the top of their homepage.  The countdown, as revealed in the FAB magazine, is an announcement for three separate events, two of which will be hosted by Fanderson in September 2005, namely: The Thunderbirds television series' 40th anniversary and Space: 1999's 30th anniversary.  The third event is, naturally, the launch of the New Captain Scarlet series.  


Mark your calendar, people, for some very excited upcoming happenings!


More information and pictures to be added shortly.





A very intriguing  new book from the Doctor Who's series,  has been released a couple of weeks ago by BBC Books.   Written by Simon Messingham, "The Indestructible Man" is set in a future world  inspired by Gerry Anderson's universes, in an obvious tribute to them.  The story brings The Doctor in 2069, where he meets with an international organisation, PRISM, who is fighting alien invaders using terrorist tactics to bring about Earth's downfall - and who have the power to possess and duplicate, in order to destroy their enemy from within.  With the help of PRISM agent , Captain Grant Matthews, who has accidentally became indestructible during the war against the Myloki, the Doctor seeks out the truth behind the so-called 'war-of-nerves'.  


Available in any bookstores, the book will certainly interest Doctor Who's - and Gerry Anderson's - fans alike.


You can order your copy of "The Indestructible Man" at, by clicking the link below.


cover   Dr Who, The Indestructible Man   

Paperback 256 pages 

Release date: November 1, 2004

Publisher: BBC Books






"Supercar" and "The Secret Service" - already available in Region 1 DVD - will soon be also available in Region 2, for UK and other European audience.  Network Video has finalised negotiations with Granada Ventures for the release rigths of over 250 television shows, amongst them, not only  the above mentioned series, but also a new release of  "Space: 1999", and for the first time since it was last seen 40 years ago, "Four Feather Falls".  


In addition, Network Video has also made arrangements with Canal Plus to license DVD releases of  "Torchy The Battery Boy".


More news on this as it becomes available...








The Thunderbirds live-action movie from Universal, and directed by Jonathan Frakes - and based on the 60's classic series "Thunderbirds" will be released on DVD in time for Christmas - both in U.K. and in North America. 


U.K. costumers will be able to buy the movie on November 15, 2004.  Along with the regular DVD release, a special box set released will also be offered, with five miniature toys representing each of the Thunderbirds craft.   


American costumers will have to wait until December, before being able to buy the DVD.  Two versions of the movie will be sold separately - either widescreen or standard TV format.  It is not known if the boxset with the five miniatures will also be offered in North America, although it seems unlikely.


You can pre-order your copy of the Thunderbirds movie, either in U.K. at , or North America, at , by clicking one of the links below.






The Thunderbirds


Universal Pictures Video (Europe)


Starring Bill Paxton, Sir Ben Kingsley, Sylvia Myles, Brady Corbet, Soren Fulton, Ron Cook, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, etc.


Directed by Jonathan Frakes.

95 mins.  Colours


EXTRAS:  To be determined.


Release date:  November 15, 2004


   The Thunderbirds (Box Set with Five Toys Rockets)

Same as previous movie, but presented as a gift boxset, containing five miniatures toys of the Thunderbirds crafts as designed in the movie.  Picture to come.

Release date:  November 15, 2004





Thunderbirds (Widescreen Edition)

Thunderbirds (Full Screen Edition)


Universal Studios


Starring Bill Paxton, Sir Ben Kingsley, Sylvia Myles, Brady Corbet, Soren Fulton, Ron Cook, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, etc.


Directed by Jonathan Frakes.

Dubbed, 95 mins.  Colours


EXTRAS:  To be determined.


Release date:  December 21, 2004






Two news concerning the Spectrum Headquarters site this time.


 The S.I.D. Database companion site has moved.  It is now a Spectrum HQ sub-domain site, which means the annoying publicity banner, side menu and pop-up publicity from the old host won't be part of it anymore.  It's also a whole lot more faster to upload!


The old MSN Forum site has been transformed into a Forum Archives site, where members will be able to consult and store stuff (documents, photos, etc.)  There's a chat room available there, too, and the old message board can also be used for any trivialities the members want (even Forum Fanfic and RPG if you so desire). Become a member to check out there tools offered to Captain Scarlet fanfic's writers.   Serious Forum discussions will take place on the regular Spectrum  Headquarters Forum.





Information about the two following mags was already announced in a previous updates. Now for more complete information...



Exclusive Preview and All-New Pictures.


The war against the Mysterons is about to be resumed, as the computer-generated Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet is being readied for its planned 2005 launch. The opening two episodes have already been completed and a further 11 are to be produced!


In the new Dreamwatch, legendary TV producer Gerry Anderson, MBE discusses his classic 1960s’ marionette show reincarnation as a state-of-the-art computer-generated series.

“The situation could not be better,” Anderson tells Dreamwatch “We have screened the first two episodes to a number of people and everyone who’s seen it has thought it was bloody fantastic!”

Although the series brings Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons into the 21st century, Anderson says the new show will still have its roots in the original 1960s’ series. “The first episode starts with the visit to Mars, which will explain how Captain Scarlet became indestructible,” he reveals. “The fight between Spectrum and the Mysterons remains, and most of our key characters remain in the show.”  

But he also notes that in some areas it has been brought up-to-date. “We’ve made Lieutenant Green a woman,” he explains. “We have also made Captain Ochre a woman. And as the classic series will still be around, we have created all new vehicles for the show. Cloudbase is now Skybase.”


One thing Anderson is keen to make clear about the new show is the thinking behind its title. “The title is Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet. That means nobody can take it off me, like they have in the past.”


To read more about Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet, buy Dreamwatch #119 – available now from all good newsagents!  




The Finger is on the Trigger... ready to unleash an all-new Captain Scarlet. The godfather of Supermarionation looks back on the triumphs and frustrations of his career so far, telling us why he loathed working with puppets, and how CGI will make his dreams come true.  

For a man whose name’s become synonymous with puppetry, Gerry Anderson has a low opinion of the art. “Nothing in my childhood influenced me to go into the film business and to make puppet films. The thought of making puppet films made me feel ill.

“What happened was that I started life in the film industry in the cutting room, and I suppose I must have been fairly ambitious because I wanted to start my own company. I got together with a friend, and we formed a little film company and waited for the telephone to ring… and of course it didn’t. Our money very quickly ran out, and we were about to shut up shop when a woman by the name of Roberta Leigh found where we were, came in and said ‘Would you like to make 52 15-minute films for children?’ We were so naïve that we said ‘Yes indeed,’ because we needed the money.” And then came the catch. “Then she said ‘That’s great, and we’ll start talking about a contract, but they’re to be made with puppets’. Well, I’d never seen a puppet in my life, and the thought of making puppet films made me feel ill,” Anderson reaffirms, “but as I say we needed the money. We made this series, and I was determined to make them look as near to live action as possible, because I thought that the broadcasters would look at these puppet films and say ‘This guy’s wasting his time, he ought to be doing live action’. Instead of which they responded by saying ‘Great puppet films this guy makes, let’s commission more’. So the simple answer is I just fell into it.”

The next ingredient of Anderson’s unique mix came about just as unwittingly. Frustrated at his puppet stars’ inability to walk, Anderson decided to move them around in vehicles… and that led him accidentally into Science Fiction. “Yes, all of that’s correct.” Anderson affirms, when reminded of the usual account of events. “I won’t repeat what you just said because you’re dead right. The series was called Supercar, and it was a car that could travel on water like a boat, or underwater like a submarine, or on a road like a car – hence 'Supercar'. We couldn’t make the puppets walk and I was aware that one should get as much movement as possible and yes, I thought that this would be a good way of getting some movement and action into the films, and so I made Supercar for that reason.

Cue the unexpected consequence. “When it went on air people went ‘Oh, I’ve seen your new show, Gerry, I see you’re in Science Fiction.’ And I remember saying ‘Am I?’ And in this business you very quickly get typecast, and that’s what happened to me."

Get the full interview in TV Zone Special #57.


UPDATES, JULY 17, 2004




The third one's the charm...  Well, let's hope it.  As you may recall, the second Spectrum Headquarters forum, set on an MSN Group site, wasn't, in all probability,  going to stay there.  Well, now it's a sure thing.  

The Spectrum  Headquarters Forum is moving...   The Forum Administration (read:  me) has never been truly satisfied with the use of a MSN-based site for a forum, since the unfortunate shutting down of the first forum.  And comments from participants also tend to demonstrate that everyone preferred the previous format.   So considering that this was simply a temporary set back, MSN served its purpose, until a new solution would be found.

That new solution is a third (hopefully last), brand-new forum that will be set DIRECTLY on the Spectrum Headquarters site.  This new  Forum format is very similar  in appearance and in basics to the one used for the first forum. EXCEPT for a few major details:  as this forum isn't set on an external free-host like the first one,  but DIRECTLY on the Spectrum HQ site directory, using php programming,  the only people who will have full control and responsibility over the new forum will be - the administrative staff (read again:  me and my chosen moderators).

Another difference is the tighter security, very similar to that of the MSN Forum. Only the administration (still me) will be able to give access to new members, after receiving the registration form.  Everyone will be able to read the topics on the forum, but only members will be able to post.  ONE board will be left open as a trial for visitors and guests for a time.  We'll see how things will be going with this board, and if it will stay open or close, depending on the kind of messages it'll receive (in other words:  too many annoying spam or messages of the same kind will mean the end of that 'visitors board').  Other security features will also insure that everything will go as right as possible, which will permit every participant to have fun without any major disturbance.

The Spectrum  Headquarters Forum is now opened.  You are all invited to join and participate.   If you were already a member of the previous forum, you'll have to register again, either by using your old member name or a new one, it's up to you.  You don't need a MSN passport or a Hotmail address to register. 

As soon as possible, after receiving your registration, I will accept it - so it is possible that, in the meantime, you won't be able to post a message on the New Forum

The MSN Group site will still live on, but its vocation will be changed.  It'll be kept for archiving documents and pictures, and, if you so desire, you will be able to use it for RPG or forum fanfic. The chat board is still available to all. Changes on the MSN Forum will appear in the following weeks.

I invite you to visit the new Spectrum  Headquarters Forum and to check it out.  Suggestions are appreciated; you can either post them on the forum, or send them directly to me, through e-mail, at   

To sign as a new member, click the 'register' link at the top right of the page.

Hoping you'll join in great number.







News start to abound concerning the Captain Scarlet series - now called "Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet".  Issue number 49 of FAB Magazine, from Fanderson, has an article about the series, as well as TV Zone Special 57 (June 2004) which is a Gerry Anderson Special, and Dreamwatch 119 (July 2004), where Gerry exclusively talks about the new series.


While I'm still waiting to acquire Dreamwatch and TV Zone Special here in Canada, I did receive my issue of FAB and literally devoured the article about the CGI series (oh yes!  There's also information about the Thunderbirds movie, due to be released at the end of the month!).  There's also an interview of three pages presently online, on the NewTek Europe site, with Ron Thornton, producer on the , which reveals a lot of interesting information - most of it technical - about the series, its progression and the way the CGI effects are done.  You can also found there still pictures that might give you an idea of how the series will look.  Until recently, there was a second trailer available - with stunning action scenes taken directly from the three first episodes of the series, which REALLY gave the feel of what it will all look like Scarlet and Black - just before meeting the Mysterons.  Scarlet is having second thoughts about the Mars mission.  Image screen-captured from the second trailer. once released.  I was fortunate enough to view that trailer before it came offline (for whatever reason) and I can be witness that it WILL look good.  Granted, it will not be the same as the original series, and you can even view it as a totally different series (and you should) but I can guarantee you:  it won't leave you indifferent.


With all these articles and news presently available about the series, we are now starting to get a better picture of its details  -  here's a  brief summary of a few interesting  sure facts for you:





- All the original characters are back from the first series - with the noticeable exception of Doctor Fawn, who has been replaced by a Doctor Gold (A shame - I like Fawn!).  

- Some background for the characters has changed.  Lieutenant Green is definitely a woman, by the name of Serena Lewis - but has been kept as a Black character.  

- The name of Captain Black has been changed from Conrad Turner to Conrad Lefkon.  - Captain Blue is still Adam, but I have no more information about his last name.  

- Captain Scarlet will go with Captain Black to Mars, and will encounter the Mysterons with them.  While Black will be quick to assume they are attacked by the new lifeform they will encounter, Scarlet will argue that maybe that device that was aimed at them was simply a scanning device...

- Destiny Angel gets a boost as a more central character and definite leader of the Angels.  She was romantically involved with Captain Black, before he left for his mission on Mars.  She will have to come to term with his 'death' and mysteronisation. That should make for interesting drama. Apparently, there might be a love interest between her and Captain Scarlet at some point.  

- As far as  it is known, only the five original Angels are listed in the regular cast of characters list - no other Angel pilots seem to have been added to the cast.  There is no news of Captain Brown, but a new character, Captain Orange, has been added.




Skybase - Spectrum Headquarters from the New Captain Scarlet show. Image was screen-captured from the second trailer.A list had previously been posted on this site, with photos of craft and vehicles.  There is no big change to that list:

- Skybase replaces Cloudbase (I should mourn the name...) and sits at 60,000 feet up in the air.  It's bulkier and looks more functional.

- The Rhino is the updated Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle.

- The White Falcon Interceptor replaces the Angel Interceptor (another name I will mourn). However, the change in name may contribute to avoid confusion between pilots (who are still named 'Angels') and their craft.

- The Cheetah is Spectrum Rapid Response Vehicle.  It looks a lot like the classic Spectrum Patrol Car - it's also red - but with a more futuristic look to it. Apparently, it can jump small distance (a reminder of the original CGI pilot).  It has been designed for the series by a top car designer, Peter Stevens, who previously worked on models for McLaren, Jaguar and Lotus.  

- The Humming Bird is now the name given to the Spectrum Helicopter.

- The Swift has replaced the Spectrum Passenger Jet.

- The MEV (Martian Exploration Vehicle) has been given the more general description of Spectrum Alien Terrain Vehicle and is called the Bison.


The Stallion Raid Bike - who could jump from Skybase to Earth.  The cabin is pressurised, for the rider.  Image captured from the second trailer.The completely new craft added to the list of Spectrum equipment:


- The Stallion is the Spectrum Raid bike - and yes, it can jump directly from Skybase, as reported in a previous article.

- The Albatross, a very strange looking craft, that I would describe as half-plane, half helicopter, which is described as 'Spectrum special Deployment Craft'.

- And finally, the Condor, a multi-Functional Transport Plane.


The series will have 26 episodes.  Scripts for 18 of them are already been written, and are now in production.  The first two episodes of the series form a two-parts story arc entitled "Instrument of Destruction".  Scenes from the two trailers have been taken from those two episodes as well as from "Rain of Terror", the third episode of the series.  If all goes well, and the series is successful, there might be the possibility of a second season, or even more...  (crossing fingers here).  


There is high possibility for UK fans to finally see the new series around September 2005.  But it is also possible that US network may air the series during Summer 2005.  Still news to be confirmed.


More information will be added to this page shortly, as well as pictures.  But if you want to learn more, I suggest to check the NewTek Europe site for the interview with Ron Thornton, the FAB magazine, if you're a Fanderson member (who knows a Fanderson member!), and try to find Dreamwatch 119 and TV Zone Special 57.


Good reading!


* * *




To capitalize on the upcoming Thunderbirds movie - released at the end of this month - Carlton Entertainment is making available for UK and European fan a new DVD set of the Thunderbirds series, on July 19, 2004.  With a cheaper prize than the previous limited edition release - the new boxset of 8 discs contains an additional 9th disc with extras..  All 32 episodes are available in a complete boxset, a two boxset series of four discs each, or on eight individual disks, containing four episodes each.  


Now is the time for you to get the whole series at a reasonable price. 


Series is available exclusively at  You can follow the link here to pre-order your copy. 


Thunderbirds complete series Digitack 9-discs boxset.  

Thunderbirds Collection - Part 1 (Volumes 1 to 4) and Part 2 (Volumes 5 to 8) - Sold separately.  

Each volumes also sold separately at




UPDATES, MAY 25, 2004




To celebrate the soon to be released in theaters of the Thunderbirds life-action movie, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer will make available, for the first time ever in DVD in North America, the two Thunderbirds feature films, filmed in Supermarionation and  released in the 60s (and starring those puppets we came to love):  'Thunderbirds are Go' and 'Thunderbird 6' will be released July 27 - either separately or as a boxset edition, sporting stunning, new artworks, and dubbed 'International Rescue Edition'.  This is the chance for North American fans to own those classic movies.





In addition, A&E Entertainment, who owns the distribution right of the original Thunderbirds series in North America, will release, in June 29, a two-discs DVD  boxset titled "The Best of Thunderbirds:  the Favorite Episodes".  Some of you may remember that a few months back, A&E called upon Thunderbirds fans to vote for their favorite episodes.  This boxset is the result of this vote, and A&E had the good idea to put the stamp "Selected and Fan Approved" on the cover.  


The 'International Rescue Edition' discs and 'The Best of Thunderbirds' will be available soon everywhere, but you can also pre-order them at your favorite online merchant.  You can follow the links to









For French speakers (or for utterly passionate and curious fans) a French version of the Captain Scarlet series will be available by Imavision at the end of May, 2004 (Either May 18 or May 25).  The four DVDs set will include all of the 32 episodes.  Extras will comprise a photo gallery, characters bios, and chapters selection.  It is not known at this point if there will be an English track, although it might be doubtful.  


On the same date, Imavision will also release  a DVD box set comprising  all the episodes of Joe 90 in French version.  Also presented on four discs, the set will feature the same extras as the Captain Scarlet set.


Both sets are available directly from Imavision (the site is in French) - or internationally from This site features both French and English language).   Both are Canada-based companies. Search for 'Captain Scarlet' must be made using the French name of 'Capitaine Scarlet'.  Note that these sets are  in Region 1 DVD, NTSC format - which mean they will play on North American equipment only, or on Region Free, multi-system player. European players use Region 2, PAL format.   Unless you have a system that will enable you to view those discs, you will not be able to view those medias in European machines.


To buy Captain Scarlet French DVD box set at, click here.

To buy Joe 90 French DVD box set at, click here.







A colour flyer from Carlton International was released recently to present background information on the new Captain Scarlet CGI series.  In PDF format, the press release in accessable through  the licensing area of Carlton Consumer tab, on their site menu.  There are other Gerry Anderson related information that you might want to check on the Carlton site.  Or you can click this link here, to open the document from the Carlton site.


The flyer offers a brief synopsis of the series' background, that goes like this, which keeps faithful to the original series:  

"[...] When a manned mission to Mars goes disastrously wrong, Spectrum agents destroy a Mysteron city in error. In revenge, the Mysterons vow to destroy Earth. With the power to regenerate matter, they take control of Spectrum’s Captain Black and pit him against the organisation. But when they attempt to take control of Captain Scarlet, it backfires and he does not become their ally. Instead, he is made indestructible, and Spectrum’s only hope against the power of the Mysterons."

The flyer also presents the target audience - such as already reported on this page: primary target, boys  4-9 (?!); secondary target:  boys 10-15, girls 4-12 and 'adult males of all ages.   

I personally think the 'primary target' is somehow off - considering the different reports different sources, it appears that it would really be aimed at an older audience.  Plus except for girls 4-12, female audience are barely mentioned - and I know for a fact that there are many over 12 who are waiting impatiently to see how the series will go!

Images of vehicles and settings are also offered on the flyer, with a bit of information -  which are completed here by other sources as to offer you as much of a complete and accurate report as possible.  

Most of the following images are not much bigger than thumbnails - sorry, but it is as much as I could offer at the moment.  Note that comments you'll find concerning each images are only my own personal reflections.

The new SPECTRUM logo - barely recognizable, but not bad at all.  The 'S' has been stylised differently, and the rainbow - with mixing colours - now inside the logo itself, instead of surrounding it to form a roundel.  The new logo will be sported on vehicles and uniforms - Not on the cuffs, according to recent images, but on the cap and belt buckle.


SKYBASE looks better than I expected.  If you look closely, I think it is possible to see what is actually the control tower, on the far right of the image.  An additional, transversal runway has been added to the design, but all and all, 'Skybase' looks a lot like the original 'Cloudbase' - only updated.  It looks more massive and sturdy.  As Cloudbase was hovering at 40,000 feet over the Earth, Skybase will be set higher - 60,000 feet.  


The RHINO  is obviously the new, updated Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle - Good-looking too, with the new logo on its forehead.  The designers kept the hydraulic systems originally created for the SPV - but the seat apparently isn't oriented backward.  I seem to remember reading somewhere that Gerry Anderson had regretted that the SPV had been conceived that way - as it was getting increasingly difficult to explain why, in the series episodes.  Probably decided to settle the problem by not doing the same mistake?


Either this is the newly designed ANGEL, or the new FALCON Interceptor.  It is unclear in the information found if the Falcon should completely replace the Angel.  or if it'll be a new Interceptor that will be fighting alongside the Angel.  I noticed the stylised 'A' on the side of the tail.  And when zooming on the image, you could also distinctly read the name 'Destiny', by the side of the cockpit.  If the name of the craft changes that drastically, what will be the use of calling the pilots 'Angel pilots'?  Many information confirm that the original Angel pilots will be in the new series, and that there will also be additional pilots (Angels or not?)  To be followed...



This new craft is a dilemma.  It could be either the CONDOR - which should replace the original Spectrum Passenger Jet - and which designs confirms the multi-options aspect of the original SPJ, as described in the original annuals and latter magazines - even considering that it wasn't stated in the TV series. Fans will remember that the SPJ wasn't only designed to transport passengers, but also as a 'centre of command', transporter of troops, and even conference centre...   Or this picture could also be of the ALBATROSS, a brand-new craft, described as a new 'rapid deployment craft'.  If the previous craft isn't the Falcon, however, this one looks too massive to be an interceptor.  



The RAID bike announced in the flyer is a novelty.  And some kind of an oddity.  Apparently, it could be launched from Skybase.  At 60,000 feet in the air?!  I don't know, I kind of wish  - especially for the driver - that it'll be part of the standard equipment for the Albatross or Condor...


The CHEETAH is yet another vehicle announced for the new series - which would presumably be the replacement for the original Spectrum Patrol Car, as the standard Spectrum transport on ground.  It will be able to fly short distances - a reminiscence of a scene from the original CGI pilot of some years ago, where we actually see a SPC jumping the distance of a destroyed bridge over a ravine.  I couldn't find a picture of the Cheetah, except from this insert from a working plan, taken from the Margetts Investment brochure.


Considering the surrounding, it would be a good bet that this is the new version of a MARTIAN EXPLORATION VEHICLE - The MEV of the original series, although its actual name is yet unknown.  It does look a lot like the original one.  The canon on top is certainly mean-looking - and leaves little doubt that it will - eventually - be used... We all know how it ends.


The MYSTERON COMPLEX  - Now it's more impressive - and certainly more sinister - than in the original series, which, let's face it, looked a little on the side of a giant pinball game...


Margetts graciously sent me the Marketing brochure offered to their investors - along with the promotional DVD that contains both a short, but interesting documentary and the 90 seconds teaser of actual footage from the upcoming series.  Still images  of this teaser can be found on the TV Century 21 site, hosted by Simon Wickes.  Although very interesting, some of the still images don't do justice to the actual animation, which is impressive.  The characters' movements look very realistic - especially during a fight scene.


* * *


Login and sign!

Captain Scarlet

More info


At the moment, the number of signatures for the petition is stuck at 38.  Considering that the petition is rather young, it's not bad, but we need far more than that if we have to convince Carlton that printing such a book will be a good deal for them... and for all of us fans, most of whom didn't have the chance to actually collect those strips way back when, and who are waiting just for such an opportunity to own them now.  Considering the huge amount of publicity on the new CGI series, and its imminent airing, it could be our best opportunity to ever see those strips - and who knows, our last, maybe.  


I'm asking help from EVERY visitors of the Spectrum Headquarters site and forum.   Sign the petition! Make publicity!  Tell ALL Captain Scarlet fans about this petition.  If you have a site, feel free to link the petition to one of your pages, by using either the link bellow or the banner.  If you know other people who have a related site, ask them if they would want to add a link too.  We need to contact as many people as possible, in order to assemble the greater number of signatures we can.  We have to do this all together, if we are to succeed!  


If you own a Gerry Anderson related site and do add the link to your site, you can contact me so I would be able to express my thanks to your interest, and add your name to the list of links and sponsors to this project, onto the petition page.


To those who are a little bit concerned about putting your names online:  rest assured that all signatures, and especially e-mail addresses are confidential.  Only the webmaster of the Spectrum Headquarters site, the administrator of its companion forum,  and the people at Carlton will see them, so you don't have to be worried that you'll start receiving spam, publicity, all kind of unwanted e-mails or other contacts that may bother you.  Leaving your e-mail address is, in any case, optional, but it gives credentials to your identity.


When people sign the petition, they can also leave a comment - that is also an option.  The administrators of this site may take comments left on the petition to post on the forum or on this page, as a measure of encouragement for more people to sign the petition.  Be assured that the comments will stay ANONYMOUS.  No name will be used without the consent of any person who would sign the petition. 


Spread the news!  Be many to sign!







20 days after the previous version of the Spectrum HQ Forum was closed down, a new forum is now reviving out its ashes. 


Now on a MSN Group host, the new Spectrum HQ Forum will continue the 'mission' started on the old one, but offering fans a space to discuss their favorite series, exchange ideas and offer theories.  Regretfully, all the data on the old forum had been lost, but you'll be able to renew the old threads again, and continue your discussions.


The new MSN Group site - which may or may NOT be a permanent host - certainly doesn't appear as user-friendly as the last forum, but it offers security features that will enable its managers to keep a closer watch and better control of it.  Plus, it offers some interesting tools for members to use.  Visit the Spectrum HQ Forum for more information. 


Visitors can view the Spectrum HQ Forum, and read the messages, but you have to be a member to participate.   Just submit your name to the managers - by clicking the 'Join now' tab - with note to present yourself.  You will have to have a Hotmail address and/or Net.Passport to sign in (Free of charge from MSN). 


Special invitations will be sent shortly, but anyone can submit a membership!









Taken from the back of the investment brochure, the color picture of the Angel pilot from the new CGI series now replaces the previous picture in black in white.  Click here to view photo.


Further information on the new series will soon follow on this page and the CGI page.  Stay tuned!


* * *




As you know, the Spectrum Headquarters site is almost exclusively dedicated to the "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons" series (various information, news, fanfiction, etc.).  Although you can also find some information related to other Gerry Anderson series - notably to merchandises - you won't find fan fiction related to other series (such as Thunderbirds) on this site - aside from cross-over stories that include Captain Scarlet.


Some weeks ago, for the first time, fanfic related to another Gerry Anderson series had been submitted to this site.  In order to put them online, a new companion site had been created:  'S.I.D. Database'.  


With a name which has been used in TWO Gerry Anderson series, 'S.I.D. Database' shows its aim - which is to eventually containing stories from various series, such as 'Thunderbirds', 'Fireball XL5', 'U.F.O.' etc.  'Captain Scarlet' related stories, however, will remain within the Spectrum Headquarters site.


For now, there's only three 'Thunderbirds' stories on the new site, which are listed on the home page.  But pages will be added, as stories will be submitted.  If you are an author, looking for a space to post your Gerry Anderson stories, you are invited to contact the webmaster at  







Due to circumstances outside of our control, our forum was recently forced to close down.  All the exciting information and messages posted there were sadly lost in the process - as was the list of our members. 

The Spectrum Headquarters site is presently looking for a new host which will receive our new forum - where more control will be allowed to us, in order to permit our members to have more liberty to participate in the various discussions.  As we don't wish to rush things, we ask you to be patient in the following weeks.

If you wish to be informed when this new forum will be accessible, please contact the webmaster at .

Thank you for your patience - and again, we're sorry for the loss.

* * *




Target audience has been announced for the new Captain Scarlet CGI series as followed:


Primary target audience:  boys aged 4-9. 

Secondary target:  boys 10-15, girls 4-12 and 'adult males of all ages'.


I feel left off, but that's not new.  I'm about sure the original series 'target audience' didn't include me either...


 Many of the episodes are on difference stages of production, right now, and there's a new offer from Margetts and Gerry Anderson Productions to raise additional funds from investors for the completion of this wonderful project.  


A publicity prospectus by Margetts was distributed around, containing a special DVD with contains - amongst other interesting information, a 90 seconds trailer of the new series.  I've been told it's actual footage.  The TV Century 21 site has put screen captured images of that teaser online.  Visit this link to check it out, and read the short summary of the teaser.  Feel free to leave comments to the webmaster.


The prospectus can be found online, on the Margetts website - You will need PDF to read it. Of course, the DVD is not available online. 


The  following are promotional pics, Captain Scarlet and Captain Black taken from the prospectus cover - and (Destiny?) Angel taken from the back of the investment explanatory  brochure. 








The following information had been sent to this site by A&E Cult TV Store.  Note that the 40th anniversary edition DVD will be released by A&E,  in Region 1, NTSC format (for America only).  However, that should not stop you from voting!

Help celebrate 40 years of Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds by voting for your favorite episode of the classic show! We'll then choose the best 6 episodes to be featured on the upcoming 40th anniversary edition DVD set, The Best of Thunderbirds, along with never-before-seen Gerry Anderson interview footage, a brand-new featurette and more!


Voting now closed.  



The Best of Thunderbirds DVD will be available June 29, 2004. In the meantime, take a look at prior releases of the series, including The Complete Thunderbirds DVD Megaset (Order today, get a free Thunderbirds t-shirt, while supplies last!)  Note to UK fans:  This page also contains Region 2 DVD, and links to other Thunderbirds merchandises.



UPDATES February 22, 2004




The Spectrum Headquarters site is trying to make the news this time, by offering to its visitors the possibility of signing an online petition, that will eventually be presented to the Carlton Publishing Group of Carlton International.  This petition will ask that Carlton would consider the possibility of releasing a book similar to the one that was released last year, and in which were collected reprints of TV Century 21 strips of "Thunderbirds".  Considering the now very likely possibility that the new Captain Scarlet CGI series - which is presently in preparation - will indeed be aired soon on TV, and the merchandises that will surely be associated to it, this very well could mark a great opportunity for Carlton to release those old strips of the ORIGINAL hero.  


None of the strips run were ever reprinted entirely. So you are all invited to read the petition, and add your signature to it.  This site will make contact with other related sites, to see if they would accept to put a link through this petition, so it would be possible to generate as many signatures as possible. 


If you own a Gerry Anderson related site yourself, you're welcome to use the link and the button, and to contact me so I would be able to express my thanks to your interest, and add your name to the list of links and sponsors to this project.


Be many to sign!

Petition for Captain Scarlet Comic Strips Reprints








UPDATES February 14, 2004







I don't know if it's quite possible, but the airing date for the new Captain Scarlet CGI series has been forwarded.  Instead of the 2005 original date, it seemed that there will be enough completed episode for an earlier broadcast - that was predicted for Winter 2004 (December?).


26 episodes are projected - and - this according to reliable source - four of them are in the can as we speak right now.




 Press release appearing  on, Thursday, January 15, 2004:

"TriMedia Entertainment Enters Agreement with Gerry Anderson Productions plc for New Captain Scarlet Series
Thursday January 15, 4:34 pm ET

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE) -Jan. 15, 2004 -TriMedia Entertainment Group, Inc. ("TriMedia") (OTCBB:TMEG - News) and Gerry Anderson Productions plc, a United Kingdom company, have entered a memorandum of understanding with respect to a co-venture for the development, production, distribution and marketing of the new Captain Scarlet television and entertainment series and mutual investments.

The terms and conditions of the transaction include broadcast placement of the new Captain Scarlet television and entertainment series - "Captain Scarlet - The Return of the Mysterons," merchandising of Captain Scarlet related products, DVD home video distribution and sales, computer and video gaming and such other opportunities for the international branding of Captain Scarlet as shall be contained in a definitive agreement between the parties. It is anticipated that TriMedia's co-venture partner, Sony Music Entertainment, will be partnering in the project with its Sony Wonder division and the family of Sony companies on the development and exploitation of the Captain Scarlet branded property. The financial terms of this relationship will be defined in a definitive agreement that the parties are presently negotiating. 


"Captain Scarlet - The Return of the Mysterons." The original Captain Scarlet series was created using puppets and the technique known as "supermarionation." The new series is being created using computer graphic imagery animation technology which is often abbreviated CGI. This production process has been used by Pixar and others to create a number of recent animation films including Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and Shrek. "Captain Scarlet - The Return of the Mysterons" will be an entirely new series. It is intended that the new series, utilizing CGI, will be significantly modernized while retaining the character and flavor of the original series.


Chris Schwartz, CEO and President of TriMedia stated, "We are honored to participate with Gerry Anderson, one of the world's leading artisans in his craft, in developing the international brand for Captain Scarlet. The combination of Gerry Anderson's creativity and state-of-the-art high definition animated production and production facilities, Sony's global strength in providing a one-stop global solution to develop Captain Scarlet product iterations across all media platforms, ability to define and launch a business management strategy leveraging Sony's market strength in each category and our ability at TriMedia to converge the film and music world's independently with vertical and street marketing expertise will prove to be of great benefit for all involved. I believe that a cross pollination of creative properties in multiple media formats with a vertical market approach allows companies to maximize the return for their investment in creative properties and talents and will prove to be the economic engine for our industry in the future."


Gerry Anderson, Chairman of Gerry Anderson Productions, said "we believe that TriMedia is well placed to develop the Captain Scarlet New Series through their close relationship with Sony. Chris Schwartz has an excellent track record with a career that has spanned 20 years and generated more than one billion in revenues in conjunction with Sony. I believe that Chris and TriMedia have the skills and experience which we are seeking and I am looking forward to building a relationship which I'm sure will be highly rewarding."


About TriMedia

TriMedia is a multimedia entertainment group with a focus on developing entertainment content. TriMedia's areas of operation presently include a recording studio, a film production operation, record label operations and music publishing division.


About Gerry Anderson Productions plc

Gerry Anderson Productions plc was established in February 2003 to produce UK television programs and films for distribution in the worldwide market. Specifically, the company has commenced production of the first episodes of a new series, provisionally entitled "Captain Scarlet - The Return of the Mysterons." This is based on the original series of Captain Scarlet, which was produced by Gerry Anderson in 1967. Many broadcasters in numerous different countries up to present day have purchased the original series. Gerry Anderson is Chairman of Gerry Anderson Productions; his work is familiar to millions, from series such as Thunderbirds, Joe 90, Fireball XL5 and Stingray amongst others. He has produced or co-produced 17 television productions and three films. His work has primarily been created for children. Mr. Anderson's career has spanned several decades and is subject of a BBC book currently available entitled "What Made Thunderbirds Go!" which is his authorized biography. The enthusiasm, which exists for his work, has led to the creation of "Fanderson" which is the official Gerry Anderson fan club. The website address is which provides extensive listings of Mr. Anderson's work.


Forward Looking Statements

This press release may include forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. We have based these forward-looking statements on our current expectations and projections about future events. These forward-looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and assumptions about TriMedia that may cause our actual results, levels of activity, performance or achievements to be materially different from any other future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by terminology such as "may," "will," "should," "could," "would," "expect," "plan," "anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "continue," or the negative of such terms or similar expressions. Factors that might cause or contribute to such a discrepancy include, but are not limited to, risks associated with TriMedia's future growth and operating results, the uncertainty associated with obtaining sufficient financing, the uncertainty of market acceptance of TriMedia's products, technological change, competitive factors and general economic conditions, and those issues identified from time to time in our Securities and Exchange Commission filings and other public documents. Except as otherwise required to be disclosed in current and periodic reports required to be filed by companies registered under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and by the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission, TriMedia has no duty and undertakes no obligation to update such statements after the date hereof."


* * *



I'm quite sure I wasn't the only one to be disappointed when the Captain Scarlet - Retaliation game was cancelled before the Holidays - practically on the date it was set to be released.  It would appear that the developer went out of business before completion of the game.  So right now, Digital Workshop is stuck with a game project that, presumably, the company would very much like to sell:




Digital Workshop has a PC game project that is for sale.  The project, a Commandos -style game called “Retaliation”, was almost finished before the studio developing it closed. As a business software re-publisher Digital Workshop does not have the skill base to complete the job and so is offering the whole project as a bargain job lot.


Originally conceived for a major TV licence tie-in, the game was being converted to a general sci-fi military scenario for sale to publishers in the US. Paul Harris, Managing Director of Digital Workshop said, “The game itself is finished. Some gameplay may require a little tweaking, but it’s a good game that should be used.  We just need someone to either fund completion of the conversion to a generic theme - or to buy it from us outright.”


Wouldn't you like for it to stay a Captain Scarlet game?!  If you are a game software  conceptor - who knows?! - or know of people/company who might be interested in acquiring the game and finish the project, maybe it's time to call them in and inform them of this deal!


In the meantime, since the Batfish Studios site is no longer accessible, you can at least access the small teaser they had made of the game, by clicking on this link.  Unfortunately, I don't have the background images the Studios had created, but if there is someone out there able to provide me with them, I'll make sure they will be available again to all soon. They can, at least, make wonderful wallpapers for your PC.





UPDATES January 24, 2004




Some of you regular visitors surely remember the problems this site experiences a couple of months back, just before the Holiday Season -  and also during the past year, at different points.  The problems, I'm afraid, was caused by a Tripod major breakdown.  Having had enough of those problems, I decided to search for a new host where to move the site - and where I will be able to continue use the domain name


A new host has been found - faster, with more space  - and hopefully, more reliable than the old one! After weeks of preparation, the files have now been uploaded onto the new location.  Until the domain  transfer will be completed (it can take up to 72 hours), the domain name might become unavailable.  You can, however, continue to access the site by using the two Tripod addresses: 



 In about a week, the Spectrum Headquarters site will definitively leave the Tripod host, and the domain name will point to the new host.  A redirection page will be left for a while on the Tripod homepage for those of you who would have forgotten to update your bookmarks - but I suggest you change it as soon as it will be possible! 


There will be no updates on the Spectrum Headquarters site until the domain transfer is complete.  So I'm asking you all to be patient. Activities will come back to normal on the new host - with new stories, new pages - and a NEW FAN FICTION CHALLENGE PROJECT that will serve to launch a new era for this site.  




UPDATES December 24, 2003




A number of teasers were already available at The Movie site, concerning the upcoming Thunderbirds Live Action movie.   But now, a longer teaser can be viewed, in either Windows Media Player, Real Player, or QuickTime Player.  Just click the following link:


You're welcomed to visit the Spectrum Headquarters Forum, and leave your comments in the Supermarionation Board.  What do you think of this new trailer?



UPDATES November 16, 2003




This is sad news for Captain Scarlet fans.  The awaited Captain Scarlet: Retaliation PC Game, scheduled for release on November 14, 2003 (in time to make a wonderful Christmas present) had been cancelled, at the very last minute.  The only explanation given on the e-mail sent the very week of the game supposedly release was this one:


Unfortunately due to licensing issues and final approval issues we will not be launching our Captain Scarlet Retaliation game on the 14th November 2003 as we originally planned.

This decision was out of our hands and we are greatly disappointed that we are not in the position to launch the Captain Scarlet Retaliation Game. 


Those who have ordered the game, regular edition or producer's edition, will receive their money back.  It is not said if the project will be re-launched, but it is doubtful. The Batfish Studio site is still open, but the information in the Captain Scarlet section has not changed - the promotional announcement is still there.  However, you may find further information concerning the game demise on the forum section of Batfish Studio.  All the screenshots of the game are still available to download, as well as the trailer.


The Spectrum Headquarters site will try to get more information on what has been going on.  


I'm sure we all were looking forward to this, and that we are all sad this project was cancelled.




UPDATES November 9, 2003




The original soundtrack album from  the 'Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons' TV show will be released by Silva Screen Records, on November 17th, 2003. Original recordings from Barry Gray's scores had been remastered for this CD edition, that will comprise a mixture of themes, individual accidentals tracks and episodic suites.  The CD will include nearly 80 minutes of music from The Mysterons, Winged Assassin, Big Ben Strikes Again, Point 783, Manhunt, White As Snow, Spectrum Strikes Back, Avalanche, Fire At Rig 15, Lunarville 7, The Trap, Model Spy, Expo 2068, Attack On Cloudbase and The Inquisition. The album will also include  the original recordings of various versions of the main and end titles themes.

The album will be available in most good record shops from November 17th, but if you want, you can pre-order it at Fanderson Sales (If you are a Fanderson member) or at using the following link.


Captain Scarlet Original TV Soundtrack CD


Barry Gray,

Silva Screen, 2003.

80 minutes





In the same format as "The Complete Book of Captain Scarlet", "The Complete Book of Gerry Anderson's UFO" has been released, an ultimate guide to  the live-action TV series of 1969 -   published by Reynolds & Hearn Limited, and written by Chris Bentley, author of  The Complete Book of Thunderbirds, The Complete Book of Captain Scarlet and The Complete Gerry Anderson - The Authorised Episode Guide - and with a foreword by Ed Bishop. 

The book includes a comprehensive production history, and features interviews with cast and crew, exposé of the SHADO organisation - with personnel profiles and vehicles descriptions, episode guide, broadcast history, tie-in merchandise, etc.  With 176 pages of text and over 500 photos, many of them presented to public for the first time, and a foreword by Ed Bishop himself, this book should be a must for any fan of the popular sci-fi series!


The book is available at any good bookstores.  You can also buy it at Fanderson Sales (If you are a Fanderson member) or at using the following link:

 The Complete Book of Gerry Anderson's UFO


Chris Bentley, foreword by Ed Bishop


Reynolds & Hearn Ltd, 2003

176 pages, colour photos

Soft cover.





The last and the more obscure of Gerry Anderson Supermarionation Series, will soon be released on Region 1 DVD (North America) by A&E Entertainment.  Counting only 13 episodes, the series related the adventures of Father Stanley Unwin (played by... Stanley Unwin) a crack Secret agent (!!!!!!!!) and his gardener Matthew, whom, with the help of a very neat invention, can be reduced to the size of a midget doll and be carried around in a suitcase...  The series might be of interest for Captain Scarlet fans, as some episodes featured the Scarlet puppet, in the role of mild-mannered agent Paul Blake...  Not well-known as the series had not been broadcast largely in UK, it will soon be available for people to own on DVD.  For Region 1 DVD players only (North America) , or for those living in the UK owning a player able to read Region 1 discs.


The DVD set can be pre-ordered at, using the following link.





 The Secret Service - The Complete Series


A&E Entertainment





UPDATES September 15, 2003



The UK launch of the eagerly awaited Captain Scarlet game, Retaliation, has been delayed until 14th November 2003 to allow for extra fine tuning  of the gameplay.  However, the game is now also available in a  unique Producer's Edition. 

Limited to only 500 copies the Producer's Edition contains the  following: 


  • Captain Scarlet: Retaliation CD in metal Spectrum CD Case

  • Numbered limited edition box, signed by the development team

  • Captain Scarlet Commemorative Stamp Cover, signed by Gerry 

  • Design development drawings signed by the artist 

  • Playable demo prior to main launch 

  • PLUS, as an added bonus, anyone who orders the Producer's Edition will 
    have their name appear in the game credits! 

This limited edition will only be available to order *before* the game  is released and can only be ordered via the Batfish Studios website, and costs £39.95 plus postage. 


Pre-orders for both the Standard and Producer's Edition of Captain  Scarlet : Retaliation are now open. Both versions of the game can be  ordered from the Captain Scarlet area of the website, accessible from Batfish . Pre-order the Standard Edition now and  save £5. 





UPDATES September 7, 2003




Already, PC gamers have discovered that the new Captain Scarlet PC game "Captain Scarlet: Retaliation" was not released on 5th September, 2003, like it was previously announced.  The release date has been delayed until 14th November, 2003.  Furthermore, Batfish has announced that the game will also be available in a unique Special Edition.

Limited to only 500 copies, and only available to order before the release of the game, the Special Edition contains a host of extras but as an added bonus, anyone who orders the Special Edition will have their name appear in the game!

Preorders for both editions of the game will be opening shortly.



Batfish Studios have recently released a teaser trailer for the upcoming "Captain Scarlet: Retaliation" game.  This very short trailer - approx. 1 m 02s can be accessed and downloaded directly on your PC




UPDATES August 25, 2003





With this poster of a CGI rendition of the classic Captain Scarlet (drawn in an Uncle Sam pose from the WW II recruitment drive), Passion Pictures and Double Negative have launched a recruitment campaign in order to find CGI character animators, modellers, texture and lighting specialists, technical support, etc. for the production of the new Captain Scarlet CGI series (what?!  No writers?!).  For more information, go to the Double Negative site.






 Carlton International announced that they  will develop  a range of new Captain Scarlet licensed product to tie-in with the new CGI  television series. 

Carlton International will work with Gerry Anderson as the UK agent for the new series, and the Carlton Consumer Division will handle, toys, games and video/DVD opportunities and promotional licensing in the UK.



Sadly, it doesn't appear that Francis Matthews and Ed Bishop were casting to reprise their respective roles of Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue in the new CGI series. Former Mime Theatre Project artist and Space Precinct regular Wayne Forester has been announced as artist for the voice of  Captain Scarlet, while  Terrahawks former voice artist, Robbie' Ben'  Steven will be Captain Blue. Other voices will be provided by  Jeremy Hitchen who previously provided the voice of Dr. Tiger Ninestein in Terrahawks, Emily Tate and Jules de Young. More information to come...





The SIG - Supermarionation is Go site had put up a FAQ section on the new Captain Scarlet series that'll is scheduled to aired on British television in 2005.





Carlton Entertainment. 

Now the release date has been announced! After Region 1, the Region 2 DVD set of Fireball XL5 will soon become available for European fans on October 20, 2003.  As reported in earlier announcements, the series is not colorized (a shame), and there will be no extras featured on the discs, contrary to the Region 1 set.  The good news, however is the low price of this set!   If you want you have the possibility of pre-ordering the set at  It will be sent to you on the release date. Just follow the link to the FIREBALL XL5 page.





From Revelation Films Ltd.  The fans' long-awaited release  of the Terrahawks third series has now been set for  22 September 2003.  Like the previous sets, this one contains three DVD discs, with a total of 13 episodes.  The discs (volumes 7, 8, and 9 of the series) are also available separately.  You can pre-order either the set or the individually sold discs at  Just follow the link to the TERRAHAWKS page.







UPDATES August 3, 2003



 As promised a couple of months ago, this site is relaying news coming directly from Misc!MAYHEM comics, concerning the Captain Scarlet comic project.  The following information comes directly from John E. Petty, who is scripting the comic:\


The script for the #0 issue has been finished. This issue will tell Paul Metcalfe's story, and define his family background. It will also show how he joined SPECTRUM and how he eventually became indestructible. It will also reveal a new twist on his "powers" and will define the personal cost each time he "die".


Additionally, the comic will tell the complete life story of Colonel White. Without giving anything away, there's much, much more to Colonel White than has ever been explored before.

Scott Rosema is doing covers for the books. You can see some examples of his work at


It's about 90-95% certain that Loston Wallace will be penciling the book. His site is:


And you can see a Captain Scarlet piece he did at:

An inker has not been chosen yet, but this site will share the information as soon as it'll become available.

Mr. Petty also started a web log regarding the creation of the Captain Scarlet book. It can be found at:

Mr.  Petty encourages anyone who is interested to stop by and comment. And I'll do the same!  In addition, I want to thank Mr. Petty for all the information he had provided to this site, in order to share it with you.  

Visit this site and the Misc!MAYHEM site often for further information on this exciting project!






Not really recent news - but I just discovered that the Red Alert! site - which produces the Red Alert! printed fanzine - has a number of interesting online essays you might want to check.  Some of them have taken for subject the new, upcoming Captain Scarlet CGI series, and have been written by "Thunderbird 9:"


- Captain Scarlet Revamp 
- Gender Roles in Spectrum 
- Continuity and Mixed Universes 


Other essays, written by Mike Adamson, also offer very interesting information that is well worth reading:


- White Lightning: The Technical Feasibility of the Angel Interceptor
- Retrometabolism and the War of Nerves
- The 2001 Connection
(Not strictly CS, but an exploration of the relationship between Gerry Anderson's work and Stanley Kubrik's 2001: A Space Odyssey. 
- Where Was Glenn Field?

UPDATES July 21, 2003



For more information and notes of interest on the upcoming Captain Scarlet PC game, you may wish to visit the following links:


HARDWiRED presently has an article that covers numerous topics,  including how the Angels are used in the game.  The interview also includes an exclusive new screenshot. You just have to click the link HARDWired Captain Scarlet article, English version to access the article.

An HomeLAN interview presents a range of topics including which characters appear in the game, what enemies the player will face and the storyline.





For Century 21 fans, "Portal 31"   is a A4, 28-page fanzine with colour covers dedicated to the legendary "TV21" comic of the 1960s, produced by  Keith Ansell from and Graeme Bassett.  Very interesting articles can be found in this relatively new fanzine.  Although Issue #1 isn't available anymore, Issue # 2 is presently available for you to buy at the Star Trader online catalogue.  Go to the catalogue, click on the 'Film and Television of Gerry Anderson', then 'Magazines and Miscellaneous'.

UPDATES July 13, 2003



On a new interview given to SFX Magazine, Gerry Anderson reveals further information on the upcoming  Captain Scarlet CGI series. Amongst other things, Gerry reveals that he has control over the series, and that he is involved with all aspects of the production. It is also reveals that they're making the show as if it were the second season of the series - which could contradict with other information (or rumors) that's been heard concerning the new series.   


The Supermarionation Forever site, hosted by  Lezli Farrington, sometimes contributor of the Spectrum Headquarters site, has been given permission to publish the interview, in its entirety.  For further information, and to read the entire contents of the article,  go to the Supermarionation Forever site, No String Attached section!





It has been announced here in March, now more information is available!  Batfish have announced the release date and a new name for their Captain Scarlet game. "Captain Scarlet : Retaliation"  will be launched for PC in the UK on 5th September 2003.

Captain Scarlet : Retaliation is a real time tactical strategy game where gamers control up to six Spectrum agents, each with unique capabilities, as they attempt to halt the Mysteron’s evil plans.

Based on the cult Gerry Anderson television series, the game combines addictive game play, with stunning graphics and the rich background of the original series, to create a compelling game that will appeal to a wide range of players.

The game features 14 graphically stunning levels that recreate the look and feel of the original series. The environment of each level varies, from a fog shrouded dock, to polar oil refineries, to Cloudbase, the home of Spectrum itself. Each Spectrum Agent has unique capabilities, and gamers can choose from a range of tools such as a sniper rifle, Mysteron detector or remote controlled robots.

Three levels of difficulties will suit players of all ages and abilities, as they call in air-strikes, defuse nuclear bombs, rescue downed Angel pilots and much more, to defuse the Mysteron threat. Players will also control a variety of vehicles including Spectrum Saloon Cars, Angel Interceptors and, of course, the legendary Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle.

The game will be available from major high street and online games retailers, and direct from Batfish Studios.

Visit the Batfish Studios site to view full-screen  screenshots from the new PC game!



Those of you interested in the "U.F.O.",  "Fireball XL-5" and "Supercar" comics  by   Misc!MAYHEM  may be wondering what is presently going on with those titles, which had not appeared as they were announced - So far, only Number 0 of "Supercar" has been published.  Don't despair, people!  You'll be happy to know that neither title has been cancelled.  "Fireball XL5" and "Supercar" are presently being repackaged in a 48-page book called "SUPERMARIONATION ADVENTURES", while UFO is still planned as a stand-alone series.  

As for the "Captain Scarlet" book, it's still on track.  Misc!MAYHEM is presently talking to several artists at the moment, and should make a choice of who's going to be involved soon.  Furthers information to come as it will become available!



UPDATES June 16, 2003



For North American fans of Joe 90, the entire run of the series is  available as a DVD Region 1 box set, from A&E Entertainment.    






Joe 90 - The Complete Series  

From A&E Home Video.

4 discs

720 minutes.




The set can also be bought  directly from A&E.  Click on the banner  to access the Cult page, on the A&E website.



The character of Captain Black will play a more important part in the new CGI series, comparatively to the old series.


Unfortunately, it would appear that Francis Matthews, Ed Bishop and Elizabeth Morgan (who respectively performed the voices of Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue and Destiny/Rhapsody Angels), won't reprise their roles.


Spectrum hovering headquarters would apparently change its name from Cloudbase to Skybase (Should I  cry or scream?! I don't know, I used to think that the name 'Cloudbase' was indissociable from the Captain Scarlet mythos - but then again, so was be a male Lieutenant Green, one of the three characters of the original series who were of ALL the episodes!)




Some of you may have noticed that CGI magazine doesn't have the 'The Puppetmasters' article from their June 2001 Edition online anymore.  CGI magazine doesn't even seem to have a website anymore. This is a very interesting, however technical, article on the CGI pilot that had been made by the Motion Picture Company a couple of years ago.  I'm very fortunate to have that issue of the magazine at home, so I took the time to copy it all up for you to consult here.  




See the CGI page.


UPDATES June 8, 2003



No specific news as of yet, but the Terrahawks series will also become available in Region 1, probably during the summer.  Stay tuned for further news.



UPDATE MAY 13, 2003:


ERRATUM: My apologies to Misc!MAYHEM comics - I wrongfully named their company 'Miscellaneous Mayhem' in an earlier post.  The corrections have now been made on every page where the name appears.  



The following information has been provided by John E. Petty, which makes it a very reliable source considering his involvement in the project!


Proposal for the comic has been approved by Carlton!  The script for # O, written by John E. Petty, is already completed and Misc!MAYHEM is presently talking to several people about penciling the book.  #0 issue will serve to introduce new readers to CAPTAIN SCARLET and SPECTRUM, and will provide established fans with new information on Paul Metcalfe's background, as well as a look at exactly what happens when Captain Scarlet "dies". Captain Black and the others will be introduced of course. 

The series from Misc!MAYHEM will not be a "re-imagining" of the characters.
Older fans should be very comfortable with the approach the comic is taking, as
Misc!MAYHEM is careful not to change the characters in too radical a way. 




UPDATE MAY 12, 2003:

Flash news on the side of TV series and movies:  


With the success of young heroes in movies ("Harry Potter", "Spy Kids"), it seems that the Mouse House had decided that nine-years old Joe MacClaine, most special agent of the WIN organisation,  would fit perfectly in that field , and that his character would be a natural choice for an adaptation into a full length movie. It could be a long time, though, before we would be able to see the adventures of Joe 90 on the big screen, as this project is probably only in its early stage at this moment.  News to be added as it comes along...



An American comic books company, Misc!MAYHEM  had  produced the "Supercar" comic book, and #0 is now available for all Supercar fans to buy.  I have to say I wasn't such a Supercan fan myself in my time, but out of curiosity, I bought this first issue, and I will admit, I was impressed by the work put in this. It got beautiful, charicatural art, good handling of the characters (As far as I could tell, they're not out of characters), and a good, ongoing plot.  xl500s.jpg - 35624 Bytes

Misc!MAYHEM also plans to  launch "U.F.O." and "Fireball XL-5" in the following months. The previews presented on their site is promising, so I'll look into this!  


In Addition to this, here's an EXCLUSIVE, directly from Misc!MAYHEM:    

Captain Scarlet's fans will be thrilled to learn that their favorite hero will also receive the comic books treatment from this company.  This is not a rumour, it will be done!  Information on this will be added on this page as soon as it becomes available.



In an interview to Fanderson, Gerry Anderson had revealed some new information regarding the new CAPTAIN SCARLET CGI series.  News are as followed:

- The new series will not be a follow-up to the old one.  It will feature a new pilot episode - originally of one hour long but that will be cut in two for airing - re-telling the origins of the conflict with the Mysterons and new adventures, so that new audience that had never seen the original series would not wonder what's going on exactly.

- Cloudbase will be better and bigger, and will move from 40,000 feet to 60,000 feet.  Which makes it VERY cold up there and - well very difficult to breath, considering there's not enough oxygen to support life.  Considering that, technicians performing maintenance on deck will do in from inside, their bodies hooked to a system that would link them to on-deck robots that would perform their tasks for them (A system MUCH similar to CGI techniques, come to think of it! That's very clever.)

- Even though it will be mighty cold outside - there will be some more warmth inside.  Don't get it wrong:  this will not be a series about love stories - and it will stay for all ages.  But there'll be some pairing between field officers and Angel pilots, to show that the characters are 'normal people'. (Does anyone see Captain Blue with somebody else than Symphony Angel? No?)

- There will now be a total of twelve Angels pilots.  Six elite pilot, officers (no news on what could be the name of the sixth pilot for the new line-up), and six others, non-officers, stand-by pilots who could join during emergencies or big battles.

- There will be entirely new Vehicles.  Design of the uniform and cap will be different. ( If they follow the previous design from the CGI pilot, they'll lose the shoulder pads.  Good!)

- As previously announced, the new series should keep the regular physical features of the original puppet casts - although it's not really sure if the original artists will be reprising their roles.

- Despite the previous note, however... Lieutenant Green would now be a lady (Whoa!  Hope her name won't be Seymour!!!)


New from Reynolds & Hearn:




Chris Bentley

Foreword by Gerry Anderson


Authorised by Gerry himself, this unique publication presents complete details of all Gerry Anderson’s productions in one book. The book naturally covers not only television series such as Stingray, Thunderbirds, UFO and Space:1999, but also the feature films and rare, unscreened pilot episodes.

Gerry Anderson will taking time out when possible from his work on the new Captain Scarlet in order support the launch of the book. The book is also fully supported by the official Gerry Anderson fan organization, Fanderson. Promotional activity for the book will include:

Chris Bentley has been Chairman of Fanderson, the Official Gerry Anderson Fan Club, for over ten years.

In Association with Gerry Anderson available at



UPDATE MARCH 25, 2003:




We've been all waiting to know!  And now here's some new, wonderful news concerning the new CGI series that's been rumored to be on the work for so long.  Well, rumors seem to be true, as the following information indicates to believe: 


Taken from the Fanderson FAB News page:
Anderson Entertainment have just announced that production has commenced at Pinewood Studios on a new multi-million pound television series of Captain Scarlet. Producer Gerry Anderson has been given the green light to produce a new 26 part series based on the characters and concepts of his original 1967 Supermarionation science-fiction adventure series, following the indestructible Captain Scarlet and the agents of Spectrum as they battle against the alien Mysterons from Mars. Gerry Anderson MBE says, "This is the most exciting project of my career. It is something that I have been working towards for several years and I am thrilled that we are going into production."

Following on from Anderson's earlier Supermarionation and Supermacromation filming techniques, the new Captain Scarlet series will be made in HYPERMARIONATION, a sophisticated form of computer animation. "This means that the series will be made using Computer Generated Images," says Anderson. "When I worked with puppets, I strived to make them as believable as possible. Now I can achieve this using Hypermarionation."

The dateline for the Anderson Entertainment production is still 2068 (as in the original series), but in keeping with the changing times, female Spectrum agents will be joining the front-line battle against the Mysterons. Anderson is also promising that the characters in the new Captain Scarlet series will be less clinical than in the original programme. "We are keeping the faces of the key characters, but we are re-designing the uniforms, developing totally new vehicles and Cloud Base will be bigger and better," Anderson explains.

Top Supermarionation series director David Lane is heading the new team of directors on Captain Scarlet. Formerly one of the editors on Fireball XL5 and Stingray, Lane made his directorial debut on Thunderbirds and went on to direct the feature films Thunderbirds Are Go (1966) and Thunderbird 6 (1968), produced Joe 90 and The Secret Service and later worked with Anderson on UFO, The Protectors and Space:1999. The associate producer of Captain Scarlet is Mark Sherwood, who previously worked with Anderson as post production supervisor on Space Precinct.

The new series follows a successful experimental test film featuring CGI animated characters made in 1999. Aimed at a family audience, the 26 episodes will take two years to make and will be screened in 2005.

Gerry Anderson exclusively reveals further details of the new Captain Scarlet series in the latest issue of the Fanderson club magazine FAB, which is currently scheduled to be mailed to members on March 31st. 


Another bit of information has been forwarded to me by a faithful visitor (to whom I present here all my thanks!), and serves as further proof to some of us more incredulous fans that this is more than probably going to happen!


Article from the London Times:

March 13, 2003
Captain Scarlet cuts his ties with past
By Adam Sherwin

THE "indestructible" Captain Scarlet is returning in a new television series three decades after his creation, but this time there are no strings attached.

The hero's creator, Gerry Anderson, 73, has ditched the puppets for a £5 million computer-generated animation series. Captain Scarlet will fight the Mysterons in 26 new episodes, but such are the costs of high-tech animation that Mr Anderson is offering investors a stake in the project.

A fund-mangement company,, is selling stakes for a minimum of £25,000. Investors will share 50 per cent of net profits from a series that previously has generated £10 million in sales.

The new episodes will be shot at Pinewood Studios by Mr Anderson's production company and will then be sold to broadcasters worldwide.

First broadcast in 1967, the old shows were known for their "supermarionation" techniques in which puppets operated by almost invisible fine wires were combined with realistic special effects.

The new series will again be set in the year 2068, but will reflect a change in sensibilities by putting female agents in the front line in Spectrum's battle against the unseen Mysterons, which hail from Mars.

Mr Anderson made Captain Scarlet after the success of his Thunderbirds series. It was the first time he used puppets, which had faces with lifelike proportions.

Mr Anderson said: "This is the most exciting project of my career. When I worked with puppets, I strived to make them as believable as possible. Now I can achieve 'hypermarionation'. This means the series will be made using computer-generated images."

He added: "We are keeping the faces of the key characters, but we are redesigning the uniforms, developing totally new vehicles and Cloud Base will be bigger and better."

This site will provide you with any information I  could find, while trying to verify as much of it as I can!   If you do come across some information, please contact me, so we would share the knowledge with every Captain Scarlet fans out there!


Cross your fingers!  The countdown has begun, and we may very well have in a near future  what we all wished for!








Spectrum Is Green as Batfish Studios and
Digital Workshop announce Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, a tactical strategy game based on Gerry Anderson’s popular television series.

The year is 2068 and the Mysterons are waging a war of nerves against Earth, issuing cryptic warnings before using their powers of retro-metabolism to control people and carry out their threats. Earth’s only defence is the Spectrum organisation, a world security force now focused solely on defeating the Mysteron menace. 

Players take control of the indestructible Captain Scarlet as well as Captain Blue and the other Spectrum agents as they rescue crashed Angel pilots, investigate Egyptian tombs, halt the destruction of an underwater base and much more in their battle against the Mysterons!

   The fight against the Mysterons takes place across a wide range of levels from fog shrouded docks to polar oil refineries to Cloudbase, the home of Spectrum itself. Each level features highly detailed graphics that capture the look and feel of Captain Scarlet. Players will also use a variety of vehicles including Spectrum Saloon Cars, Angel Interceptors and of course the legendary Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle.

Philip Harris, Lead Developer at Batfish Studios said “Captain Scarlet is as entertaining and relevant now as it was when it was first broadcast 35 years ago. With such a strong background to work from we’ve been able to design a game which will appeal to gamers of all ages, whether they are familiar with Captain Scarlet or not.”

"This is the first part of a substantial expansion and diversification of DW’s activities through 2003", said Digital Workshop’s CEO, Paul Harris. "So we were looking for something special to kickstart our move into games. With the combination of a licence which appeals to two key age groups and a product with genuine gameplay I think we’ve found it."

Captain Scarlet is currently being developed for PC by Batfish Studios and will be published in the UK by Digital Workshop in Summer 2003. Batfish are currently seeking a US publisher.




Red Alert! is a website in support of a print-medium fanzine of the same title. The zine is designed to fill a niche that has existed for forty years - the dedicated Gerry Anderson fanzine! The first issue is now out, with a second following. The site, however, is a wide resource for fans, featuring episode reviews, essays, online fiction, digital art, and - coming soon, a gallery and link section. The site is open for submissions - essays on all things Anderson are especially welcome.


More details available at











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