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Thunderbirds/Captain Scarlet: War of Nerves, by Lee Homer


Disclaimer: This is a one off stand alone crossover idea which I hope goes well. All rights to both shows belong to Anderson entertainment. This story focuses on the classic Thunderbirds show and Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons. Hope you enjoy it.


Chapter Three

Gordon's anxiety levels kicked in, affecting his concentration. He managed to deactivate the laser cutters, but it left him little time to react. Suddenly, a small explosion rocked the small cabin along with the young aquanaut's nerve. He looked to right and spotted the source of the explosion. The Mysteron sub had arrived. His intuition and skills kicked in as he pushed down on the thrusters. Thunderbird Four began to steer away from the trapped submarine. The Mysteron sub fired another torpedo from it's small firing tube. He glided across the ocean and impacted close to Gordon's position. A huge explosion shook the small yellow sub off course. Gordon fought the controls with all his strength. He had to do something fast or he would be come fish food.

The Mysteron sub closed in once again. This time, Gordon performed a risky move. He charged straight for the sub assuming that it would steer away. At the last possible second, he jerked the control to a hard right and dived towards the sea bed. However, the Mysteron sub quickly recovered. It had readied itself for another attack run. The reality of the situation finally sank in for Gordon. He was really going nose to nose with an unknown force. Eventually, he found the words to contact Scott.

"Thunderbird Four to mobile control. I am under heavy fire!" He said down the microphone. "I don't know how long I can dance down here with this thing!"

"Just do the best you can Gordon." Scott replied over the radio. "When you see an advantage, destroy it with your missiles."

"FAB." Acknowledged Gordon. "I think I can see a clearing to my left. I'll try to lure the submarine away from the Director General. Here goes."

Trusting his instincts, Gordon steered Thunderbird Four away from the trapped submarine. He kept his eye on the Mysteron sub as he headed out towards the open sea. To his luck, the Mysteron attacker began to follow him. It immediately increased it's speed to catch up. Gordon now had seconds left to act. He made a sharp one hundred and eighty degree turn, lined up with his target and fired. Two small white projectiles smacked the Mysteron sub dead on, destroying it on impact. The explosion was so huge that it cut through the ocean surface, startling Virgil who hovered above in Thunderbird Two.

"Mobile control from Thunderbird Two. What the heck is going on?" Virgil asked.

"Mobile control to Thunderbird Two. Don't worry Virgil we have the situation under control." Scott replied. "Gordon has just destroyed a Mysteron target. Stand by to receive the rescue pod."

Scott rubbed his temples. The stress of the rescue had clearly gotten to him. Not only was he supervising another hazardous situation, but he also nearly lost his younger brother in the process. He asked himself one question. What was going to happen next? Captain Scarlet walked up towards him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"You can relax now. The Mysterons won't bother him any more." He said "Your brother is a brave man."

"Yeah. I just hope that he never has to go through that again. My guys are my responsibility." Scott sighed.

Captain Blue checked his watch. "We better get a move on. They must be really low on air."

Scott nodded as he opened the channel to Gordon. "Mobile control to Thunderbird Four. What is your status now?"

"I've resumed cutting, Scott." Gordon replied. "There seems to be a hatch buried underneath the rock. I could be an emergency escape hatch or something."

"That makes sense." Said Blue. "It could also be why their emergency systems haven't kicked in."

"If we could get them into the emergency escape unit then we could jettison the pod manually." Scarlet added. "We just need the override code to do so."

"We'll have to contact the world navy for the code." stated Blue. "It's a voice activation code that can only be said over a secure radio frequency."

"I'll get onto the Colonel." Scarlet said as his cap microphone swung into place. "He'll be able to help us."

"Okay fellas you better hurry." said Scott. "We're running out of time."

The subs hull continued to strain under the pressure. The Director General couldn't last much longer. Captain Gray fought stay conscious for the rescue team. He held onto the radio terminal the best he could. His eyesight became blurred, his head was pounding from the pressure and his heart felt heavy. He realised he could drop at any moment. Somehow, he still had the energy to check up on the Director General. He wanted to panic, but it wouldn't have done him any good.

"Just…hold on sir." He he said as he struggled to speak. "We'll… be out in no… time."

In a desperate attempt to find answers, Grey contacted Captain Blue through his cap microphone.

"Captain Grey… to … Captain Blue. What's… going on up...there? Our air...it's nearly gone. We have five minutes… just five minutes left!"

Meanwhile, Gordon's anxiety levels began to drop when he finished cutting, The rock didn't float away freely so he decided that his best option was to the magnetic grabs. He steered a short distance away, retrieving the laser cutter. The laser cutter was quickly replaced by two, long metallic, magnetic grabs. Gordon lined them up perfectly. He gradually increased his speed, heading straight for the rock formation. He grabs collided with the rock, forcing it to float off the hull. He couldn't see if he had done it or not as a dirt plume obscured his vision. A few seconds later, plume cleared, revealing the small emergency hatch. Gordon's face lit up.

"Thunderbird Four to mobile control. The hatch is clear!"

A Positive tone came through the radio."FAB. Well done! We'll take it from here!"

Captain Scarlet approached the mobile control console and pressed down on the transmitter button.

"This is Captain Scarlet of Spectrum. Authorise emergency code Thirty Three, Two, One, Five Beta."

Captain Blue signalled Captain Grey.

"Captain Grey, get the Director General and the submarine's crew into the escape pod! We're going to jettison it manually."

Captain Grey could barely speak. Instead he spat out the Spectrum code signal over the radio. "S...I...G!"

"We'll give them five minutes." Scott said. "That should give them enough time to get themselves into the pod and Virgil enough time to get into position."

"Captain Grey, are you all in the escape pod?" Blue asked again.

"Yes Captain, and it's safe to say that there is more air in here. The Director General is unconscious and shaken, but he's going to be okay."Grey replied.

Captain Scarlet stepped forward and spoke into the microphone. "Launch code Zero, Zero, Three, Green."

The code worked. The men inside the escape pod felt the slight sensation of movement. Ominous sounds formed around the escape pod. In that moment, Captain Grey realised that they had been saved. He held onto his seat when the pod shook violently. He had no idea what was going outside. Unbeknownst to him, Thunderbird Four had attached it's grabs to the side of the hull. Gordon had made the split decision to help lift the escape pod to the surface. While he was doing this, he made a call to Virgil.

"Thunderbird Four to Thunderbird Two. You have a package coming your way. You better lower the magnetic lifting grabs."

Virgil did just that. The doors beneath Thunderbird Two's cockpit opened. A long, black, grabbing arm with three suction cups descended towards the water. He could see the activity below on the ocean surface. Thunderbird Four eventually surfaced with the Pod in tow. Virgil moved the grabs into position and locked them onto the Pod. He activated the winch, lifting the pod out of the water and headed for the shoreline.

"Mobile control from Thunderbird Two." he said. "I have the escape pod, Scott. I'll fly it over towards the nearest port and then will return for the pod."

"Okay Virgil. I guess that wraps up this little episode. I'll start packing up here." Scott replied.

Back on the drilling platform, Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue assisted Scott with his equipment back to Thunderbird One. As soon as the pilot prepared for take off, the indestructible Spectrum officer said one last message.

"On behalf of the Spectrum Organization, I express my gratitude for what you did. The Mysterons failed to kill the Director General and one of our officers are now safe. Thank you."

"It's our job." Scott replied over the hand-held transmitter. "However we ask that we are not photographed or filmed in any way. Our organization must be kept secret."

"We have kept our word and we hope to work with you again soon." Scarlet assured him.

Scott didn't reply. He ignited the thrusters and blasted off into the sky. As soon as Thunderbird One disappeared over the horizon, the two Spectrum officers returned to their helicopter. They had one hell of a report to make.

The debriefing on Cloudbase was kept simple for the exhausted officers of Spectrum. The Captains sat around the Colonel's circular desk. Destiny Angel had accompanied them. It had been three hours since the rescue operation. The only officer that wasn't present was Captain Grey.

"Members of Spectrum, thanks to the unique efforts of International Rescue, The Director General is safe." Colonel White reported. "The Mysterons have failed once again. Doctor Fawn reports that Captain Grey will make a full recovery from what he believes was oxygen deprivation. However I've seen to it that he returns to duty as soon a possible. I have contacted the headquarters of International Rescue and conveyed my thanks. With them around, this world will always be in safe fans. However, we must be vigilant. We must focus our attention on Mars itself. Soon Man will bring the next move onto Mars itself. Whether it will be war or peace, Spectrum will inevitably face the Mysterons on Mars. That is all."

As the officers left to return to their separate duties, the Colonel took a silent stroll up onto the observation deck. Scarlet accompanied him.

"Will there ever be an end sir?" He asked his superior.

The Colonel's thoughts drifted away into the clouds."I don't know, Captain. I honestly don't know."

Back on Tracy Island, the vibe was positive. Grandma has cooked up a celebratory lunch for the family as she always did. As the family gathered round in the dining room, Jeff entered from the lounge. He stood before his sons, displaying a huge smile on his face.

"Listen everyone." He said. "I am very proud of International Rescue today. I've just received a personal thanks from Colonel White of Spectrum Cloudbase. He's granted us full security to all Spectrum wavelengths should we ever be needed in the future. I have John monitoring all the broadcasts now. We have made a big name for ourselves today. Not only have we saved a very important man, but also saved one of Spectrum's own. So tonight, this dinner is for you boys. That leads me to my next big announcement."

The boys were intrigued.

"What is it, Father?" Asked Alan.

"After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that the Mysterons will double the number of dangers in the world. We will be needed more than ever. So after a call to Washington, I have declared that we will be involved with any Mysteron related dangers. Whether it'll be saving important lives or investigating activity, all of our agents have been notified and have agreed to help. International Rescue has officially entered the war of nerves."

The boys didn't know how to react to the news, but after a few seconds of thought, Scott slowly rose from his seat.

"FAB." He said.

Jeff looked at all of his boys before taking a seat. His family had just become part of an uncertain future. The sun began to set over the horizon. It was quickly replaced by the Moon and the stars. Tomorrow marked the start of a dark chapter in their lives. One that none of them would ever forget.














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