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Thunderbirds/Captain Scarlet: War of Nerves, by Lee Homer


Disclaimer: This is a one off stand alone crossover idea which I hope goes well. All rights to both shows belong to Anderson entertainment. This story focuses on the classic Thunderbirds show and Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons. Hope you enjoy it.


Chapter One

2067, the year when man had made their biggest mistake. A year which led to repercussions that began when an alien race declared war on the Earth. They were called the Mysterons, a race that was discovered by three men. They were nervous, alert and excited. Their poor judgement resulted in an attack on the alien's complex. Their actions started a war of nerves. The Spectrum Organisation was set up to combat the vengeful Mysterons as they began their war on the people of the Earth. Just when they thought they were making progress with peace talks, Spectrum were unprepared for what would happen next. The Mysterons had upped their game. They were now doubling their attempts at killing important leaders and destroying important places. Their plans to rid the Earth of their defensive capabilities had been put into motion.

Their latest act of aggression was to kill the new Director General of Space Weaponry Research. They somehow knew that the Director General was placed in charge of a top secret project to fire nuclear space weapons at Mars. Although the Mysterons knew it was a flawed plan, they decided to go ahead and show their power anyway. As always, their message had been received by the world Government and Spectrum had placed its officers on red alert. Up on Cloudbase, The Angel pilots scrambled towards their launch seats. All the Captains were assigned their orders. The Director General needed protection. It was all standard procedure for them. This had become daily life for the men and women of Spectrum.

Six hours had passed since the Mysteron threat. An uneasy calmness had descended over the control room on Cloudbase. For Colonel White, the atmosphere made him tense. The sense of not knowing what was going to happen often drove him crazy, but the job required a level head and intuition. He spun round on his desk and turned to Lieutenant Green, who sitting there silently at his station.

"Lieutenant Green, get me Captain Scarlet will you?" he asked.

"Yes sir." replied the Lieutenant. "I have him on a secure channel."

"Captain Scarlet, what is your report?" White asked, speaking into his desk microphone.

Captain Scarlet's distinctive voice replied over the radio.

"The Director General has safely entered the tanker and is en route to the docks. The Submarine should rendezvous with him in Thirty Minutes. It will then take him to the secret facility off the coast as expected. The Mysterons shouldn't detect him."

"S.I.G." White confirmed. "Report back as soon as the Submarine has left. The Angels will over fly the route and the destination."

"S.I.G" Scarlet complied as the transmission cut.

It was proving to be another long day and only one rule applied. Expect the Unexpected. The Colonel got up to stretch his legs. The long hours were beginning to take their toll on his health. Doctor Fawn had recommend frequent rest periods, but in his usual stubborn way, he ignored the good doctors advice. Instead, he would stand there on the observation deck and drift off into a sea of thoughts. Hours passed by when suddenly;

"Colonel White, I've received an emergency call from Captain Grey."

"Put it on the speaker, Lieutenant." White calmly replied as he returned to his desk and flipped the switch. "Go ahead Captain. What's the situation?"

"Colonel White, we are in trouble down here. The Captain of the Sub was a Mysteron Agent. Dockland security found the body of the real captain stuffed away in a barrel." Grey explained. "I was able to take him down, but he shot up the Subs motors. We have now hit a deep-sea cavern which has blocked the exits. We're trapped down here. I have established contact through an emergency beacon. We are attempting to call for outside help."

"Negative, Captain Grey. We will handle this situation." White replied. "Sit tight and conserve your oxygen. We will get you out. The Director General must survive."

"Spectrum Is Green." Grey acknowledged as he cut the transmission.

The Colonel then spun round to face the screen behind him.

"Lieutenant, find the Submarine's emergency beacon will you?" He asked the Lieutenant.

"Yes Sir." Green replied.

A birds-eye view of the ocean appeared on the screen. Green tapped away at his console until a blip appeared on the map.

"I've got the fix sir." he said.

"Yes, but that entire area of the ocean has deep underwater caverns." White said as he observed the map. "Not a single rescue unit could withstand the pressure for a long period of time."

"Captain Scarlet could?" Green suggested.

"Captain Scarlet is Indestructible. He isn't a machine." replied White. "Besides, even if he did manage to fly out there or take a hovercraft, he wouldn't make it in time. I'm afraid we only have one alternative. Lieutenant Green, have you ever heard of International Rescue?"

"International Rescue? Why yes sir I have, but I thought they wouldn't assist us during the war?"

"They won't. They are an independent organisation dedicated to saving lives. They have to help, even if I talk to them myself. Send out a call to them at once?"

"Yes sir, They should pick up our transmission on any frequency." Green said as he activated his radio. "Spectrum Headquarters Cloudbase calling International Rescue. International Rescue, do you respond?"

Life on Tracy Island continued as it frequently did. Unlike Spectrum, the Island basked in the relaxing tropical weather of the South Pacific. Although they were well aware of the Mysterons and their war of nerves, the Tracy family couldn't tell the difference. Life went on as it had before. Distress calls kept coming in by the days end. Some were related to Mysteron incidences where as others were not. Jeff Tracy kept his word when the war broke out. International Rescue were not to get involved at any time unless a serious rescue was needed.

The ex astronaut sat behind his desk in a relaxed demeanour. He had been going over the island's annual expenses while his sons relaxed by the pool. Scott and Virgil were engaged in a game of chess, Alan and Tin-Tin played a few sets on the tennis court, Gordon took a dip in the pool and Brains was in his lab attending to his experiments. There was no fear of the Mysterons among the family. As he finished up on the bills, Jeff looked up to see Alan standing there in front of him. The young Astronaut had developed an interest in the Mysterons. It was an unhealthy subject to talk about, but Jeff admired his sons curiosity.

"Father, I was wondering, has there been any more news on The Mysterons at all?"

"I don't know Alan." Jeff replied. "The World Government like to keep the lid tightly shut on the Mysteron case. Besides we've been over this. It's Spectrum's business and not ours."

"I know Dad and it's not our place to interfere. I just find the prospect of an intelligence on Mars to be interesting." Alan explained himself as he mopped the sweat off of his head. "Tin Tin and I were discussing about it on the court."

Scott and Virgil entered the room. Gordon shortly followed as he wrapped a towel around his body. Jeff sighed as his boys converged in the lounge.

"Now why didn't you ever have this much interest with the Rock Snakes?" Scott asked his younger brother.

"I just find them fascinating that's all." Alan replied defensively. "I wonder if John has heard their broadcasts. He would tell us if we were ever a target."

Just then, everyone in the lounge sighed with frustration. This wasn't the first time that Alan brought up the conversation.

"For Pete sake, not this again?" Scott sighed.

"Do you really think it could happen, Father?" Gordon spoke up worryingly.

"Now that is enough boys!" Jeff replied as his voice overlapped the concerned brothers. "We've been over this time and time again. When this war began, we made sure that International Rescue wouldn't get involved. We all know that The Mysterons target high-profile people and organisations. Now I'll say this for the last time. We are not a potential target because we are not a high-profile organisation. The Mysterons will not attack International Rescue. Is that understood?"

"Yes father." Scott replied.

"Yes dad." said Virgil.

"I guess so father." Gordon sighed.

"Okay dad." Alan said as he looked down at the floor.

Jeff smiled. "Right now if you boys don't mind, I would like to finish these papers before lunchtime. That's the problem with you boys. You don't have enough things to around here."

However, Jeff's concentration was interrupted yet again when John's portrait beeped.

"Go Ahead John." he said as he activated his desk radio.

John's face appeared on the video screen, replacing the portrait.

"Father, I have received a priority one distress call from Spectrum Headquarters Cloudbase." The lone Tracy explained. "The colonel wishes to speak to you on a private line. Shall I patch him through?"

"Well he should know of our intentions, but he wouldn't be contacting us unless it was vital." Jeff mumbled. "Okay John, send it down here. I'll deal with it personally."

John's face flicked off the screen as he transferred the call down to Jeff's radio transmitter. Jeff activated the microphone and addressed the Colonel in a professional matter.

"This is International Rescue. How can we be of assistance?"

Colonel White's voice cracked over the radio.

"This is Colonel White of Spectrum Cloudbase. We have an emergency on our hands and we desperately need your help."

"Okay. What is the situation?" Jeff asked.

"Approximately Nine hours ago, The Mysterons had threatened to kill the Director General of Space Weaponry Research." White explained. "He was travelling across the Pacific ocean towards the secure testing island of Nikita when the Submarine was attacked by a Mysteron Agent. We received a distress call from one of my officers. They are trapped in a deep-sea cavern at the bottom of the Atlantic. Their emergency exits are blocked by sheer bedrock and they have reported that their air is gradually running out. We unfortunately have no means to attempt a rescue. Spectrum need your help?"

"I understand the situation." Jeff replied. "Despite our place with the war, International Rescue are on their way. Are we guaranteed co-operation with your staff?"

"You are assured full co-operation from two of my finest officers." Colonel White said. "We are aware of your security regulations and will see to it that the area is secured for your operations."

"Thank you, Colonel." Jeff acknowledged as he ended the communications. "We'll keep this channel open with your officers."

"Understood. I will inform my officers of your arrival. Out."

Jeff didn't admire White's stern behaviour but he had to put his personal impressions aside. It was time for International Rescue to get to work. He quickly summoned the boys back in the lounge along with Brains and quickly explained the situation. Eventually, the boys were raring to go.

"Scott, take Thunderbird One and proceed towards the Atlantic Ocean." Jeff instructed. "Once you have found an area to carry out mobile operations, A member of Spectrum will accompany you there. This is a joint operation so they will co-operate with us in any way."

"FAB." Scott said as he headed for his launch station.

"Virgil, Gordon. Launch Thunderbird Two and go to the area where the Sub went down." Jeff continued. "You'll need Pod Four and the new deep-sea pressure equipment. Away you go boys. Thunderbirds are go!"

Minutes later, The Swimming Pool slid backwards. Thunderbird One emerged from its hidden silo and propelled itself into the sky. Scott switched to his Horizontal Flight Control and maintained his cruising speed. He was now heading for the Atlantic Ocean at an impressive Fifteen Thousand Miles Per Hour.

Shortly afterwards, Thunderbird Two taxied down the small runway from it's hangar. Virgil gently brought her onto the launch ramp and prepared themselves for blast off. The huge green Thunderbird was raised into the air. Hitting the switch, Thunderbird Two's engines roared to life. They blasted off into the sky at their top speed. The three brother's kept their fears hidden as they sped towards the danger zone. This was their first official encounter with Spectrum.












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