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Thunderbirds/Captain Scarlet: War of Nerves, by Lee Homer


Disclaimer: This is a one off stand alone crossover idea which I hope goes well. All rights to both shows belong to Anderson entertainment. This story focuses on the classic Thunderbirds show and Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons. Hope you enjoy it.


Chapter Two

A lone Spectrum Helicopter flew close to the ocean's surface. It's destination was a small off shore abandoned drilling rig, just five miles east of the submarines disappearance. As the helicopter approached the pad, the pilot gently set it down in front of the walk way. The cabin doors opened shortly afterwards. Captain Blue and Captain Scarlet stepped out on to the launch pad and headed for the rendezvous point. They had been dispatched to keep up security for International Rescue's arrival. The problem was they had no idea when the rescue team would arrive. Captain Blue reported in to Cloudbase while Scarlet searched the rig. Throughout the day, Scarlet felt tense. His special sense repeatedly warned him of another impending threat. It felt that they were being followed, so he decided to check the perimeter. On his first inspection, he couldn't see anyone.

"The whole area appears to be deserted, Captain Blue." he said as he returned to his colleague. "We better set up the Mysteron detectors."

The Indestructible officer's request confused Captain Blue. "Why? We're the only ones here."

"I'm not so sure." Scarlet replied with a frown. "I just feel like we're being followed. We can't afford to let anything happen to the rescue party."

"I checked before we left the heli pad. There was no one around. Captain Ochre confirmed it. Are you sure that you're not paranoid?"

"Maybe. I don't know." Scarlet sighed. "I just know something is about to happen."

Before they could continue discussing Scarlet's instincts, Captain Blue received an incoming transmission through his helmet radio. His visor microphone swing down towards his lips. Scott Tracy's voice crackled over the receiver.

"This is International Rescue. I am approaching the danger zone now. Have you arranged a safe landing spot for me."

"Spectrum Is Green." Blue confirmed. "We have secured an offshore drilling rig which is five miles east of the danger zone. We have checked it over. There isn't anyone around."

"FAB. ETA at danger zone is two minutes. Thunderbird Two will arrive shortly. Keep the landing pad clear."

As Scott cut the transmission, Blue and Scarlet headed up towards the landing platform. Peering through a pair of binoculars, Blue spotted the distinctive Thunderbird craft heading towards them.

"Here he comes." He said. "Remember. No cameras and video equipment."

"S.I.G." Scarlet simply replied.

Thunderbird One eventually arrived at the drilling rig platform. Scott swung her around into her landing position and touched down next to the helicopter. Scarlet and Blue were amazed by the Thunderbird's appearance. Scott picked up his voice microphone and called down to them.

"Hey guys." He said. "I'm going to need a hand with my equipment?"

Deep within the crushing depths of the ocean, The Director General along with Captain Grey and the Subs crew, sat there tightly in the confined control room. They were quickly running out of oxygen, but the Spectrum officer kept his cool to help contain the situation. The Director General sat there, slumped up the side of subs hull. He placed his hat on his lap while he mopped the sweat off of his forehead. His heart rate was racing due to his high anxiety levels. Captain Grey knew then that he had another situation on his hands. The Director General was claustrophobic.

"How are we doing sir?" He asked the man calmly. "Don't worry. They'll have us out in no time."

"That's easy for you to say, Captain." The Director General stuttered, licking his lips. "It's quite difficult knowing that the ocean could cave in on you any minute. I'm afraid I'm not good with...confined spaces."

"Just keep it together the best you can, sir." assured Grey. "I'm going to find out what's going on up there, okay? Something has to be going on up there by now?"

Leaving the Director General to sort himself out, Grey decided to contact Captain Blue once again.

"Captain Grey to Captain Blue, what is the situation up there?"

"International Rescue have arrived. Just sit tight. They will have you out soon." Blue replied.

"I hope so. The Director General is in a bad way." Grey stated. "According to the Oxygen gauge, we have only Fifteen minutes of air left."

Scott's voice then came through Grey's helmet radio receiver.

"This is International Rescue. Hold on tight. Our equipment will be here very shortly. What is the The Director General's condition?"

"He's fine psychically but he's suffering from Claustrophobia." Grey reported. "I don't know how long we can last down here?"

"Well sit tight. We'll do the best we can." Scott assured him.

Captain Grey's transmission troubled Scott. He knew that International Rescue had cut it fine before, but this time he just wasn't sure. Thunderbird Two eventually appeared over the horizon. She streaked across the sky, passing over the drilling rig as she went. Virgil and Gordon were now approaching the Danger Zone. Virgil radioed in to mobile control while Gordon made his way down into the pod.

"Mobile control from Thunderbird Two. Sorry about the wait Scott." Virgil said. "I'm about to drop the pod."

"FAB Virgil. You couldn't have picked a better time to cut it close." Scott replied over the radio. "Now listen. We have little more than Ten minutes left before the men down there lose their air supply. Gordon, it's all over to you now."

Thunderbird Two hovered over the ocean's surface. Virgil hit the switch, releasing the pod from the grafts centre. As soon as the pod hit the waves, the ramp door lowered and Thunderbird Four's launch rail extended outwards into the ocean. Gordon activated the thrusters, propelling the small yellow sub into the depths. Gordon quickly switched on his sonar tracker. It didn't take long for him to spot the sub through the thick, murky waters.

"Mobile control for Thunderbird Four. I have found them." He said. "The escape hatches have been completely sealed. I'm going to try to cut through them using my laser beam."

"FAB Gordon. Make it snappy." Scott replied over the radio.

"Sure no pressure what so ever." Gordon muttered to himself as he steered Thunderbird Four into position. "Okay. Here we go."

The subs long, metallic laser cutter extended outwards. Gordon activated the laser beam and began to carefully cut through the thick rock. The pressure was mounting. The clock was ticking.

Captain Scarlet had finished his update to Cloudbase when his head began to throb. The intense pain fried his brain. It meant that something was about to go down. All seemed peaceful and quiet except for the light distant sound of Thunderbird Two's motors. He shrugged it off and began to head back. Suddenly he received another call.

"Captain Scarlet. We have received a call from The World Navy. One of their submarines was on routine patrol when their pilot was killed."White explained over the radio. "It was then spotted a few minutes later heading out to sea towards your position. We believe it's in the hands of the Mysterons. You must destroy it!"

"S.I.G." Scarlet replied. "I'll alert the rescue team.

He looked over the platform railing and spotted a small two-man submarine cruising towards the danger zone. He identified it to be a short-range security submarine that was in use by the World Navy and was only designed to patrol it's base's boarders. Scarlet didn't understand. How did it get out so far in the middle of the ocean? He picked up one of the new long-range Mysteron Detectors. He lined the mini sub in the view finder and scanned it. There were no life signs aboard the craft. His sighting had confirmed the Colonel's warning. The Mysterons were going to make a second attempt. He returned to Mobile Control shortly after the sighting and warned Scott.

"Tell your man to hurry it up!" He shouted. "A Mysteron Sub is heading for the Director General!"

"Are you sure?" replied Captain Blue. "They aren't one to make second attempts."

"I scanned it with a Mysteron Detector." Scarlet explained. "There were no life signs aboard it. We're dealing with a floating bomb here. Cloudbase warned me just minutes before. He got to get them out of there!"

Scott contacted Gordon. "Gordon! You've got to hurry it up. The Mysterons are heading towards your position!"

"But Scott, I still need time. This rock, it's thick!" Gordon protested.

"Gordon we don't have time!" Scott barked down the microphone. "You're going to have to take it down. We can't let it destroy the trapped men!"

"FAB." Gordon acknowledged. "I just hope the trapped men can hold on enough."

Gordon's problems were far from over. As the Mysteron Sub neared the danger zone, It's invisible pilot activated the dive controls. The sub dived down towards the sea bead. It was now on target for the Director General and Gordon was right in the middle.














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