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Inthe the Depths, A 'Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons story for Halloween, by VMR

Part Two


The gentle roll of the ship on the light swell and reflected sunlight off the water were spots of serenity in the commotion around Captain Grey as he and Captain Sepia were getting ready to do some diving. ‘It’s nice to have fine weather while we try to stop the Mysterons destroying this complex. Let’s hope that we are able to cover everything. Doing a dive patrol is definitely not the same as one on land. You can’t see as far for one thing, he thought.

He couldn’t help but give a little grunt as he settled his air tanks on his back and ran through an equipment test with a dive technician.

“Everything has come up green, Captain Grey,” the technician, Petty Officer Turmen, stated. “If you would please take a couple breaths, I’ll do the finial calibration of your dive comp. Then you’ll be good to go.”

With a nod, Grey complied as Turmen placed the computer’s sensor on the inside of his wrist and adjusted its settings.

“There, all done, Captain,” Turmen said as he finished. “Now you’ll have an accurate analysis of how your body’s coping with the dive.”

“Thank you, Petty Officer Turmen,” he replied. “See you when we return top side.” Turning, he called to Sepia, “Ready to go?”

“S.I.G., Grey, all checked and A-okay,” answered Sepia.

“Good, see you in the water,” and with that, he secured his regulator and full face mask before going over the ship’s side and down into the Atlantic Ocean’s embrace.

He took a moment to look at his surroundings, feeling at home. Even though they were there because of a Mysteron threat, he missed it. Things were so different underwater… Then, swiftly but carefully he and Sepia made their way to the area they were to patrol.

The area had some of the robot garages, conveyor belts and a large number of pipes. This lot isn’t going to be easy to check or patrol. Oh well, at least I’m not going to be in any danger of being bored to tears,’ Grey thought.

Sepia’s voice came over the communication channel. “Man, Grey, how are we going to tackle this? There’s so many places where the Mysterons could start to bring about their threat.”

“You’re right Sepia. It’s not going to be easy. We’ll just have to keep our eyes open, be our usual methodical selves and hope that the fates of the ocean favour us.”

“Well I certainly hope that they do, we could use all the help we can get.”

Grey found himself nodding. He definitely agreed with his partner’s response. “Here’s SS bay 3, time to start being meticulous.”

“S.I.G., Grey.”

He swam closer to begin the scanning of SS Bay 3 using the latest piece of equipment the personnel at SIRAD (Spectrum Intelligence’s Research and Development Section) had come up with. Who knew that something good would have come out from the loss of those Koala Base hovercrafts? Those small bolts they had salvaged from the wrecks had resulted in a breakthrough in finding if objects had been mysteronized. X-rays were all well and good for living things, but this new detector would make their jobs a bit easier.

Appreciative, he began checking for any sign of Mysteron tampering. Thankfully, they found none, so they moved onto the next area, where they came up with the same result: no sign of Mysteron interference. In the next area, Grey noted that there was quite a number of small pipes in close proximity to each other. It wasn’t going to be easy to check among them – a very good place to set up some type of disruption. “Sepia, the space between those pipes is too small for both of us, so you stay out here. I’ll keep in constant contact, that way you should know if I get into any trouble.”

“S.I.G., Grey, but you better be bloody careful in there.”

“I will,” he replied as he entered the maze of pipes.

“Are you sure there’s not enough room for both of us?” Sepia queried.

“Absolutely. There’s barely enough for me to be able to check them out,” he answered as he carefully tested and scrutinized each pipe. “As it is, I can only go forward, for there’s no way I can turn around.”

“Oh.” He could hear the concern in Sepia’s voice; nevertheless, Sepia was a professional and showed it when in continued by asking, “How does it look, Grey? Any sign of Mysteron influence?”

“Spectrum is green, Sepia. So far, there’s been no sign of any sabotage or any bombs.”

“Great, let’s hope it stays that way.”

“I couldn’t agree more. I’m almost done, so I’ll be back with you soon.”

“S.I.G., Grey.”

He was pleased that he was able to see the last of the pipes; being in such a confined space was no fun. Still, he had sixteen or so to check and the space between them was no wider than the others. Luckily, so far there hadn’t been any sign of the Mysterons. ‘I wonder how the others are doing?’

He shivered as the temperature of the water around him seemed to drop. ‘The weather must be changing, it’s affecting the currents,’ he mused, and as he moved to check the next pipe, he realized that he was no longer hearing anything from Sepia. ‘What’s going on? Is my radio dead or is something else is happening?’ 

Troubled, he tried to contact Sepia, but received no answer. Then he tried Scarlet (who was the field commander), only to get no reply from him. He tried contacting each of the other captains and Cloudbase, to no avail; all he got was a sound like waves on a sandy shore. Something odd was definitely going on.

The concern that Sepia might be in trouble warred with the knowledge that he had to finish his checking of the pipes; he was aware however that it might just turn out to be interference caused by the pipes. So with a kick of his fins, he moved to the next one.

While he was drifting into an upright position, he got a fright when he felt something wrap tight around one of his ankles. Startled, he looked down and saw one of the biggest conger eels he had ever seen and even more were rising up from below. All of them had wide open mouths and the one that had latched onto him had moved so it could bite.

As quick as he could, he grabbed his diving knife and slashed at it, scoring a number of hits and making it let go. Freed, he swiftly swam up following the pipes. He could feel the rapid beating of his heart, the quickening of his breathing and was trembling a little. ‘Where in hell did they come from? And why were there so many of them? Congers were normally solitary.’ The oddness of their behaviour bothered him. It wasn’t right, yet… ‘Why would the Mysterons replicate a whole lot of congers?’ He was baffled by the idea of it. ‘How could that bring about their threat?’

Alarmed, he turned and looked back down to see where the congers had gone. There were none in sight. ‘Where in hell did they go?’

Worried and puzzled he searched for them; even going back to where he first saw them, there was no sign of them. Suddenly one of them seemed to appear out of nowhere and tried to wind around his arm. Once again, he slashed at it with his knife, only for it to vanish before his eyes.What the…?’

He surveyed the area around him. Slight stirrings of real unease began to make themselves felt, as the openings between the pipes seemed to continually widen and narrow as he looked at them. Then, a noise caused him to swiftly turn around and what he saw made his heart quicken even more. Coming towards him was a huge tiger shark, and what was really frightening was that the gaps between the pipes had become wide enough for it to swim through. Was it hunting or just being inquisitive? It didn’t take long to find out. As it sped up, it opened its mouth and homed in on him.

Un-holstering his weapon, Grey took a shot at the shark, only to see the projectile veer off its course and miss. To his shear disbelief, the shark was now coming at him from another gap entirely! It was too much for his mind to process. Instinct took over and he took off, swimming as fast as he could out of the pipes, even though, far in the back of his mind, he knew that it was useless. “S.I.R.! S.I.R.! This is Captain Grey,” he frantically stated through his radio. “I am under attack from a shark. I repeat, I’m under attack from a shark. Need immediate assistance!”

His call for help went unanswered.

The burst of speed that came from his alarm ran out and he knew that he had to slow down. He also couldn’t help wondering why he hadn’t been bitten yet, for there was no way he could outswim a shark. With that thought, he looked around. There was no shark. There was no Sepia ether, nor could he see the pipes that he had come from. In fact, he had no idea where he was. None of his surroundings looked anything like the pictures and video they had been shown. ‘Where the hell am I and why has no one responded to my call for help? Is my radio not working?’  he wondered.

Worried, he did a diagnostic check on it and also on the rest of his equipment. To his surprise, everything came up green, which added to his anxiety, because if everything was okay with his equipment, then why wasn’t he getting through to anyone on the radio? ‘It’s got to be Mysterons. They must be carrying out their threat. But how? And what can I do? I don’t even know where I am.’ Once again, he tried to contact someone, anyone, but still got no answer, except for that sound again, of waves on a sandy shore.

A feeling of dread insidiously wormed its way into his mind and he started to become very uneasy as he took in his surroundings. There was nothing he recognized and what’s more, the visibility had become a lot worse. He decided to swim towards what looked like one of the conveyor belts, hoping that he would be able to get his bearings once there or that, at least, it could lead him to somewhere he knew.

Arriving at it, he saw three odd little caves nearby and to his surprise, a gigantic crab (almost half his size) came out of one of them and headed towards him. He reached for his weapon and discharged a number of rounds; all of them hit, but they didn’t stop it. ‘How in hell did it become so big? And how am I going to stop it if shooting it doesn’t work? I don’t want to fight it face to claw!’ Grey thought desperately.

He was about to retreat when he felt something wrap around one of his arms and when he turned to see what it was, he was struck by a paralysing fear. What he saw could not be real; it was something out of a children’s fairy tale, a nightmarish one. The creature had the head and torso of a man, but where the legs should have been, there were octopus tentacles. His terror increased when he saw that there were two of them and peaked as the other one grabbed his other arm.

Once again, instinct kicked in and the flight response gave him more strength to try desperately to get away from them. It was no good; they just wrapped more tentacles around his arms and legs. “This is Captain Grey, S.I.R.! I am under attack from unknown assailants,” he called over the radio, with little hope that he would be heard. “Is there anyone who can hear me? I need urgent assistance. I repeat, I need urgent assistance!” 

Like before, there was no reply. It was just him and his two assailants floating beside him. ‘What’s going to happen now? What do they want of me? What are they going to do to me?’

 His thoughts ran around and around as the creepiness of his situation dawned on him. They hung motionless, for how long Grey didn’t know, before his captors began to pull him upwards. Where were they taking him? Were they going to surface?

A bit of hope flared up with that thought. ‘Maybe the others on the support ship will see me and come to my rescue?’ But then he wondered, ‘Why are they heading for the surface? Surely they know that we have people up there? Maybe they need to breath air?’

Well, whatever their reason was, he knew that he had to escape, so he started to twist violently, trying to break free from the hold of his captors and get access to his backup knife, since his main one and his gun had been taken by his captors and he had no idea of where they were now.

He was unsuccessful and only ended up tiring himself. All the while, he and the two cecaelia came closer to the surface. Momentarily, he paused in his struggle to rethink his options and as he did so, he noticed just how cold the sea was. ‘How can that be? We’re in the tropics!

He was so preoccupied by that fact that their arrival into the open air caught him by surprise. Shocked, he looked around and realized that he had no idea where they were. There was nothing around that he could recognize, not even the face of the cliff that was in front of them. It wasn’t a very high cliff, in fact he could clearly see creatures on top of it and at the sight of them, he felt his mouth go dry with fear, for although they looked slightly man-shaped, they were not human. There were more creatures like the ones beside him. There were others that were covered in scales and had fins on their arms, legs and heads; they also had gills. Others were a hideous combination of lobster legs and the upper part of a man. And then there were the ones that just looked like huge sea cucumbers with human faces.

As he and the two cecaelia floated in the water, two of the fish-like men started to come down some steps that he hadn’t spotted in the cliff. While they made their way down, he discerned something that lifted his spirits. ‘I hope that they mean for me to go up. There’s no way the three of us can fit together on those steps, which means my captors are going to have to release me. That’s when I’ll escape.’

However, things didn’t happen how he thought. His captors did pass him to the two new captors but their tentacles didn’t release him. Instead, they detached from the cecaelia’s bodies and stayed fastened around his arms and legs. The sight of that happening pushed his feeling of fear into full-blown terror and he found himself starting to hyperventilate and shake as he was taken up the steps. Arriving at the top, two of the other entities came toward him and removed his mask and regulator, replacing it with something else that covered his nose and mouth. This was way too much for his already stressed mind to take and as his hyperventilation increased, he began to feel light-headed and unable to resist being forced to lay down.

Everything became black, before he reached the ground.












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