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‘Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons’


A series written for the ‘Challenge of Five’


Moments Obviously Gathered By Someone:


Blue Skies





It wasn’t often that they got a long furlough off together, but it had happened, and now they were making the most of it. They had chosen to come here because, although small by the world’s standards, this city had all they wanted and was, hopefully, too insignificant to be of any interests to the Mysterons.

It had been a good choice because so far all had been wonderful.

Today they were apart, as Symphony had come across a day spa that she just had to try. Knowing that he would not be interested to go with her, she gracefully suggested to him that he could try out some of the local surfing spots. That had been a good idea to a point, but she hadn’t taken the weather into account. It had been calm and beautiful for over a couple of weeks, meaning surfing was out of the question. Which was why Blue now found himself sitting on the terrace of a quiet cafι, watching the gentle wavelets roll onto the beach. Not that he minded, it wasn’t often he got to chill out like this. Taking a sip of his drink, he let his mind empty itself and enjoyed the sounds and smells around him.

“Adam? Adam Svenson? Is it you? It is! What are you doing in this neck of the woods?”

Startled, Blue turned to the voice and was astonished to see Glenn Turmen, a mechanic from one of the WAS bases he had worked at.

“Glenn Turmen? What a surprised! How come you’re here?”

“I’ve got transferred in the area. They updated the aircraft at the airbase here, and needed a new senior mechanic for their maintenance team. But you haven’t answered my question: what are you doing here?”

“I’m on holiday,” replied Blue as he gestured to Glenn to join him at the table.

“Oh? I would have thought you would have gone somewhere with more surf,” said Glenn as he sat down.

“I would have, but I’m holidaying with someone.”

“Oh? Can I be noisy and ask if it’s someone special?” enquired Glenn with a raised eyebrow.

Blue gave him an annoyed but tolerant look. “Yes. Yes, she is.”

“Good. I’m pleased for you,” stated Glenn with a firm nod. “So what else is new with you?”

And with that, they talked, finding out what had happened with each other. When Glenn asked Blue what he was doing for a living now, Blue just told him that he was working for the World Government, but didn’t go into more details than that.

Glenn just gave a nod, understanding that his old friend wasn’t at liberty to tell him more.  He knew, after all, that Blue had been working in the security department in his last months with WAS, where confidentiality was in order, so he figured that whatever job he was doing now with the World Government must be just as case sensitive.

Not asking more questions on the subject, he filled Blue in with what some of the others that they both knew were now doing. It turned out to be a pleasant way to spend the time.

Finishing his second coffee, Blue looked at his watch and seeing the time, started to stand up.

“It’s been really great coming across you like this, Glenn, and I’ll have to make sure that we don’t lose touch again. But Karen’s will probably be finishing her thing soon, and if I know her, she’ll be looking for me. So I had better get going.”

Glenn also made to leave the table. “Fair enough. Wouldn’t want to make her annoyed by keeping you here.” He held out his hand for a shake. “It’s been a surprise seeing you, and great to catch up. I hope the rest of your holiday goes well.” A speculative look crossed his face. “Adam… Do you two have anything planned for tomorrow?”

“Maybe… why?”

“Did you ever get around to trying hang gliding?”

“You know, I’ve thought about it… but no, I’ve never had the time.” Blue fixed an enquiring look on Glenn. “Why?”

“Would you like to try it with my wife and I? We would love to take the two of you up. Then I’ll get to meet your girl, and my wife could meet you. She’s never believed half of the stories I’ve told her. But seeing you will show her that I wasn’t telling all porkeys.”

Blue gave an amused shake of his head. “I’ll have to ask Karen but it sounds interesting.”

“Great. Here’s my number, let me know what you decide.”

“Will do.”




And so that was how Blue now found himself standing on top of a hill, out in one of the rural areas that were near the city. Karen was already in the air having been taken up by Glenn’s wife, Margaret, and now it was his turn.

They had been well instructed about what to do and what to expect by Glenn and Margaret. So when Karen had taken off a few minutes ago and he heard her shout of absolute delight, he knew instantly that she was ecstatic. He just couldn’t wait for it to be his turn.  Even so, he could not help but feel a little bit apprehensive, as he was about to do something new, and any form of going against gravity was inherently dangerous.  Yet, he loved facing new challenges, and this was some other, thrilling way to fly.

And he loved flying more than anything else.

Standing beside Glenn, all harnessed up and ready to go, Blue looked down the slope where they were going to run. It wasn’t shallow.

“Remember, Adam: you need to run with me. Once we’re airborne, get yourself horizontal and hold on exactly where I told you to.”


“Alright then. On three: one… two… three!”

Having finished his count, Glenn started running and Blue went right alongside him.

Within a very short space of time, Blue could feel the harness pulling him off the ground; then they were airborne. Reaching out with his feet, Blue felt for the foot bar and as he planted his feet firmly on it, he also took hold of the grips on Glenn’s harness as he had been instructed too. Once that was done, Blue looked around him.

The view was amazing and he started to become aware of the feel and sensation of the flight. It was… well, Blue didn’t know how he would describe it. It was like what he felt sometimes, when he flew, but it was also so different. The feeling of power, like when he rode a wave but more… dimensional. With the sound of the rushing air and the ground flying beneath him…

He felt the excitement of it flow through him, heightening his senses.  It was just so incredible. The sensations were primordial; there was no technology, no ‘plane’ getting between you and the air currents. It was all done by feel and Adam could really appreciate the skill needed to fly like this.

As his fingers, toes and body tingled with exhilaration, he let out an excited shout of pure joy.

He knew one thing: he had to take up hang gliding. And as he looked across to Karen and Margaret, he had a feeling that his precious Angel would be more than happy to join in too.






Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons were created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.  The copyright belongs to some company not me.

I would also like to thank Chris for her website and the time and effort she puts into it. As well as beta-reading my stories (no easy task).

My story has been written for mine and others’enjoyment and not for any financial gain and any mistakes are mine.



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