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"Spectrum is Maroon"
Written by
Richard O'Neill
Adapted by
Andrew Hsieh
Teleplay based on the mini-album
Captain Scarlet versus Captain Black
             FADE IN:
             EXT. CORNISH COAST - DAY
             It is very sunny. Along the
             fields of grass, we see a small
             figure running for his life. He
             isn't too far from the coast -
             the brink of death.
             Captain Blue hides beneath a
             tree stump, using binoculars and
             his cap mike.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Here he goes! Over that rise,
                                              about 300 yards right on my
                                              position. Can you see him,
                                              Captain Ochre?
                                              CAPTAIN OCHRE (V.O.)
                                              I see him, Captain Blue, and
                                              he's trapped. There's nothing
                                              on his back, but the sea. And
                                              he'll never make it down the
                                              cliff faces in a sheer drop.
                                              He'll have to give up.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Give up? Don't you believe it,
                                              you've had field experience.
                                              Have you ever known a Mysteron
                                              agent who'd give himself up?
                                              CAPTAIN OCHRE (V.O.)
                                              Will you call in the Angel
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              No. You have the new electro
                                              ray rifle, and this is your
                                              chance to give it a real test.
                                              The Spectrum scientist claimed
                                              it'll be effective on
                                              Mysteronised subjects, and
                                              you're gonna see if you're
                                              right. Can you get a clear
                                              shot of him?
                                              CAPTAIN OCHRE (V.O.)
                                              SIG, Captain.
             We reveal Captain Ochre, holding
             a long futuristic rifle, but
             feeling nervous at the same
             time. He positions himself
             behind a rock, and aims at the
                                              CAPTAIN OCHRE
                                              Range 100... there.
             He fires. The figure trips and
             begins to lose his balance.
                                              CAPTAIN OCHRE
                                              Got him!
             The figure screams, as he falls
             off the cliff into the water.
             Ochre reacts in horror to what
             he has done.
                                              CAPTAIN OCHRE
                                              Oh no! Oh, that's awful!
                                              Awful! I never thought...
             Blue approaches.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Good shooting, Captain. Hey,
                                              what's the matter? You look
                                              real beat.
                                              CAPTAIN OCHRE
                                              The effect of this rifle,
                                              it's... it's frightening.
                                              He... he just wasn't a man
                                              anymore. It just... just...
             He puts the rifle down, feeling
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Captain Ochre, get one fact
                                              very firmly fixed in your
                                              mind. We are not fighting
                                              against men, we're fighting
                                              against Mysterons.
                                              And although they may look
                                              like men, they are completely
                                              inhuman. They have no
                                              feelings, no minds of their
                                              own, they're just puppets.
                                              What you killed was already
                                              dead, he died when the
                                              Mysterons took over. Remember
                                              that, always.
                                              CAPTAIN OCHRE
                                              Yes. Yes, you're right,
                                              Captain, it was only that for
                                              a moment...
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Forget it. It's a tough job,
                                              Captain, but it has to be
                                              done. Now, let's get back to
                                              the SPV and report that the
                                              electro-ray rifle works. It'll
                                              be standard equipment in all
                                              patrol and pursuit vehicles,
                                              from now on.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             EXT. GRAVEYARD - NIGHT
             Captain Black stands underneath
             a damp tree, right by the gates,
             making telepathic communication
             with the Mysterons.
                                              MYSTERON (V.O.)
                                              This is the voice of the
                                              Mysterons. Captain Black,
                                              explain the failure of agent
                                              in Cornwall.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              The Cornish agent was
                                              eliminated by members of
                                              Spectrum. They used a new
                                              weapon. A rifle which can
                                              immediately destroy, even a
                                              subject possessing the power
                                              of the Mysterons.
                                              MYSTERON (V.O.)
                                              The weapon the Earthmen plan
                                              to use against us shall be
                                              turned on them. You will
                                              obtain one of these weapons.
                                              It will be a new tool in our
                                              campaign against Earth.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                             (laughs evilly)
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             EXT. FARM
             Situated on an open field of the
             countryside. We see a middle
             aged farmer tossing corn at his
             chickens. He puts a few eggs
             inside a basket.
                                              There, my dears, easy now. I'm
                                              just gathering your eggs.
             He turns round, noticing Black
             who is wearing his Spectrum
                                              Allo then. What can I do for
                                              you, stranger?
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Spectrum. SPV required,
                                              Oh, aye. Identification then.
             HUMAN HAND: Black shows his
             Spectrum pass.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Yeah, and I'm in a hurry.
                                              Alright then. That grain
                                              silo's got what you want.
                                              Here, hold on a bit? Let's see
                                              that identity again. I
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Too slow, Earthman.
             Starting to realise that this is
             all a ruse, he recognises the
             identity of the Mysteron agent.
                                              You're Captain Black!
             Black punches him to the ground,
             knocking him unconscious.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Good. Very good. This should
                                              bring Spectrum to me, but I'll
                                              need protection. I think I
                                              know how...
             We hear engines roaring, coming
             from the silo. Grain scatters
             all over the place, revealing
             the SPV. It drives off, right
             onto the road.
             The farmer watches in horror.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. CLOUDBASE
             CUT TO:
             Lieutenant Green at his console.
             Colonel White stands next to
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Colonel, an urgent message.
                                              FARMER (V.O.)
                                              Vehicle Base 60E to Cloudbase,
                                              report theft of SPV.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Position of Base 60E, quickly.
             On the console video screen, we
             see footage of the stolen SPV -
             from satellite perspective. Next
             to it, an illuminated chart
             displaying a map covering Devon.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              North Devon, England. Video
                                              tracker in clear focus, sir.
                                              One subject only. Moving south
                                              from Exeter area.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Prepare to launch Angel
                                              flight, Lieutenant.
                                              And get me Captain Blue, I'll
                                              speak to him direct.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Wait... subject's stopped,
                                              Colonel. Unless the video
                                              tracker's out of commission,
                                              he's in the middle of Bodmin.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Hold Angel flight.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              SIG, sir.
             He flicks a switch and begins to
             speak through the mike.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Captain Blue, report your
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              Blue, here. Captain Scarlet
                                              and I are at Southampton
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Captain Blue, a stolen SPV,
                                              driven by Captain Black, is
                                              now in the centre of Bodmin,
                                              Cornwall. All available
                                              agents, take position on the
                                              Tamar Bridges. And you and
                                              Captain Scarlet, get into
                                              Cornwall and after him. You
                                              have the new rifle. This may
                                              be our chance to dispose of
                                              Black, once and for all.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              SIG, Colonel.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             Three children, Timmy, Betty,
             and Robert, see the SPV stopping
             on the road.
                                              Gosh, what a smashing car. I
                                              bet that can really move.
                                              But there ain't no windows.
                                              How does the driver see where
                                              he's going?
             Its door opens. Black exits from
             his seat.
                                              Cor, what a crafty uniform.
                                              All black.
                                              'Ere, mister. Would you tell
                                              us how you drive your car?
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Well, my dear, it's pretty
                                              difficult to explain. It's a
                                              special kind of car.
                                              I'll say it is. Would you...
                                              would you let us take a look
                                              inside, mister?
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Well, I'm not sure...
                                              Please, mister.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Well, I'll tell you what I'll
                                              do, since you're such nice
                                              children. I'll take you for a
                                              short trip.
                                              Fab! Come on, Robert.
                                              No, I can't. Supposed to be
                                              home by now. I ought to.
                                              Alright, baby. You run on
                                              home, but I'm not missing the
                                              Nor me.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Alright, quickly now. Up you
             Betty climbs into the SPV, Timmy
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              That's it. Now you, son.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Right, we'll be on our way.
             Black positions himself on his
             seat, it automatically moves
             back inside the vehicle.
                                              Betty, Timmy, don't go...
             The SPV drives off.
             CUT TO:
             White and Green as before.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Subject moving again, Colonel.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Captain Blue, what's your
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              Just crossing the Tamar River,
                                              Colonel. All roads out of
                                              Cornwall now covered.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Good. Black's heading for
                                              Truro across Bodmin Moor. Get
                                              after him.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              SIG, Colonel.
             CUT TO:
             A small and quiet cottage,
             situated near the roads.
             Mrs. Pengenny, Betty's mother,
             mid 30s, wearing an apron, opens
             the front door.
                                              MRS. PENGENNY
                                             (calls out)
                                              Betty! Betty, teatime! Betty?
                                              Betty, where are you?
             Robert suddenly appears,
             completely out of breath.
                                              Mrs. Pengenny, Mrs. Pengenny!
                                              MRS. PENGENNY
                                              Robert! Where... where's
                                              Betty? I thought she was with
                                              you and Timmy.
                                              They've... they've gone off...
                                              a funny kind of car with a man
                                              in a black uniform.
             Mrs. Pengenny is horrified.
                                              MRS. PENGENNY
                                              Car? Black uniform? Oh my
                                              sakes! Oh dear, I hardly... Oh
                                              quick, Robert, me love, you
                                              come with me. We're going to
                                              the police as fast as us knows
             CUT TO:
             EXT. COUNTRYSIDE
             The SPV continues driving along
             the roads, at a crucial speed.
             CUT TO:
             INT. SPV
             Betty and Timmy sit opposite
             each other, with Black at the
                                              We are we going, mister?
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Not very far. Don't worry,
                                              think of it as a mystery tour.
                                             (laughs evilly)
                                              A "mystery" tour, or perhaps a
                                              Mysteron tour!
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             ACT BREAK
             FADE IN:
             EXT. COUNTRYSIDE
             Another SPV races along the
             CUT TO:
             INT. SPV
             Captain Scarlet at the wheel,
             with Captain Blue by his side.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Keep your foot down, Captain
                                              Scarlet. We're still a few
                                              miles behind him, even after
                                              that stop he made. I'd like to
                                              know what game he's playing.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              An unpleasant one that much is
                                              certain. I... what? What on
             On Scarlet's monitor, he spots a
             police roadblock in the way.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. COUNTRYSIDE
             The SPV stops. Its door opens
             and both Captains Scarlet and
             Blue exit. A policeman watches
             them impatiently.
                                              Alright, you're covered. So
                                              don't try anything. Now, where
                                              are they?
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              What are you talking about?
                                              Why have you stopped us? We
                                              are Spectrum officers in
                                              pursuit of a stolen vehicle!
                                              Your superiors have been
                                              You're not...
                                              I see, you don't know!
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Know what?
                                              That fella in the car you're
                                              after, got two kids with him.
                                              Kidnapped them or some such...
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Children?! That dirty...
             They sit down again, and the
             door closes.
             The SPV's engines roar and
             drives off, crashing through the
             CUT TO:
             INT. SPV
             Blue reacts with frustration,
             but still feels determined.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              We're gonna get Captain Black
                                              this time, Captain Scarlet.
                                              And when we catch up with him,
                                              have that electro-ray rifle
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             INT. WAREHOUSE
             The stolen SPV parks by the
             doors of the disused building.
             Its door opens; Black exits
             first, then Betty and Timmy.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Right, move.
                                              You let us go, do you hear?
                                              Oh, come on, Timmy, we can't
                                              do anything.
                                             (to Captain Black)
                                              You wait till the police find
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              I'll wait, but not for the
                                              police. If I know Spectrum
                                              never might trail right now.
                                              How that I have the electro
                                              ray rifle, I only hope Scarlet
                                              tries to stick his nose in...
             CUT TO:
             EXT. COUNTRYSIDE
             Scarlet and Blue's SPV continues
             racing along.
             CUT TO:
             INT. SPV
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Approaching Truro now, Captain
                                              Blue. I wonder...
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN (V.O.)
                                              Cloudbase to Spectrum Pursuit
                                              Vehicle, video tracker
                                              indicates Black's vehicle has
                                              halted undercover on outskirts
                                              of Truro. You are approaching
                                              his position now.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Undercover? I wonder... Look!
             On Scarlet's monitor - the
             entrance to the warehouse (and a
             glimpse of the stolen SPV).
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              I saw it, Captain.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              And if that wasn't an SPV
                                              inside, then I'm uhh... a
             CUT TO:
             EXT. WAREHOUSE
             The SPV stops, just nearby the
             building. Its door opens,
             Scarlet and Blue exit.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Come on, and bring that rifle.
             Scarlet collects the electro-ray
             Both men walks towards the
             HUMAN HAND: Scarlet slides the
             door to the left.
             Only the stolen SPV remains on
             the spot, no sign of Black or
             the children.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Can't see anyone inside. Could
                                              he have abandoned the vehicle?
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              But why leave it in full
                                              sight? He must have known we'd
                                              be tracking him. Well, there's
                                              only one way to find out. But
                                              just in case, I don't think
                                              we'll go in by the front door.
                                              Get the hover pack.
             Scarlet makes some final
             adjustments to his flying gear.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Right, that's on. If you
                                              create a diversion, I'll get
                                              up to the roof. There should
                                              be a skylight, since there
                                              aren't any side windows.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              SIG, Captain Scarlet. And if
                                              Black's in there, watch out.
                                              He'll have an electro-ray
                                              rifle too, remember?
             Scarlet takes off and ascends
             towards the roof of the
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Check, I'm on my way.
             CUT TO:
             INT. WAREHOUSE
             Blue walks through the door,
             holding his pistol.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                             (calls out)
                                              Captain Black, I know you're
                                              in there! This is Captain
                                              Blue, I'm coming in after you.
                                              Do you hear me, Black?
             Black, gripping firmly on the
             children's arms, steps out of
             the shadows.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Captain Blue, don't try
                                              anything, or these children
                                              will suffer!
             CUT TO:
             EXT. WAREHOUSE
             Scarlet hovers over the roof,
             carrying his pistol and the
             electro-ray rifle.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Right, let's hope this gives
                                              Black a surprise. Now!
             He fires through the window.
             Bullets ricochet and glass
             CUT TO:
             INT. WAREHOUSE
             The shattered glass falls, but
             misses Black and the children.
             He loses grip of Timmy, who then
             makes a run.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Scarlet! I won't miss this
                                              time. Stay where you are,
                                              Scarlet, or this child gets
             He firmly squeezes Betty's
                                              Ow! Let go of me!
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              You devil!
             Scarlet descends from the broken
             window. He lands and raises both
             his arms.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              You fell for it, Scarlet. This
                                              time you're finished! Drop
                                              that rifle, Scarlet.
             He places the electro-ray rifle
             on the floor.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              That's right. And now, wait it
                                              for it. Point blank range,
                                              Scarlet. I can't miss.
             Black gets whacked from behind.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Ow! What the...
             We reveal Timmy, carrying a
                                              You let go of her!
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Good lad. Right, now to get
                                              rid of these rifles out of the
             Scarlet and Blue throw the
             rifles out the door.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Now, Captain Black, we're both
                                              unarmed, and it's you that's
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              But I've still got the kid,
                                              Scarlet. I'm going out of
                                              here, and you're not going to
                                              stop me. And you better tell
                                              Captain Blue not to try
                                              either. Give me that hover
                                              pack. Quickly, or else!
             He firmly squeezes Betty's
                                              Oh, you're hurting!
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Alright, I've got no choice.
             He hands his hover pack over to
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              There it is, but you won't get
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              You think not? Well, as a
                                              precaution, I'm taking the
                                              girl with me.
             The hover pack switches on.
             Black and Betty begin to ascend.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Not if I can help it.
             HUMAN HAND: Scarlet grabs onto
             Black's boots.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Got you! Now drop her!
             Black loses grip of Betty. She
             lands on her feet.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Get clear, girl, get clear!
             Scarlet attempts to cling onto
             Black's legs and he hover pack.
                                              Hold onto him, mister!
             Timmy walks over.
                                              Betty, Betty! Are you alright?
                                              Look, look! They're both going
             Scarlet and Black continue to
             ascend, flying through the
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             Black tries to resist Scarlet,
             as they fly out of control.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Let go! Let go, Scarlet!
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Not on your life!
             CUT TO:
             EXT. WAREHOUSE
             Blue and the children exit the
             building. They can spot Scarlet
             and Blue from a good distance.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Good grief! Captain Scarlet,
                                              can you hear me?
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET (V.O.)
                                              I... hear you... oof!
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             Black still struggles with the
             hover pack and Scarlet.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Shake... you... off!
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              I'll follow you. Can't you
                                              bring him down?
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              I can't... reach controls. Got
                                              to... hang on... no you don't!
                                              Did you... pick up... rifle...
                                              Captain Blue?
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              I sure did.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Then... shoot! Don't worry
             Black knocks the radio. It falls
             to the ground.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              There! That's your radio
                                              fixed. There's nothing your
                                              Captain Blue can do to stop
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              You won't... get away.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              No, I've got... a boat...
                                              waiting. Maybe I didn't...
                                              kill you, but you're as good
                                              as trapped... when we reach
                                              the sea.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. WAREHOUSE
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              If only I can get in a shot,
                                              but I can't risk killing
                                              Captain Scarlet, not with this
                                              rifle. I need something open!
             He spots an old motorbike,
             leaning on a disused shed.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              An old motorbike. It'll do
                                              fine for this job.
             On the motorbike, Blue turns to
             the children.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Wait by the SPV, I shouldn't
                                              be long.
             He starts up the engines. The
             motorbike roars and departs onto
             the road.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             Scarlet and Black, both still
             struggling to fly, are
             approaching a dock.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Nearly there, Scarlet. There's
                                              the... sea.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              I'm hanging on, Black. Staying
                                              with you... till Captain Blue
                                              catches up.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. CLIFF ROAD
             The motorbike approaches the
             dock and screeches to a halt.
             Blue is thinking of what to do
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              If only I can hit the hover
                                              pack, but I've got to risk it!
             He picks up the electro-ray
             rifle and aims at the two
             figures in the sky.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Not far... now, Scarlet.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              I'll get you, Black!
             CUT TO:
             EXT. CLIFF ROAD
             Blue fires.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             They are both hit. The hover
             pack explodes, causing Scarlet
             to lose grip and fall. Black
             flies out of control.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SEA
             Scarlet crashes into the water.
             A small boat sails along. Blue
             is on the lookout, as a skipper
                                              Er, back here, you said,
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Yes, this is where they fell,
                                              I'm sorry, Captain, but I
                                              don't see nothing. Maybe er...
             Blue spots Scarlet's uniform.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              There! Look there! That patch
                                              of red.
                                              Ah, I see him. Nearly there.
             The boat continues moving, then
             stops. Both men drag Scarlet's
             unconscious body onboard.
                                              Boy, 'tis a man. Been pretty
                                              knocked about.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Captain Scarlet! Don't worry,
                                              he'll survive okay.
                                              But I don't no sign of t'other
                                              fella. I fear he be drowned
                                              here for certain.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Drowned? I wish I could think
                                              you were right. But, somehow,
                                              I don't think we've seen the
                                              last of Captain Black. Not
             We focus on Scarlet, all bruised
             but still able to move slightly.
             FADE OUT:
             END TITLES

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