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Colonel White has taken much-needed holidays, and pays a visit to his dead wife grave in London. But then, as the Mysterons make their new threat to use “Two outlawed heroes to take out one crowned head”, White is captured by Captain Black, and put through a mind bending experiment with drugs to make him believe he’s still at war with the British Government and in league with rebels, like in his young days.  Scarlet sends Rhapsody Angel and Captain Ochre to locate Colonel White, while the rest of Spec­trum focuses on the Mysterons’ threat.  But when White shots Ochre, seemingly in cold blood, and took Rhapsody hostage, Cap­tains Scarlet and Blue fear very much that their commander has been mysteronised.







This story is based on characters created by Gerry And Sylvia Anderson for the TV series “Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

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Many thanks to Hazel Kohler and Mary J. Rudy who had helped me a great deal by proof-reading the text for the following story.


Ongoing story.


This story will serve to explore some aspects of Colonel White’s life, past and present. The Colonel always has been one of my favourite characters and the few TV episodes which actually focus more on him (“White as Snow”, to which some parts of this story refers to,  “Spectrum Strikes Back”) are amongst those I prefer.


The Prologue of this story is based upon Colonel White’s official biography, in which we learn that, as Charles Gray, cap­tain of a British ship, he has decided to choose to disobey orders from the British Military Dictatorship of the time, to side with the rebels against it.  We also learn that he had retired from the Navy after the civil war, got enlisted in the Universal Secret Ser­vice, got married, and later became a widower. 


Those aspects will be used into the following parts of the story, along with his relationship with some of his staff members (namely, his compatriots, Captain Scarlet and Rhapsody Angel, and the American Captain Blue).


The story will also allow me to introduce a new concept into the Captain Scarlet universe:  THE NETWORK thus makes its first ap­pearance, and will cause headaches to Spectrum in future stories.


Storylines of some fanfic stories (“Whose Heart the Blackest”, “Truth and Consequences”, “Good Knight, Dear Lady”, “Mixed Doubles) from Kimberly Murphy, Richard A. Spake and Mary J. Rudy, have been used as references for some part of this story.



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