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A Doctor's Nightmare


A ‘Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons’ story




Heart racing, breath catching, muscles trembling and the sweat.

Oh, I know these symptoms well. Of course, I usually see them in others. Not being one for nightmares myself, but this one got me upright and wide awake with a nasty wallop.

Take a breath, and try to calm down because its not going to do any good to be stressed as well as tired.

How do some of the others deal with them? I just dont know.  Of course its not surprising when you consider what they do. But me, I dont face what they face, so its a bit of a surprise to find myself in this situation.

Oh, Im not saying that I havent had nightmares before, just not that often. They tend to get them because of the circumstances they find themselves in; mine come from the decisions I have to make. Life or death ones in some cases, and I would have to admit that the last decision I had to make was a beaut. Definitely a nightmare.

There really wasnt any other choice, I know. Options were like trees on the Nullarbor plan; few if any and I still dont know if I made the right call.

Even now, thinking back on what’s occurred, makes me shiver. Theres still so much that could go wrong.

Heck, Im too wide awake now and as comfortable as my bed is, I doubt that sleep is going to come back to me anytime soon.

I cant stay here. I need to go somewhere and try to sort out what Im feeling. Tans not going to like it and I’ll hear about it, if he finds out. He wanted me to get some proper sleep. Well, I got some, but I dont think Im going to get any more.

Ill just pass by sickbay and sneak a quick check of them.





No change.





Ahhh, this is better.

Ill say this, if Colonel White hadnt added a place like the Promenade deck when Cloudbase was built, I would have been on his case. Everyone needs somewhere to chill out. It is so calming here. Just what I need.

I wish I knew how all this is going to turn out. Just seeing the reactions in the captains as they were treated makes me wonder if I have made a mistake. Will there be any long term consequences?

How I hate being stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place. The Mysterons certainly picked a doozey of a virus to use.  I hate to think how it would have devastated the armed forces if they had been able to infect their targets at that meeting.

Stop pacing, Edward! You know youll only tire yourself out.

When I offered them this treatment, and explained to them the risks, did they make the right choice by accepting to go through with it? Will the outcome outweigh the distress that they have gone through and might still have to go through? Will they get through it? Blue, Grey, Magenta and Ochre havent woken up yet. I dont even know if they will recover at all.

I knew just how big a risk it was. Thats why I didnt like the choice, but really, there was no other option apart from letting them die. We were not going to find a cure in time. But oh, dealing with the results of the treatment was not easy and we came so close to losing them anyway.

 Thats it.  I cant sit here, doing nothing. Maybe I should look at the stars.

They do look nice.


Hell, I wish I knew what side effects, if any, there will be. For all I know, I might have ended their careers – if not their quality of life. I hope that the hyperthermia hasn’t caused any brain damage. It was bloody hard to treat because I didn’t want to give them any other medication. Their immune systems already had enough to deal with. I just hope their livers and kidneys will recover from it.

Well, they’re definitely a lot lighter now. I can see why Scarlet wakes up so hungry after he heals, and yet he doesn’t seem to burn through his resources like they did. I guess it’s another part of the retrometabolic process I’ve yet to understand. Man, we had a hard time keeping them from dying from malnourishment, as Scarlet’s anti-bodies depleted their body’s resources so badly…  I have to wonder if they will have enough energy to recover.

At least they are free of the virus. My robotic nurses confirmed it, after some twenty odd hours after we started the treatment.  But at what cost? When will they wake up? Will they even wake up?

I hate this. So much unknown. Please let it worked!

Here I am pacing again. Strewth … is it any wonder?

Thankfully, their lungs dont seem to have been damaged. But until they come to, I don't know about their hearts. Will they still be able to do their jobs?

This is no good. Im just getting more uptight.


They are still alive, Edward. And you know that they wouldnt be, if you hadnt tried Scarlets idea.

True. And no matter what happens when they revive and Ive got to believe that they will indeed revive. We will do all that we can to get them back to full fitness.

If we can.

No. Positive thinking, Edward! Its just as important for the doctor as for the patient.

Is that the time? As much as I dislike it, it looks like Ill have to use the room of sleep again. At least, I will have been away eight hours. Tan wont be able to argue that I havent had a break.

They are alive. That has to be better than the alternative. Now all we can do is wait.

Oh well, the sooner I get some more rest, the sooner I can get back to them, so I shall do just that.





I acknowledge and respect that Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons were created by the wonderful imagination of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. And that the copyright belongs to some company not me.

I would also like to thank Chris for her website and the time and effort she puts into it. As well as beta reading my stories (no easy task).

My story has been written for mine and othersenjoyment and not for any financial gain and any mistakes are mine.

This has been written as a companion piece to: Just a Splash of Death. And hopefully enhances it.









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