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(WEBMASTER’S FOREWORD:  For Halloween 2006, as well as the traditional Halloween Challenge presented every year, this website also offered to writers and would-be writers a change to inspired themselves from a montage, that I created for the occasions.  A few writers took up the additional challenge for Halloween and did write a story based on it.  Additionally,  ONE member of the Spectrum HQ Forum, also wrote a short snippet that was posted on the Fan Fiction board.  It was so good that, after consulting with the website collaborators, it was decided to add it to this year Challenge… So, with due apologies to the author, here’s the story…)





The Haunting




(The following is offered with abject apologies to Chris Bishop. The image really is awesome, Chris. I just have a twisted mind... – P.A.)







'Midnight has chimed its last long ago. The night is quiet. And yet...


There is a crack of thunder, and lightning flashes in the sky. In a lonely cemetery, something stirs beneath the surface... Something... or rather someone... who emerges from the ground and desperately crawls to the surface... A gaunt face is raised to the harsh blaze of light and a hand lifts in supplication…’

Complete pandemonium erupted amongst the film crew filming the live Halloween special. The female star started screaming loudly enough to be heard across three counties, while another voice could be heard calling out for paranormal help. One of the crew members had turned to run and had fallen into an open grave, from which his voice could be heard issuing forth, shrieking that ‘they’ had got him. The director was heard to demand that the local vicar be hauled out to perform an exorcism just as the studio announcer came on to say that, due to technical difficulties, they were now returning to the studio for some discussion.

There was a moment of total silence in Cloudbase’s recreational lounge as the Captains stared at the vid-screen. It was eventually broken by Magenta clearing his throat.

“Well, at least we know where Scarlet’s got to,” he offered. “And he’s back just in time for the Halloween party!”









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