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HQ Hijack



A Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons story

By Keith Martin



This story was first published in the 3rd issue of 21st Century Fiction, in 1993.  The author was 12 years old at the time.  This website reproduces it here without the author’s permission, in the hope that he will manifest himself upon seeing it. We very much would like for him to contact us and to tell us if he still today a Captain Scarlet fan!




Scene I – Cloudbase


‘Captain Black was seen visiting a car showroom in Cologne, West Germany,’ said Captain Scarlet to Colonel White. ‘He wrote a cheque for a car and then drove it out of the showroom window.’

 ‘Hmm...’ said Colonel White. ‘Do we have a photo of the car‘?’

‘Yes we do, Sir,’ said Scarlet. He held out a small photo of the car. ‘The reg’, said Captain Scarlet, ‘is TE - CZ58, with a ‘D’ sticker on the boot.’

Colonel White then instructed Lieutenant Green to notify all Spectrum agents to be on the lookout for Captain Black’s car.




Scene II – Turin, Italy


Captains Blue and Ochre were driving in Turin on an assignment for Colonel White.

‘Good God,’ said Captain Ochre, ‘they drive like maniacs over here! ’

‘Yes!’ agreed Captain Blue.

‘What’s that?’ said Captain Ochre.

 ‘It’s Captain Black in his new black Mercedes Benz 500 SL. Quick, follow him!’ said Captain Blue.

They followed Captain Black across the border into the Swiss Alps. They searched for over an hour, but to no avail, and they got back into the car.

But then Captain Ochre felt a gun being pointed at his head. He looked round - it was Captain Black!!

‘Get out of the automobile,’ said Captain Black.

Captains Ochre and Blue got out of  their car and walked to Captain Black’s Mercedes. They got in the passenger seats in the back. Once seated on the luxury leather huge clamps of cold steel came down on their wrists and other clamps encircled their ankles.

They were prisoners and Captain Black’s hostages.

The Mysteron agent then drove the car to Spectrum H.Q. in Switzerland leaving Captains Blue and Ochre locked in the Mercedes. Captain Black used their computer-controlled security pass to steal a Spectrum helicopter and fly up to Cloudbase.




Scene III – Cloudbase


In Cloudbase, Colonel White was looking at the photos of the Mercedes taken earlier by Captain Scarlet, when suddenly Captain Black came bursting through the door.

‘Ochre and Blue are my prisoners! Unless you give me the plans to the secret locations of your SPVs you will never see them alive againl

Don`t threaten me, Captain Black. Spectrum personnel are ready to die, if necessary,’ retorted Colonel White.

‘So be it, Colonel,'said Captain Black grimly. ‘You will be the first to die.’

Black raised his gun and a shot rang out. Colonel White’s eyes met Captain Black’s as the latter fell to the floor.

Standing over Captain Black’s body was Doctor Fawn with a smoking gun in his hand. Then, in front of their amazed eyes, the body of Captain Black disappeared. '

‘Well done, Doctor,' said Colonel White, ‘but I think you’ll agree that in this war of nerves we will never know all the secrets of the Mysterons. ’







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