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"Probe Omega"
Written by
Angus P. Allan
Adapted by
Andrew Hsieh
Teleplay based on the mini-album
Captain Scarlet of Spectrum
             FADE IN:
             It is heavily snowing. A
             futuristic rocket (more advanced
             than Thunderbird 3) is preparing
             for launch, near a set of
             buildings and towers.
                                              SIBERIA BASE CONTROL (V.O.)
                                              Navigational satellite blast
                                              off minus ten. Final countdown
                                              begins. This is Siberia Base
                                              Control handing over to Sub
                                              Station 2 for launch
                                              procedure. All personnel clear
             We hear multiple sirens -
             numerous vehicles, from patrol
             cars to trucks, drive away from
             the scene as far as possible.
             CUT TO:
             INT. SUB-STATION 2
             A controller is at the console,
             about to contact Siberia Base
             Control through the mike.
             Multiples panels and terminals
             are installed all over the
             walls, and near the windows.
                                              CONTROLLER 1
                                              Sub-Station 2 to Base,
                                              acknowledged. We are A-OK.
                                              Preparing for countdown in
                                              five minutes. All incoming
                                              aircraft will require pending
                                              delays on landing, until
                                              further notice.
             The door slowly opens, making a
             creaking sound. The controller
             turns round.
                                              CONTROLLER 1
                                              Hello? Did I just hear
             He resumes working.
             HUMAN HAND: A man, wearing black
             gloves, holds a pistol. He fires
             at the controller, killing him.
             We reveal the assassin. It's
             Captain Black.
             The green Mysteron rings slide
             over the controller who lies on
             the ground. We reveal the
             reconstructed version, now
             sitting down and in charge.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              This is Captain Black,
                                              relaying instructions from the
                                              Mysterons. You know what you
                                              must do.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             A Spectrum Transporter flies
             through the snowy sky.
             CUT TO:
             Lieutenant Green pilots the
             aircraft at the wheel. Colonel
             White uses his binoculars to
             look out for Siberia Base.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              There's the rocket base, dead
                                              ahead, Lieutenant Green.
                                              Contact Sub-Station 2 for
                                              permission to land. Though I
                                              think they'll ask us to
                                              circle. By my calculations,
                                              they should be firing the
                                              navigational satellite any
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Yes, sir.
             He flicks a switch on the
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Calling Siberia Sub-Station
                                              2... Sub-Station 2, this is
                                              Spectrum Transporter 14A
                                              requesting permission to land.
                                              Colonel White aboard,
                                              reporting for Probe Omega pre
                                              launch security conference.
                                              CONTROLLER 1 (V.O.)
                                              Sub-Station 2 to Spectrum
                                              Transporter, navigational
                                              satellite blast-off delayed 20
                                              minutes. You are clear to land
                                              - repeat - clear to land.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Acknowledged. Spectrum is
             He turns to the window to view
             the rocket.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Say, there's the satellite
                                              rocket now, just over to
                                              starboard. Looks impressive.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              It certainly does, but not
                                              half so impressive as the
                                              Probe Omega vehicle. See it?
                                              Way over there, about a mile
                                              beyond the main control
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              It's gigantic, the biggest
                                              space probe man's ever built.
                                              Is it right that 90% of its
                                              bulk is fuel tanks?
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Correct. And it'll need every
                                              drop to reach the exploration
                                              area way out of the Mexican
                                              Hat galaxy. It's unmanned, of
                                              course. Entirely remote
                                              controlled once it gets off
                                              the ground.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Hence the navigational
                                              satellite. That's the box of
                                              tricks that will guide Big
                                              Brother on its journey.
             Orange flames and billowing
             smoke start clouding the jet. It
             is ignition vapour, coming from
             the rocket.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Colonel! Look at the base of
                                              the satellite rocket! Ignition
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              You're right, but control said
                                              the shot was delayed.
             Green struggles to control the
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Peel off, Lieutenant!
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              The blast wave! We're out of
                                              control. I can't hold her,
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             White and Green eject from the
             burning aircraft. It continues
             to descend -
             CUT TO:
             - towards the ground, and
             explode. BOOM!
             Both men remain strapped in
             their undamaged seats, covered
             in snow and unconscious, but not
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             MAIN TITLES
                                              MYSTERON (V.O.)
                                              This is the voice of the
                                              We know that you can hear us,
                                              Our revenge for your attack on
                                              Mars will continue, and this
                                              time the whole of Earth will
                                              taste our vengeance.
                                              We will destroy your Moon.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             Green rests on a hospital bed,
             with a few cuts and bruises to
             his face and body. Dr. Lavelle,
             French (accent similar to
             Destiny Angel's) late 20s,
             stands next to him.
                                              DR. LAVELLE
                                              Oh dear. Your Colonel is a
                                              lucky man, Lieutenant, and so
                                              are you. To eject at such a
                                              low altitude is usually
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              I... I... guess the snow
                                              cushioned our impact, Dr.
                                              Lavelle. Is Colonel White...
                                              DR. LAVELLE
                                              Oh no, no, no. A couple of
                                              clean fractures, mild
                                              concussion. No. A couple of
                                              weeks sedation, and voila, he
                                              will be as good as new.
             The door opens. Professor
             Volochek, Russian, late 50s,
             bearded, enters in a hurry.
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              Excuse me, I have some most
                                              important news that must be
                                              passed to Spectrum
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Have you discovered why we
                                              where given clearance to land,
                                              Professor Volochek?
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              The launch of the Probe Omega
                                              satellite has been postponed.
                                              We've discovered the
                                              controller of Sub-Station 2,
                                              Lieutenant. One of my best
                                              men. The poor fellow is dead,
                                              murdered. Someone else gave
                                              you that clearance. Someone
                                              who deliberately tried to kill
                                              the Colonel and yourself.
             Green reacts in surprise. He
             hesitates to even respond.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Then... then this can only
                                              have been the work of the
             TITLE: "PROBE OMEGA"
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             EXT. CLOUDBASE
             CUT TO:
             Captain Blue sits at Lieutenant
             Green's console. Captain Scarlet
             stands next to him.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              I think I got a lead on how
                                              the Mysterons might make their
                                              attempt to destroy the Moon. I
                                              needn't tell you what will
                                              happen if they succeed, Paul.
                                              Violent earthquakes, tidal
                                              waves, perhaps even deviation
                                              of the world into a new and
                                              dangerous solar orbit. Now
                                              just what would it take to
                                              destroy the Moon? A bomb more
                                              powerful than anything man has
                                              yet devised_ Or perhaps a
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              You mean Probe Omega?
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Exactly. Now it's my opinion
                                              that the attempt on the lives
                                              of Colonel White and
                                              Lieutenant Green was made with
                                              the objective of
                                              retrometabolising them into
                                              Mysteron agents. They would
                                              have been the Mysteron means
                                              of aiming the rocket direct at
                                              the Moon.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              The entire Lunarville colony
                                              would also be caught in the
                                              impact, Adam. We can't allow
                                              over 4000 humans to die. Get
                                              me Linda Nolan.
             Blue flicks a switch on the
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Calling Lunarville 6. This is
                                              Captain Scarlet of Spectrum,
                                              do you read?
                                              NOLAN (V.O.)
                                              Captain! It's good to hear
                                              your voice again.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              You need to evacuate all
                                              personnel at once. Return to
                                              NOLAN (V.O.)
                                              Will do.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              And good luck. SIG.
                                              NOLAN (V.O.)
                                              Thank you.
             Scarlet flicks the switch.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              I'll be needing a Spectrum
                                              Transporter for my flight to
                                              Siberia, with escort from the
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Captain Blue to Destiny and
                                              Rhapsody Angels, immediate
                                              DESTINY ANGEL (V.O.)
                                              Destiny Angel, SIG.
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL (V.O.)
                                              Rhapsody Angel reporting, SIG.
                                              Ready for launch.
             CUT TO:
             STOCK FOOTAGE
             Angel launch sequence.
             CUT TO:
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              It's up to you, Captain
                                              Scarlet. If you can unearth
                                              the next point of Mysteron
                                              attack, when you get to
                                              Siberia, then the whole of
                                              Earth is doomed.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             Scarlet, in full winter gear and
             covered in melting snow, walks
             through the entrance. He is
             greeted by Volochek.
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              Welcome to the Siberian Rocket
                                              Base, Captain Scarlet.
                                              Volochek, professor in charge
                                              of the Project Omega project.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Glad to know you, Professor.
             They both stand on a moving
             walkway. It travels along the
             hall, covered with a dome full
             of snow on top.
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              This moving walkway will take
                                              us directly to Colonel White's
                                              sick room. He's recovering,
                                              thank goodness. Lieutenant
                                              Green is with him.
             The walkway stops. Scarlet and
             Volochek walk towards the door
             leading into -
             CUT TO:
             INT. SICK ROOM
             - where White lies in his
             hospital bed. The room has a
             narrower perimeter than the
             medical centre. Green sits next
             to him, wearing his Spectrum
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Come in, Captain Scarlet. It's
                                              good to see you.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              And you, sir. Lieutenant
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Eh... How do you feel,
             Scarlet touches his forehead. He
             could be having one of those
             senses when a Mysteron is
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              I, er... I feel fine. Both you
                                              and the Colonel are clear.
             Volochek seems puzzled by
             Scarlet's actions.
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              Gentlemen, I don't quite
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              It was a sort of demonstration
                                              for you, Professor. You see,
                                              though the Colonel and I were
                                              apparently unharmed by our
                                              crash, it could have been that
                                              we had been killed and brought
                                              back to life under Mysteron
                                              control. We know we weren't,
                                              but Captain Scarlet has proved
                                              it conclusively.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              You see, Professor, Captain
                                              Scarlet reacts to the presence
                                              of Mysteron agents. Headache,
                                              roaring in the ears for
                                              example. This is why he is
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              Oh, please excuse me.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              If the Mysterons take over
                                              anyone of the personnel on
                                              this base, Professor, then
                                              I'll know instantly.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             ACT BREAK
             FADE IN:
             CUT TO:
             INT. FUELLING POINT
             The rocket is undergoing last
             minute checkups. Engineers,
             technicians, and scientists are
             hard at work. It is quite a busy
             but noisy environment.
             Scarlet observes, as Volochek
             gives him a tour.
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              Probe Omega's fuelling point,
                                              Captain Scarlet. It is some
                                              sight, no?
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              It certainly is. Now,
                                              Professor, we must assume that
                                              the Mysterons will attempt to
                                              influence the course of the
                                              rocket on blast-off. Who
                                              exactly on your staff could
                                              interfere with the course
                                              settings without arousing
             They approach one of the
             technicians named Corrigan,
             early 40s, Australian.
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              Luckily, only two people, the
                                              senior technicians Banda and
                                              Corrigan. And speak of the
                                              devil, at least one of them.
                                              Corrigan, can you spare a
                                              What's up, Prof? I'm right in
                                              the middle of the flaming
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              Won't keep you. Just like you
                                              to meet Captain Scarlet. He's
                                              er... here on special security
                                              Ah, glad to know you, sport.
                                              You don't mind if we save the
                                              chit-chat till later. I got a
                                              tight schedule if I'm gonna
                                              make tomorrow's blast off.
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              Come, Captain, we'll take the
                                              elevator to Banda's
             Scarlet and Volochek walk
             towards an elevator, then enter.
             CUT TO:
             INT. ELEVATOR
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              Tell me, did you... did you
                                              detect anything?
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              No, nothing. Corrigan's
                                              clear... at the moment. But if
                                              anything happens to him, or
                                              this woman Banda, let me know
                                              at once. A accident, anything.
             CUT TO:
             Volochek opens the door, leading
             to a room more compact than the
             fuelling point. It has a fewer
             number of technicians.
             Banda, early 30s, turns to greet
             both Scarlet and Volochek. We
             hear background chatter, as they
                                              Oh, Professor, what can I do
                                              for you?
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              Sorry to interrupt your work,
                                              Dominique. Captain Scarlet,
                                              this is our navigational
                                              expert: technical
                                              superintendent Banda.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Hello, I'm just taking a look
                                              around, sort of general
                                              security snooper for Spectrum.
                                              But how are the final stages
             She shows a portrait of Probe
             Omega, displayed on the wall.
                                              Oh, absolutely fine. Just look
                                              at her. That rocket's a thing
                                              of beauty, Captain. She'll go
                                              right on schedule, and she'll
                                              go smooth and sweet.
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              When are the final course
                                              settings going to be made,
                                              Oh, half an hour's time. If I
                                              can drag that fanatic Corrigan
                                              away from his precious
                                              fuelling. And now please,
                                              gentlemen, if you'll excuse
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              We'll be on our way, see you
             Scarlet and Volochek leave the
             room, the latter closes the door
             CUT TO:
             INT. HALLWAY
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              Banda, Captain?
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              No, Professor, incredibly no.
                                              The Mysterons have got at
                                              neither Corrigan nor Banda.
                                              That means that the Martian
                                              attempt on them must take
                                              place within the next half
                                              hour. We got to keep them
                                              under constant watch from this
                                              moment on.
             CUT TO:
             INT. FUELLING POINT
             Corrigan and Banda evaluate the
             final checkups of the rocket.
             Scarlet and Volochek observe.
                                              Well that's it. Blast-off
                                              course plotted and set on the
                                              nose cone.
                                              Yes, it's the final stage of
                                              preparation. Now we can all
                                              relax and wait for the
                                              countdown to start. Tell me,
                                              Captain Scarlet, how do you
                                              like the electrically-sealed
                                              door over the gyro hatch?
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Well, it's solid enough. Is it
                                              true it's impossible to reopen
                                              it now?
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              That right, it has to stand
                                              such tremendous stresses, you
                                              Well, Captain, we have been
                                              privileged to see these men
                                              complete their work. Shall we
                                              return to your quarters?
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Yes, but I think we better
                                              call on Colonel White first.
             CUT TO:
             INT. SICK ROOM
             Scarlet stands next to White's
             hospital bed.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              I can't understand it,
                                              Colonel. Corrigan and Banda
                                              are A-OK, the rocket's A-OK.
                                              Nothing can alter Probe
                                              Omega's blast-off course.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Then there's no telling how
                                              the Mysterons are going to
                                              strike. Captain, you've got to
                                              get in touch with the World
                                              Government on my authority.
                                              Convince them Probe Omega's
                                              launch must be cancelled. Do
                                              you hear me? Cancelled!
             DISSOLVE TO:
             Scarlet sits on a couch, talking
             on his cap mike.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              ...yes, alright. SIG.
             CUT TO:
             INT. SICK ROOM
             White, with his cap on, listens
             to Scarlet's message.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET (V.O.)
                                              Colonel White, I'm sorry, sir,
                                              but I've spent all night
                                              trying to convince them.
                                              Even the President himself
                                              refuses to cancel Probe Omega.
                                              He says... he says our
                                              evidence means nothing.
             Beat. He turns to Volochek,
             figuring something out.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Wait. Professor Volochek. Sub
                                              Station 2, what's going on
                                              there now? Is it still
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              What... no. After the
                                              navigational satellite went
                                              into orbit, it was closed
                                              down. But why?
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              If anyone was there _ the man
                                              who tried to kill us... Could
                                              he tamper with the satellite
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              By Heaven! He could alter the
                                              orbit of the satellite. In a
                                              different position, its
                                              signals control Probe Omega
                                              right into the Moon!
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Captain Scarlet, head to Sub
                                              Station 2 and find whoever'
                                              behind this. You're gonna need
                                              your electro-ray pistol.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             EXT. SUB-STATION 2
             Sirens blare. Scarlet rushes
             through the blizzard.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                             (calls out)
                                              Get out of here! Probe Omega's
                                              countdown is on its last
             A different controller stands
             near the entrance. He walks
             towards Scarlet.
                                              CONTROLLER 2
                                              Captain, Professor Volochek on
                                              the line. We can still cancel
                                              the countdown.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Emphatically, no! A Mysteron
                                              agent is here on Sub-Station
                                              2. I... I can feel it. I'll
                                              deal with him.
             He shoots his way through the
             CUT TO:
             INT. SUB-STATION 2
             We see Captain Black right at
             the controls. He turns around,
             shocked to see Scarlet in his
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              What the? Scarlet!
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Captain Black! So you're
                                              behind this! Stand away from
                                              those controls!
             Scarlet points his gun* directly
             at Black. The latter shoots at
             the the controls and attempts to
             make a slip.
             HUMAN HAND: Scarlet fires a ray.
             Black is hit on the arm. His
             guns falls on the floor.
             * The gun is an electro-ray
             pistol; a smaller and compact
             version of the rifle seen in
             "Spectrum is Maroon".
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Ow, blast you! But you're too
                                              late, the satellite's already
                                              in position. It will take away
                                              everything that you created,
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Don't be too confident.
             Scarlet tries to reach for
             Black's gun. Black grabs it and
             struggles to point at Scarlet.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Back... back! Into the main
                                              terminals, Mysteron scum!
             Scarlet touches his forehead. He
             can hear the Mysteron voice
             surrounding him.
                                              MYSTERON (V.O.)
                                              Captain Scarlet. This is the
                                              voice of the Mysterons. You
                                              have troubled us for too long.
                                              Now you will be destroyed.
             Black fires his pistol, Scarlet
             is hit; he grimaces and falls on
             his knees.
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              You will never win, Scarlet.
                                              Earth will finally meet its
                                              fate, and humanity will soon
                                              cease to exist. The Mysterons
                                              will become the dominant
                                              species of the universe!
             Scarlet weakly points his gun.
             He struggles to talk.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              I have got... no choice... but
                                              to end your game. So long,
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              No! No!!
             He fires, hitting Black's heart.
             Black hits the terminals and is
             electrocuted. The entire room
             explodes into flames.
             Scarlet falls to the ground. He
             is hit by the explosions.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SUB-STATION 2
             BOOM! The building explodes.
             Fire and debris everywhere.
             CUT TO:
             INT. CONTROL ROOM
             Volochek and the controller
             monitor the launch. The former
             speaks into a mike.
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              Over to you, Colonel White.
                                              COLONEL WHITE (V.O.)
                                              Twenty seconds to zero...
                                              10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5...
                                              4... 3... 2... 1... 0!
             CUT TO:
             The rocket launches. It ascends
             without any fault.
             CUT TO:
             INT. CONTROL ROOM
                                              CONTROLLER 2
                                              Probe Omega launched, sir.
                                              Exit altitude A-OK, all
                                              systems are go.
                                              PROFESSOR VOLOCHEK
                                              Then we can only cross our
                                              fingers that Captain Scarlet
                                              has managed to cancel the
                                              influence of the navigational
                                              satellite. I'm afraid that,
                                              whatever happens, Probe Omega
                                              will go nowhere near its
                                              predetermined destination. The
                                              exploration of the Mexican Hat
                                              galaxy will have to begin
                                              again from scratch. I just
                                              wonder what the World
                                              Government is going to say...
             HUMAN HAND: Volochek crosses his
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             It is full of delegates, world
             leaders, with Spectrum officers
             and Angels (at the very front),
             who have all taken their seats.
             Captain Scarlet is
             indestructible once again,
             sitting between Captain Blue and
             Colonel White. The World
             President stands behind a
             podium, about to address his
                                              WORLD PRESIDENT
                                              Ladies and Gentlemen, in
                                              concluding this emergency
                                              meeting of the World Security
                                              Council, I can express my
                                              regret that the Mysteron
                                              agent, Captain Black, was able
                                              to make his escape. However, I
                                              can congratulate Captain
                                              Scarlet on his magnificent
             They all stand in ovation.
             Scarlet remains seated.
                                              WORLD PRESIDENT
                                              I can also reveal that by a
                                              strange twist of fate, the
                                              eventual course of Probe Omega
                                              terminated on Mars. The blast
                                              of the collision was noted by
                                              every observatory on Earth,
                                              and it is expert opinion that
                                              thanks to Spectrum, the voice
                                              of the Mysterons will be
                                              silent - for some considerable
                                              time to come.
             We focus on Scarlet, who is
             beyond proud of the speech.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                             (slow and dramatic)
                                              S. I. G.
             FADE OUT:
             END TITLES

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