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"Introducing Captain Scarlet"
Written by
Angus P. Allan
Adapted by
Andrew Hsieh
Teleplay based on the mini-album
Introducing Captain Scarlet
             OPENING TITLES
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              One man. A man who is
                                              different. Chosen by fate.
                                              Caught up in Earth's unwanted
                                              conflict with the Mysterons.
                                              Determined. Courageous.
                                              Indestructible. His name:
                                              Captain Scarlet.
             For the superimposed staccato
             caption, replace "STARRING" with
                                              COLONEL WHITE (V.O.)
                                              Captain Scarlet is
                                              indestructible. You are not.
                                              Remember this. Do not try to
                                              imitate him.
             FADE IN:
             The delegates are seated on a
             large table - single row. A
             large TV monitor is positioned
             in the b/g.
             The Chairman, sitting in front
             of the delegates, begins to
             speak. Colonel White sits next
             to him.
                                              Silence, please. That,
                                              gentlemen, was how Captain
                                              Scarlet died.
                                              The World Security Council has
                                              convened this meeting to look
                                              into the circumstances that
                                              surrounds Scarlet's death, and
                                              to investigate the reasons for
                                              his strange and seemly
                                              inexplicable behaviour.
             HUMAN HAND: He flicks through a
             sheet of paper.
                                              I call on Colonel White,
                                              commander of the Spectrum
                                              organisation, to begin.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Certainly, Mr Chairman. I need
                                              add only one further comment.
                                              The reports you will see and
                                              hear are based on videotape
                                              recordings made at the time of
             A General, with an exotic
             accent, raises his hand.
                                              Mmm. Interesting. But one
                                              moment, Mr Chairman. As a mere
                                              conventional military man, I'd
                                              like to know something about
                                              this uh_ "Spectrum" outfit.
                                              As we all know, the details of
                                              Spectrum are top secret.
                                              However, perhaps Colonel White
                                              could draw some broad
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Gentlemen, Spectrum is the
                                              most highly progressive
                                              security organisation in the
                                              world today. Its prime
                                              function now is to combat the
                                              hostile sinister intelligence
                                              inhabiting the planet Mars.
                                              The intelligence whose primary
                                              object is to destroy Earth.
                                              The intelligence known as
             Colonel White knocks on the
             table, politely calling for
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Gentlemen, please, let me
                                              Spectrum has its headquarters
                                              on Cloudbase. That is a
                                              stationary platform that I
                                              might liken to the deck of a
                                              giant aircraft carrier, held
                                              in permanent position forty
                                              thousand feet above the Earth,
                                              by development of the hover
                                              jet principle.
                                              I err, I think that broadly
                                              outlines Spectrum, Colonel.
                                              Perhaps we can begin with the
                                              real business in hand. The
                                              fate of Captain Scarlet.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              The story really starts with
                                              the expedition to Mars last
                                              October, lead by one of my own
                                              officers, Captain Black.
             The Chairman presses the "Play"
             button on a videotape machine.
             The TV begins showing a -
             DISSOLVE TO:
             - of the MEV surveying the
             planet MARS.
             (NOTE: The highlighted word
             FLASHBACK is an indication of
             changing the scenery to
             establishing archive footage
             from "The Mysterons".)
                                              COLONEL WHITE (V.O.)
                                              The Martian expedition had
                                              almost concluded a fruitless
                                              exploration, when it crossed a
                                              ridge and came upon a vast
                                              complex of strange buildings.
                                              We now know that this was the
                                              city of the Mysterons.
             Captain Black orders to fire at
             the Mysteron Complex, which then
             gets destroyed in a series of
             BACK TO:
             Tape stops - screen goes black.
             Zoom out to reveal the confused
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              From that point, gentlemen,
                                              radio communication was cut
                                              off. We knew nothing more
                                              until the expedition craft,
                                              with only Captain Black
                                              aboard, returned to Glenn
                                              Field. Before we could
                                              question him, he disappeared.
                                              We then received a clear yet
                                              baffling transmission over
                                              direct radio; a transmission I
                                              believe that was picked up all
                                              over the world.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             MAIN TITLES
                                              MYSTERON (V.O.)
                                              This is the voice of the
                                              We know that you can hear us,
                                              Our retaliation will be slow,
                                              but nonetheless effective.
                                              It will mean the ultimate
                                              destruction of life on Earth.
                                              It will be useless for you to
                                              resist, for we have discovered
                                              the secret of reversing
                                              matter, as you have just
                                              One of you will be under our
                                              You will be instrumental in
                                              avenging the Mysterons.
                                              Our first act of retaliation
                                              will be to assassinate your
                                              World President.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             Resume as before.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Now, our attention had to be
                                              focused on the protection of
                                              the World President. I put my
                                              subordinate, Captain Brown, in
                                              charge of operations to make
                                              our President's life secure.
                                              As second-in-command, I
                                              detailed Captain Scarlet...
             DISSOLVE TO:
             SALOON CAR: Captains Scarlet and
             Brown have a talk, before
             getting killed and taken over by
             the Mysterons.
                                              COLONEL WHITE (V.O.)
                                              A tire burst and crash,
                                              gentlemen. But both Captains
                                              reported to me miraculously
             DISSOLVE TO:
             NEW YORK CITY: The World
             President has been placed under
             heavy protection by the Spectrum
                                              COLONEL WHITE (V.O.)
                                              I had no reason for suspicion,
                                              then. It was Captain Brown
                                              himself who brought our World
                                              President safely to New York.
             BACK TO:
             The word "Angels" seems to
             puzzle the General.
                                              Angels, Colonel White? I don't
                                              quite understand.
             Tape stops.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Five girl flyers we use as an
                                              operational strike force,
                                              General. The best. We keep two
                                              of them on standby all the
                                              Gentlemen, the instance of
                                              girl pilots is hardly unusual
                                              in this 21st century. Now
                                              please allow Colonel White to
                                              continue uninterrupted.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Thank you, Mr Chairman.
                                              Now we know that Captain Brown
                                              escorted our President to the
                                              Maximum Security Building.
             Tape plays.
             CUT TO:
             Captain Brown and the World
             President settle down inside,
             before the explosion.
             BACK TO:
             Tape stops.
             The delegates are shocked by
             what they have just watched.
                                              Colonel White, what caused
                                              that explosion? Surely after
                                              the message security
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              The Mysterons are a powerful
                                              force. Before his car crash,
                                              Captain Brown was one of my
                                              best men, but even after the
                                              crash I had no reason to
                                              suspect treason.
                                              But how did he get the bomb in
                                              there? That's what I want to
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Our videotape showed he had it
                                              hidden on his person. Luckily,
                                              the President noticed
                                              something unusual about Brown.
                                              There was smoke coming from
                                              his collar. If the President
                                              had been a second later in
                                              pressing the emergency exit
                                              button on his chair, then he
                                              would have perished in the
             HUMAN HAND: He flicks through
             his document onto the next page.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Videofilm told us exactly what
                                              happened. My next step was to
                                              transfer the World President
                                              to London.
             CUT TO:
             CLOUDBASE: Colonel White gives
             Captain Scarlet instructions on
             transferring the World President
             to London.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             ACT BREAK
             FADE IN:
             CLOUDBASE: Colonel White orders
             Lieutenant Green to launch the
             Angels. They receive a report on
             the body of Captain Brown.
             ANGEL 1 COCKPIT: Destiny Angel
             contacts Captain Scarlet,
             ordering him to return to
             Cloudbase. She launches a dummy
             attack, under Colonel White's
             BACK TO:
             Tape stops.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              That, gentlemen...
                                             (interrupts, clears throat)
             The delegates stop talking.
                                              Forgive all these
                                              interruptions, Colonel, but
                                              perhaps you could tell us...
                                              Pursuit Vehicle?
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              All over the world, General,
                                              we have SPV transport. Our
                                              agents keep them concealed,
                                              perhaps in garages, mock-out
                                              buildings of farms, and so
                                              forth. When needed, they're
                                              always ready for immediate
                                              use. Our officers claim them
                                              on production of a pass. May I
                                              Eh, of course, of course.
                                              Forgive me.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Gentlemen, I would now like to
                                              hand over to Captain Blue, who
                                              took over the chase from this
                                              Captain Blue.
             Captain Blue walks into the
             room. He stands next to Colonel
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Thank you, sir.
                                              Well, I claimed our Pursuit
                                              Vehicle and noted the
                                              observational references,
                                              passed to me through Cloudbase
                                              from Destiny Angel.
             CUT TO:
             SPV: Captain Blue, driving on
             the M21, contacts Destiny Angel.
             ANGEL 1 COCKPIT: Destiny Angel
             orders Rhapsody Angel to destroy
             the viaduct on the London road.
             CLOUDBASE: Colonel White orders
             Captain Blue, the Angels, and
             Helicopter A42 to divert to the
             London Car-Vu.
             BACK TO:
             Tape stops.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              I can fill in this part from a
                                              sono-detector tape
                                              subsequently processed. The
                                              voice is that of Captain
                                              Black, the man we all thought
                                              had perished on Mars.
             He plays the voice recording. We
             hear Captain Black's archived
             dialogue, communicating directly
             with Captain Scarlet.
             The delegates react in confusion
             and surprise.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Sir, Mr Chairman, please.
                                              Quiet! Quiet, gentlemen. Allow
                                              Captain Blue to proceed.
             The delegates quiet down.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Thank you, sir.
                                              At that time, none of us had
                                              any idea that our Spectrum
                                              helicopter was in enemy hands.
             CUT TO:
             CAR-VU: Captain Blue orders
             Helicopter A42 to attack.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              I was in touch with the pilot
                                              who seemed perfectly normal.
             Helicopter A42 (now revealed to
             be in control of the Mysterons)
             fires at Captain Blue.
             Destiny Angel shoots down
             Helicopter A42, under Captain
             Blue's orders. It crashes into
             the skypark.
             BACK TO:
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              It was then that I had to move
                                              in on my hoverpack for the
                                              final showdown with Captain
                                              Scarlet. Delay would have been
                                              fatal for the structure was
                                              already toppling, and the
                                              President's life was in grave
             CUT TO:
             CAR-VU: With the skypark on the
             brink of collapsing, Captains
             Scarlet and Blue exchange fire
             before the latter gets shot and
             falls off the structure in
             BACK TO:
             Tape stops.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              That, gentlemen, is all. I can
                                              now hand you back to Colonel
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Thank you, Captain. Now,
                                              gentlemen, you know the
                                              circumstances of Captain
                                              Scarlet's death. I think we
                                              can assume that Captains
                                              Black, Brown, and Scarlet were
                                              all taken over by the
                                              mysterious agency of the
                                              Mysterons. The real problem is
                                              to find out how, and once this
                                              is ascertained...
             We suddenly hear a few door
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              ...er decide on a method of
             The door opens. Dr. Fawn enters
             and rushes past the Guard, in
                                              CONFERENCE GUARD
                                              Hey, this meeting is supposed
                                              to be closed in secret.
                                              It's Fawn, the doctor.
             The delegates react in surprise
             and confusion.
                                              Dr. Fawn, surely... well...
                                              DR. FAWN
                                              My apologies, sir, but it's
                                              fantastic. After an 800 ft
                                              fall, Scarlet's alive!
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Explain yourself, Doctor.
                                              DR. FAWN
                                              Well, as unbelievable as it
                                              seems, Scarlet's wounds are
                                              healing. Somehow, the Mysteron
                                              power's been broken by his
                                              fall. It is my opinion that
                                              with the aid of a specially
                                              designed computer, Captain
                                              Scarlet can be brought back
                                              under our own control.
             They all continue talking in
             great curiosity and relief.
                                              Is this possible?
                                              DR. FAWN
                                              Yes, I think so.
             DISSOLVE TO:
             Zoom in towards the newly
             retrometabolised Captain Scarlet
             waking up in bed.
                                              COLONEL WHITE (V.O.)
                                              In other words, the new
                                              Captain Scarlet could be our
                                              greatest weapon in fighting
                                              the Mysterons. As fantastic as
                                              it seems, Captain Scarlet is
                                              virtually indestructible.
             FADE OUT:
             END TITLES

 Script created with Final Draft by Final Draft. 







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