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Written by
Angus P. Allan
Adapted by
Andrew Hsieh
Teleplay based on the mini-album
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
             FADE IN:
             EXT. CLOUDBASE - DAY
             CUT TO:
             Colonel White rotates his desk
             to face Lieutenant Green, who is
             sitting at his console.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Lieutenant Green, send Captain
                                              Scarlet to me, on the double.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Yes, sir.
             The door opens, revealing
             Captain Scarlet. He remains
             standing on the moving walkway,
             heading towards Colonel White.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              You wanted to see me, Colonel?
             A thunderous sound suddenly
             grabs their attention.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Hello, what's that? Heavy
                                              aircraft in our sector?
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              World Air Force Goliath, sir;
                                              sustained flight tests on
                                              atomic engines - three times
                                              round the world. You remember?
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Of course, I've forgotten.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             We reveal the Goliath: an
             aircraft far more advanced than
             the DT19 (from "Winged
             CUT TO:
             Captain Hogan and Co-pilot Vic,
             both 30s, are monitoring the
             craft's course.
                                              CAPTAIN HOGAN
                                              This is Goliath to base,
                                              Captain Hogan speaking. Course
                                              steady height 30 thou', all
                                              systems, A-O.K. How's the
                                              engine temperature, Vic?
                                              CO-PILOT VIC
                                              300 and normal, sir.
             Hogan notices that Vic has
             turned to stare downwards
             through the window.
                                              CAPTAIN HOGAN
                                              Hello, what's eating the
                                              Flight Sergeant?
                                              CO-PILOT VIC
                                              6 o'clock, sir, and low.
                                              Fighter coming up fast.
             A small fighter jet approaches
             from an acute angle.
                                              CAPTAIN HOGAN
                                              By jove, you're right!
             It flies closer - dead ahead.
                                              CAPTAIN HOGAN
                                              What's that clown up to?
             And closer...
                                              CO-PILOT VIC
                                              Stone me, he's on a collision
             They collide - BOOM!
             Fireballs and wreckage descend
             into the sea. More explosions.
             Parts of the Goliath aircraft
             rests afloat on the water. The
             green Mysteron rings slide over
             the wreckage.
             TITLE: "GOLIATH"
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             MAIN TITLES
                                              MYSTERON (V.O.)
                                              This is the voice of the
                                              We know that you can hear us,
                                              We now have the Goliath
                                              aircraft completely within our
                                              Our revenge for your
                                              aggression on the planet Mars
                                              will continue with the
                                              destruction of the Atlantic
                                              Airport at Boston.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             EXT. CLOUDBASE
             CUT TO:
             Green speaks through the console
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Cloudbase, Lieutenant Green.
                                              Yes, Mr President.
                                              Colonel White, direct call for
                                              you on the hotline, sir.
             White flicks a switch on his
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Okay, Mr President, go ahead
                                              WORLD PRESIDENT (V.O.)
                                              No doubt you monitored the
                                              latest Mysteron threat,
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Yes, sir. Complete standby is
                                              WORLD PRESIDENT (V.O.)
                                              The airport in question is the
                                              world's most widely-used
                                              terminal. Thousands of
                                              passengers, tens of thousands
                                              an hour: freight, commerce,
                                              every civil airline uses it.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              I know, sir, and I'm aware of
                                              the implications. We can't
                                              close it down because it's too
                                              darned important.
                                              WORLD PRESIDENT (V.O.)
                                              Exactly. So, the world is
                                              relying on the Spectrum
                                              organisation to combat the
                                              Mysteron threat, Colonel.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              We're keeping all channels of
                                              investigation open, sir.
                                              Beyond that...
                                              WORLD PRESIDENT (V.O.)
                                              I repeat, Colonel, we are all
                                              relying on Spectrum. Don't let
                                              us down.
             A light flashes on his desk.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Do excuse me, Mr President.
             He flicks another switch.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              Spectrum Investigation Room to
                                              Colonel White, Captain Blue
                                              here, come in please.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Go ahead.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              It may be nothing, sir, but
                                              there was a complete break in
                                              airwave communication with
                                              World Air Force Goliath
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              The devil there was, a typical
                                              Mysteron takeover pattern.
                                              Anything else?
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              Yes, sir. Shockwave scanner
                                              has reported an explosion,
                                              right under Goliath's
                                              estimated position.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Lieutenant Green, launch
                                              Angels at once. I want Goliath
                                              located and tracked.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
             He presses a switch on his
             console and speaks through the
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Stand by, Angels, to launch
                                              stations immediately. Details
             CUT TO:
             STOCK FOOTAGE
             Angel launch sequence.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             The Angels ascend at an acute
             CUT TO:
             INT. ANGEL 2 COCKPIT
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              We're at cruising speed:
                                              height 50. Reporting for
                                              further orders.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              Course 909, positive. Same
                                              height. Locate WAF Goliath,
                                              and report.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             They continue ascending, now
             approaching Goliath.
             CUT TO:
             INT. ANGEL 2 COCKPIT
                                              DESTINY ANGEL (V.O.)
                                              Destiny Angel to Rhapsody
                                              Angel, I've got him. 10
                                              o'clock high.
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              I can see him.
                                              What orders, base?
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              Make radio contact. If it
                                              fails, attack. Authority of
                                              World President through
                                              Colonel White.
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              SIG. Did you hear that,
                                              Destiny? Spectrum Angel to
                                              Goliath. Come in, Goliath.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             The Angels are now flying right
             next to the Goliath cockpit.
             CUT TO:
             INT. ANGEL 2 COCKPIT
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              Come in, Goliath.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             They slowly bank away from
             CUT TO:
             INT. ANGEL 2 COCKPIT
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              No answer. They're Mysteron,
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             The Angels are now behind,
             aiming for the fuselage.
             CUT TO:
             INT. ANGEL 2 COCKPIT
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              I'm leading attack. Now!
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             They fire. No effects from the
             multiple explosions.
             CUT TO:
             INT. ANGEL 2 COCKPIT
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              It's no use. The Goliath's
                                              secret prototype forcefield
                                              defence, they're using it! 
                                              I've got to pull off!
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             They fire again, still no effect
             from the explosions. Goliath
             remains completely undamaged.
             CUT TO:
             INT. ANGEL 2 COCKPIT
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                             (fed up)
                                              Well, they've beaten us. This
             CUT TO:
             White at his desk.
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL (V.O.)
                                              Rhapsody Angel to Cloudbase,
                                              taking station above and
                                              behind Goliath, out of range.
                                              We'll report any deviation
                                              from authorised course.
                                              Colonel, just what are we
                                              going to do?
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              I got all sorts of ideas
                                              chasing around my head,
                                              Rhapsody. But I guess I'm
                                              going to have to pick Captain
                                              Scarlet's brains. He's closer
                                              to the Mysterons, and their
                                              methods, than any of us.
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL (V.O.)
                                              SIG, Colonel.
             He flicks a switch, then turns
             to Scarlet.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Well, Captain. You know the
                                              score. The Mysterons are going
                                              to crash that Goliath on
                                              Atlantic Airport, unless we
                                              can stop them.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              That plane's got to be
                                              destroyed, sir, in the air.
                                              Of course the Mysterons can
                                              rematerialise, even if we do
                                              blow it to fragments. But they
                                              won't. Once we make a
                                              successful strike against
                                              them, they seem to drop the
                                              plan in hand and dream up a
                                              new scheme.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Surely. But the big question
                                              is, how do we destroy Goliath?
                                              The Angels have tried, the
                                              forcefield is deflecting
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Well, suppose we put a man
                                              aboard, sir. An engineer
                                              specialist who knows the
                                              controls and the layout of
                                              Goliath. Flesh and blood
                                              wouldn't react to a
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              But... but how?
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              A chute drop, sir, from above.
                                              A chute wraps on Goliath
                                              tailplane, and the man climbs
                                              the cords to the aircraft.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              But the stresses. A pressure
                                              suit might save his life, but
                                              he'd black out.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Maybe, sir. But if the drop
                                              was two-man, and I was the
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             ACT BREAK
             FADE IN:
             EXT. CLOUDBASE
             CUT TO:
             Green speaks through the mike on
             his console.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Spectrum calling Atlantic
                                              Airport, come in please.
                                              ATLANTIC AIRPORT (V.O.)
                                              Atlantic, go ahead.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Captains Blue and Scarlet of
                                              Spectrum will report to your
                                              control at 1400 hours. World
                                              President's authority requires
                                              Starstriker fighter made
                                              available. Also, key engineer
                                              from Goliath project. He'll
                                              have to be a volunteer, we've
                                              got a really dangerous mission
                                              on our hands.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             A Spectrum Passenger Jet flies
             in midair, across the horizon.
             CUT TO:
             Scarlet pilots the aircraft,
             while Blue discusses the plan
             for the mission.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Atlantic Airport, here we
                                              come. Let's hope the Colonel's
                                              got the volunteer lined up.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Sure. By the way, Captain
                                              Scarlet, Angels report Goliath
                                              is directly opposite us on the
                                              other side of the world. That
                                              means you'll be flying
                                              directly towards Goliath. Once
                                              you've collected the
                                              Starstriker, you're going to
                                              have to time your jump to a
                                              critical fraction of a second.
             DISSOLVE TO:
             Two security guards spot
             Captains Scarlet and Blue
             walking through the entrance.
                                              AIRPORT SECURITY 1
                                              Here comes the Spectrum
                                              outfit. Luckily it's only us
                                              security guys who know what
                                              they're here for.
                                              AIRPORT SECURITY 2
                                              Just think of the panic if the
                                              passenger and freight
                                              department's got wind of it.
                                              Gee, if these Spectrum people
                                              don't pull off the deal.
             They both approach.
                                              AIRPORT SECURITY 1
                                              Okay, gentlemen. The
                                              Starstriker's ready, and your
                                              volunteering engineer too.
                                              He's the top design man.
                                              Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue,
                                              this is Dr. Haggerty.
             Dr. Haggerty, mid 30s, wearing a
             pressure suit, feels somewhat
             nervous but eager.
                                              DR. HAGGERTY
                                              Glad to know you, Captains.
                                              Excuse the clumsy handshake,
                                              this pressure suit's kind of
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Right, let's get going.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             EXT. RUNWAY
             The Starstriker, a medium
             fighter jet, prepares for
             CUT TO:
             INT. STARSTRIKER
             Blue is at the cockpit, while
             Scarlet and Haggerty are
             strapped behind him.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Hold tight, we're off.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. RUNWAY
             It takes off.
             CUT TO:
             INT. STARSTRIKER
             Now able to roam free in midair,
             Scarlet and Haggerty sort out
             their gear.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              You two had better climb into
                                              the Starstriker ejection
                                              compartment. I take it you're
                                              going out on a single chute?
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              That's right. The doctor will
                                              be lashed to me, and I will be
                                              wearing a harness.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Captain Blue to Cloudbase,
                                              request permission to
                                              establish direct contact with
                                              pursuit Angels.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN (V.O.)
                                              Permission granted. Frequency:
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Come in, Rhapsody, this is
                                              Captain Blue. What is
                                              Goliath's position and course?
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL (V.O.)
                                              Course: 1515 and maintained.
                                              Height: 80 and steady. And,
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL (V.O.)
                                              Destiny Angel has overflown
                                              target, and she reports flight
                                              deck of Goliath is empty.
                                              Plane seems to be unmanned.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              A typical Mysteron method.
                                              Well, let's see what we can do
                                              about it.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             The Starstriker is now above
             CUT TO:
             INT. STARSTRIKER
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Captain Blue to Cloudbase,
                                              Goliath dead ahead and below
                                              me, Colonel.
             Scarlet and Haggerty are fully
             prepared. They hold onto the
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Instruments are A-OK. Ejectors
                                              on countdown at five from...
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Alright, Doctor?
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              DR. HAGGERTY
                                              I'm okay.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Three! Two!
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Hang on, Doctor.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              One! Zero!
             Scarlet quickly presses his hand
             on the eject handle.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             The compartment opens. It
             appears to be beyond risky.
             Winds cause heavy struggle for
             Scarlet and Haggerty.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                             (calls out)
                                              Here comes the tailplane!
             They eject, but move too far
             left. Scarlet gets a grip on the
             'chute strings, as Haggerty
             struggles with his vision.
                                              DR. HAGGERTY
                                             (in agony)
                                              AAH! My head! My eyes!
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Come on, baby, come on!
             They continue to slowly descend.
             The 'chute catches on the
             tailplane. Scarlet catches on
             the aircraft, then Haggerty.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Ow! We're through the
                                              forcefield! My watch has
                                              shattered to atoms!
             They approach the entry hatch,
             as they fight the slipstream,
             then pull the external emergency
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
             CUT TO:
             They have made it inside,
             feeling overwhelmed and out of
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              We've done it. Well, the
                                              plane's deserted, sure enough.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              If you grab the controls, we
                                              can point Goliath down
                                              Atlantic and ditch her in the
                                              open sea.
                                              DR. HAGGERTY
             CUT TO:
             White listens to Blue's message
             on his desk.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              This is Captain Blue calling
                                              Cloudbase. Captain Scarlet has
                                              gained entry, and returning to
                                              Atlantic Airport. Over.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              SIG, Captain.
             CUT TO:
             All the components (including
             the control wheels) move as
             though they are automatic. We
             already know that the Mysteron
             are controlling them.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              The plane's veering back on
                                              its original course. What's
                                              happening, Doctor?
             Haggerty presses a few buttons.
                                              DR. HAGGERTY
                                              The controls, they aren't
             Scarlet flicks one of the
             switches and speaks through the
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Colonel White, the Mysterons
                                              have taken control of the
                                              flight deck.
                                              COLONEL WHITE (V.O.)
                                              Break the controls, cut off
                                              the electrical system.
             HUMAN HAND: Haggerty smashes
             various controls and panels with
             a hammer.
             Scarlet walks over to see the
                                              DR. HAGGERTY
                                              It's impossible. Everything is
                                              right. Fuel, electrics, the
                                              lot, but the engines are still
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              There must be some way, there
                                              DR. HAGGERTY
                                              There is. Blast apart the
                                              atomic reactors, and this
                                              whole plane vanishes in dust.
                                              But we vanish with it.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Then there's no choice. Get a
                                              chute on, Haggerty. This is
                                              where we party company.
                                              DR. HAGGERTY
                                              What do you mean?
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Never mind, do as I tell you.
                                              DR. HAGGERTY
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              This is no time for an
             He gashes Haggerty in the face.
                                              DR. HAGGERTY
             Haggerty falls unconscious.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Sorry about that, Doctor.
             He puts the chute on Haggerty
             and opens the hatch.
             The blustery winds make it
             harder for him to get a good
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              So long, Doc. Happy landings.
             He pushes Haggerty, then closes
             the hatch.
             He settles down in the cockpit
             and flicks a switch.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Scarlet to Cloudbase, I am
                                              going to destroy this
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             The Angels in flight, not far
             behind from Goliath.
             CUT TO:
             INT. ANGEL 2 COCKPIT
                                              COLONEL WHITE (V.O.)
                                              Cloudbase to Angel flight,
                                              peel and withdraw at once.
                                              Goliath is going to explode.
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              Rhapsody Angel to Cloudbase,
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             They bank and turn away.
             Goliath is now on its own. It
             begins to slowly descend,
             approaching the sea. The
             aircraft explodes, more than its
             initial crash - nearly like an
             atomic bomb.
             DISSOLVE TO:
             The World President, elegant but
             dissatisfied, flicks a switch on
             his radio.
                                              WORLD PRESIDENT
                                              This is the World President
                                              for direct communication with
                                              Colonel White. Hello, Colonel,
                                              it's all over then. I can't
                                              tell you what I'm feeling now.
                                              So close, so close.
                                              COLONEL WHITE (V.O.)
                                              I'm happy that Spectrum was
                                              able to carry out its orders,
                                              sir. I believe Dr. Haggerty
                                              landed safely?
                                              WORLD PRESIDENT
                                              He did. But Captain Scarlet,
                                              Colonel, I can only offer my
                                              condolences for the death of
                                              your most valiant officer.
                                              Naturally, there will be the
                                              greatest posthumous honours
                                              the world can bestow.
                                              COLONEL WHITE (V.O.)
                                              Er, erm, just a minute, Mr
                                              President. I don't think
                                              Captain Scarlet... erm...
                                              that's to say... I believe he
                                              will be back with us soon.
             CUT TO:
             White resumes his message, from
             his desk.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              I know that the centre of an
                                              atomic explosion is something
                                              that even he has never
                                              experienced before. But
                                              because he is "Mysteronised",
                                              I feel certain he'll show up
                                              again in one piece; to help us
                                              wage our unceasing war against
                                              the menace from Mars. There is
                                              no more incredible man on this
                                              Earth than Captain Scarlet.
             FADE OUT:
             END TITLES

 Script created with Final Draft by Final Draft. 







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