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"Concert Complexity"
Written by
Richard O'Neill
Adapted by
Andrew Hsieh
Teleplay based on the mini-album
Captain Scarlet is Indestructible
             FADE IN:
             A passenger jet touches down on
             the runway.
             CUT TO:
                                              AIRPORT TANNOY (V.O.)
                                             (through speakers)
                                              Shannon Airport announces the
                                              arrival of Flight 15 from
                                              Salzburg. Passengers and
                                              luggage will check in at
                                              baggage reception in 5
             Two Irish Baggage Handlers are
             loading heavy baggage from a
             cart to a bag belt.
                                              BAGGAGE HANDLER 1
                                              Er, will you move this big
                                              crate next?
                                              BAGGAGE HANDLER 2
                                              Okay, but be careful them
                                              instrument cases.
             They place both their arms
             underneath the instrument crate,
             and struggle together to move it
             out of the way.
                                              BAGGAGE HANDLER 2
                                             (grunts, while moving crate)
                                              Take your hand over...
                                              (still struggling, continues
                                              ...not too much.
             They lift it up.
                                              BAGGAGE HANDLER 2
                                             (gives a big shove)
             Baggage Handler 1's foot steps
             on a violin case, causing it to
             smash. They put down the crate
             for a moment.
                                              BAGGAGE HANDLER 2
                                              Oh, be bothered - look what
                                              you did, right on that fiddle
             They lift it up again and move
             away from the instruments.
                                              BAGGAGE HANDLER 2
                                              ...easy now.
             The green Mysteron rings slide
             over the smashed violin.
             Baggage Handler 2 looks on in
             surprise as he sees there is
             another violin, intact, right
             next to the destroyed one.
                                              BAGGAGE HANDLER 2
                                              Well, I'll be, will you look
                                              at that! I could have sworn
                                              there was only one fiddle
                                              under it, not two.
             He picks up the destroyed case
             and hands it to his companion.
                                              BAGGAGE HANDLER 2
                                              Here, get that smashed one out
                                              of sight. Nobody will ever
                                              notice it's missing.
             CUT TO:
             Members of the Salzburg Symphony
             Orchestra are loudly chattering,
             and waiting for their
                                              AIRPORT TANNOY (V.O.)
                                             (through speakers)
                                              Flight 15 baggage from
                                              Salzburg, now at reception.
             The Orchestra Leader, bearing
             the likeness of composer Barry
             Gray, interrupts the chattering.
                                              ORCHESTRA LEADER
                                              Gentlemen, gentlemen!
                                              Remember, you are the Salzburg
                                              Symphony Orchestra, not a
                                              bunch of tourists. Yes, all
                                              our instruments are here.
                                              Come, we have one more
                                              rehearsal before the concert.
                                              The hall has been arranged for
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             Various musicians tune their
             instruments. The Orchestra
             Leader is at his lectern,
             calling them to order.
                                              ORCHESTRA LEADER
                                              We are all ready? Good. First,
                                              the string section. Violins,
                                              ready? One, two, three!
             They start playing a composition
             originally heard in
             HUMAN HAND: The violinist, with
             the instrument resting on his
             shoulder, places the bow on the
             CUT TO:
             BOOM! The building explodes.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             MAIN TITLES
                                              MYSTERON (V.O.)
                                              This is the voice of the
                                              We know that you can hear us,
                                              We shall take revenge for your
                                              attack on our martian city.
                                              We shall destroy the World
                                              Cultural Council.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             EXT. CLOUDBASE - DAY
             A Spectrum Passenger Jet lands
             on the platform.
             CUT TO:
             Lieutenant Green at his console.
             Captain Blue sits opposite
             Colonel White's desk.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Colonel White, Dr. Brodski of
                                              the World Cultural Council has
                                              just landed. She'll be along
                                              in a few minutes.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              SIG, Lieutenant Green.
             He turns to face Blue.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Now, Captain Blue, 20 minutes
                                              after the Mysteron message was
                                              received, the Salzburg
                                              Symphony Orchestra was
                                              destroyed by an explosion in
                                              the village hall at
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Ballyglass, Colonel?
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Two miles from the Athlone
                                              Entertainments Complex, where
                                              the World Cultural Congress is
                                              to open tonight.
                                              If the orchestra had not been
                                              destroyed, prematurely, the
                                              explosion would have wiped out
                                              the World Cultural Council at
                                              tonight's gala concert. You
                                              will proceed immediately to
                                              Athlone. We can't give the
                                              Mysterons any encouragement by
                                              cancelling the congress, but
                                              we can take all precautions
                                              possible against Mysteron 
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              SIG, sir.
             Dr. Brodski, blond hair with a
             heavy Eastern European accent,
             late 40s, wearing a forest green
             jacket, moves along the walkway.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Lieutenant Green, I want an
                                              Angel flight on red alert for
                                              the next 24 hours. And have
                                              Captain Scarlet and Rhapsody
                                              Angel report to me
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Yes, sir.
             She stops in front of Colonel
             White, and begins to snap in his
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              Colonel White, am I to have an
                                              explanation of your conduct?
                                              An unfortunate accident
                                              involves an orchestra, and I'm
                                              dragged to your Cloudbase
                                              under guard and told some
                                              fantastic tale of a
                                              conspiracy. You're ridiculous
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              My men are not policemen, Dr.
                                              Brodski. They are picked men;
                                              the world's finest. Chosen and
                                              trained for one task...
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              Yes, to combat these aliens.
                                              These so-called "Mysterons"
                                              who nobody has ever seen!
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Captain Scarlet, Rhapsody
                                              Angel, come in now.
             Captain Scarlet and Rhapsody
             Angel enter, and move along the
             walkway. They stop right next to
             a displeased Brodski.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              You know your assignment.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Yes, Colonel.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Dr. Brodski is the head of the
                                              World Cultural Council. If the
                                              council should be destroyed,
                                              the whole of the world's
                                              leisure organisation would
                                              collapse. And in our modern
                                              world, where people have
                                              little labour to take of their
                                              time, and that could lead to
                                              widespread unrest; even riots,
                                              and general panic. You will
                                              guard Dr. Brodski at all
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              This is a waste of time.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              With due regard to Dr.
                                              Brodski's feelings, Rhapsody
                                              Angel will share your
                                              assignment, Captain Scarlet.
                                              Perhaps the feminine touch...
                                              DR. BRODSKI
             No reaction to Brodski's
             attitude from the Spectrum
             Rhapsody makes an effort to help
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              Maybe we should be on our way
                                              now, Dr. Brodski. There's your
                                              luggage to be picked up at
                                              your hotel before we go onto
             DISSOLVE TO:
             EXT. HOTEL - DAY
             A Saloon Car stops outside the
             CUT TO:
             INT. BRODSKI'S ROOM
             Brodski removes her jacket, not
             paying full attention to Scarlet
             or Rhapsody.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Should I bring down your
                                              baggage, Doctor? We should be
                                              on our way; it'll take us
                                              about an hour to get to
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              First, I change and take a
                                              shower. I trust Captain
                                              Scarlet, you will not insist
                                              on accompanying me.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Well, I erm... I'll wait here.
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              And I'll wait outside your
                                              room, Doctor.
             CUT TO:
             INT. BATHROOM
             We see only a silhouette of
             Brodski* inside a bathtub -
             curtains fully closed. She is
             feeling relaxed, and happy for
             the first time.
             * (No naked puppet will be made
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                             (sighs; hums)
                                              Oh, how relaxing the water is.
                                             (continues humming)
                                              Oh, how very relaxing.
                                              I feel so tired.
             The green Mysteron rings slide
             over her unconscious body.
             Captain Black stands at the
                                              CAPTAIN BLACK
                                              Dr. Brodski. This is Captain
                                              Black, relaying instructions
                                              from the Mysterons. The water
                                              of your shower contained a
                                              quick-acting poison. Tonight,
                                              at the concert, you will
                                              trigger a bomb that will
                                              destroy the Athlone Complex.
                                              The charge has been planted,
                                              but you will wait until the
                                              members of the World Cultural
                                              Council are all present.
             We reveal a Mysteronised
             Brodski, fully clothed.
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              I understand.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. HOTEL
             Rhapsody stands next to the
             Saloon, as Brodski approaches.
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              Angel, or whatever you are, if
                                              we are in such a hurry, where
                                              is Captain Scarlet?
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              Er, well Captain Scarlet had
                                              some, umm, urgent business to
                                              attend to. He'll rejoin us at
             They both get into the car.
             Rhapsody starts the engine.
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              Good. Very good. Let us go
                                              then, hmm? Just you and I.
             It drives off.
             CUT TO:
             INT. HOTEL CORRIDOR
             Scarlet, not noticing, has his
             eye on something else, as
             Captain Black discreetly slips
             out of Brodski's room. Scarlet
             turns round to see him walking
             away - no contact.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              I'll swear that was Captain
                                              Black. Oh, well, I lost him
                                              now. But I had that feeling. I
                                              better check Dr. Brodski's
                                              room, just in case it was
             CUT TO:
             INT. BRODSKI'S ROOM
             Scarlet walks through, gun drawn
             from his pocket. Seems to be
             very suspicious so far.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Okay... And that only leaves
                                              the bathroom.
             CUT TO:
             INT. BATHROOM
             We only see his reaction to what
             he discovers, as he walks
             through the door.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Great space! I'll have to
                                              contact Rhapsody. No, no, I
                                              can't do that; Brodski will
             CUT TO:
             EXT. HOTEL
             Scarlet, in a hurry, finds a
             hotel clerk.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Quickly, the lady and girl I
                                              was with, when did they leave?
                                              HOTEL CLERK
                                              Oh, they checked out about 30
                                              minutes ago, sir.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                             (to himself)
                                              That does it.
             He activates his cap mike.
             CUT TO:
             Blue is at the wheel, driving
             through a countryside.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET (V.O.)
                                              Captain Blue, come in, please?
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Captain Blue.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET (V.O.)
                                              Rhapsody Angel left for
                                              Athlone with Brodski, 30
                                              minutes ago. And Brodski is
                                              now a Mysteron.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             EXT. CLOUDBASE
             CUT TO:
             Colonel White speaks through the
             microphone, addressing Blue, on
             his desk.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Captain Scarlet is proceeding
                                              along the autobahn in an SPV,
                                              Captain Blue. I've instructed
                                              him to meet you at the main
                                              entrance to the complex. You
                                              must then carry out an
                                              immediate search for Brodski
                                              and Rhapsody Angel.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              SIG, sir. I've been informed
                                              by the Athlone Complex
                                              security staff that Dr.
                                              Brodski and Rhapsody Angel
                                              have arrived, and are
                                              somewhere in the grounds.
             He disconnects the mike.
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Lieutenant Green.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Yes, sir?
                                              COLONEL WHITE
                                              Launch Angel flight, and get
                                              me Angel leader.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
             He turns to his console and
             presses a switch.
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              Angel flight, immediate
             CUT TO:
             STOCK FOOTAGE
             Angel launch sequence.
             CUT TO:
                                              LIEUTENANT GREEN
                                              All Angels skyborne, sir.
             CUT TO:
             INT. ANGEL 1 COCKPIT
             Destiny Angel turns on her mike.
                                              COLONEL WHITE (V.O.)
                                              Destiny Angel.
                                              DESTINY ANGEL
                                              Yes, sir?
                                              COLONEL WHITE (V.O.)
                                              Mag course: 4-5-0 magnetic.
                                              Objective: Athlone
                                              Entertainments Complex. Circle
                                              and observe. Further orders
                                              will come from Captain Blue.
                                              DESTINY ANGEL
                                              SIG, Colonel.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             The three Angels continue
             flying, off into the horizon.
             STACCATO CUT TO:
             ACT BREAK
             FADE IN:
             EXT. AMUSEMENT PARK - DAY
             We see people enjoying a whole
             load of rides and fairground
             activities. It is extremely
             crowded, but full of happiness
             and no sign of danger.
             Scarlet walks towards Blue, who
             is waiting at the fairground
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              They're here, alright, Captain
                                              Scarlet, but finding them in
                                              this crowd.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Let's work our way towards the
                                              concert hall.
             Elsewhere, Brodski feels tempted
             to distract Rhapsody.
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              But, Dr. Brodski, we really
                                              must get to the concert hall.
                                              All these old fairground
                                              amusements are very
                                              interesting, but...
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              Oh, patience, my dear. Plenty
                                              of time. The council members
                                              will not have arrived yet. Do
                                              you know, some of these
                                              machines are over a hundred
                                              years old. Like this one, for
             She points at a scary-themed
             ride - "The Ghost Train".
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              The - the Ghost Train?
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              So amusing. Come I'll show
             They take their seat in the
             small car.
             It begins to move slowly, right
             into -
             CUT TO:
             INT. GHOST TRAIN RIDE
             - the dark tunnel. We see a
             mixture of ghosts, skeletons,
             and zombies. We hear sounds of
             horrifying and wicked laughter.
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              Are you pleasantly scared, my
                                              dear, mmm?
                                              RHAPSODY ANGEL
                                              Really, Doctor, I hardly think
                                              I -
             She suddenly faints.
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              No, and you will not think for
                                              some time after that little
                                              injection. Wait here in the
                                              darkness, and by the time you
                                              come round and already
                                              discovered, my work will be
             More laughter - all isn't good.
             DISSOLVE TO:
             EXT. AMUSEMENT PARK
             Brodski walks past the ride's
             exit. Rhapsody remains
             unconscious in her seat.
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              Now, to lose myself in the
                                              crowd for just a little
             Captains Scarlet and Blue are
             getting closer to the concert
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              We have enough hope of finding
                                              her, it's like looking for one
                                              meteor in a universe. Captain
                                              Scarlet, what's wrong?
             Scarlet begins to feel a slight
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              I ... I feel faint. It's ...
                                              it's ...
                                              Captain Blue, she must be ...
             He feels fine again.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Of course! Whenever you come
                                              near a Mysteron, you - look
             They spot Brodski in the
             distance. She doesn't notice
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Yes, I see her. But we can't
                                              risk starting a panic.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Yes, she may do anything if
                                              she sees us. We can't risk
                                              innocent lives. We'll trail
             They start following her,
             Brodski slips past the entrance
             of a roller coaster ride - "Big
             Dipper". She takes a seat in a
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Stay here and observe,
                                              Captain. I'm gonna take a
             Blue takes a seat, just right
             behind her, trying to avoid
             The train departs.
             From a wide angle, we can see
             the train moving forward on a
             number of slopes; slow then
             fast, and repeat.
             Blue holds onto his cap, making
             sure that it doesn't fly away.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Gee, give me a Spectrum
                                              Pursuit Vehicle, any day.
             The train terminates at the
             finishing point.
             Suddenly, he notices that
             Brodski has vanished.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              What, where is she? Oh, she's
             He turns on his mike.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET (V.O.)
                                              She jumped, Blue, on slow
                                              bottom stretch right where
                                              your view is obscured. And
                                              I've also found Rhapsody Angel
                                              lying unconscious; Brodski
                                              must've injected an
                                              anaesthetic to keep her quiet.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              The devil she did!
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET (V.O.)
                                              She's moving south, towards
                                              the concert hall.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Get after her, Captain
                                              Scarlet. I'll follow.
             Brodski approaches the entrance
             to the concert hall.
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              Oh, I must shake them off!
                                              Now, almost there!
             Scarlet spots the Angels flying
             CUT TO:
             INT. ANGEL 1 COCKPIT
                                              DESTINY ANGEL
                                              Destiny Angel to Captain Blue,
                                              what orders?
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              Circle concert hall to south
                                              of complex. Further orders
                                              from Captain Scarlet.
                                              DESTINY ANGEL
                                              SIG, Captain.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             The Angels make a bank turn.
             CUT TO:
             EXT. AMUSEMENT PARK
             Scarlet arrives at the concert
             hall entrance. It is a fairly
             large dome, like the Royal
             Albert Hall.
             He activates his mike.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              I can't get a clear shot at
                                              her; too many people.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              Captain Scarlet, get that hall
                                              cleared - I don't care how.
                                              And as soon as it's clear,
                                              call in Angel strike. Brodski
                                              must be stopped.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
             CUT TO:
             INT. CONCERT HALL
             It is packed. Dozens of council
             members chatter as they wait. No
             sign of Brodski.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Might start a panic, but I've
                                              got to risk it!
             He raises his gun and fires
             several shots in the air.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Everybody outside!
             The members turn round in shock.
                                              PANICKING WOMAN
                                              Oh, it's a madman!
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Outside, move! Fast!
             They all rush to the exits,
             screaming and yelling in fear.
                                              PANICKING WOMAN
                                              Outside! Outside!
                                              PANICKING MAN
                                              Get out, everyone! Get out!
             The fleeing continues, then
             slowly fades.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                              Brodski, Dr. Brodski! You've
                                              failed! Give yourself up,
                                              maybe I'll...
             Brodski reveals herself from
             behind the stage curtains. She
             is holding a remote detonator.
                                              DR. BRODSKI
                                              No, Earthman! The Mysteron
                                              threat will be carried out. As
                                              soon as I trigger the charge,
                                              this whole complex goes sky
             She walks off.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET
                                             (through his mike)
                                              Come in, Angel leader.
             CUT TO:
             INT. ANGEL 1 COCKPIT
                                              DESTINY ANGEL
                                              Angel leader, here.
                                              CAPTAIN SCARLET (V.O.)
                                              Concert hall - the north end:
                                              destroy. You'll have time for
                                              one run, it'll better be
                                              DESTINY ANGEL
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             The Angels make a turn. They
             approach the concert hall, about
             to begin their run-in.
             CUT TO:
             INT. ANGEL 1 COCKPIT
                                              DESTINY ANGEL
                                              Firing missile... now!
             CUT TO:
             EXT. SKY
             They fire several missiles
             directly at the complex.
             Multiple explosions and debris
             scattering everywhere.
             CUT TO:
             INT. ANGEL 1 COCKPIT
                                              DESTINY ANGEL
                                              Voila! Smack on!
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              Captain Blue to Angel leader,
                                              can you see Captain Scarlet
                                              near the hall?
                                              DESTINY ANGEL
                                              No, Captain. I thought... I
                                              thought he was with you.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE (V.O.)
                                              Then, then he must have given
                                              the order to fire.
                                              DESTINY ANGEL
                                              From inside the hall? Oh no!
             CUT TO:
             EXT. CONCERT HALL
             Blue is surrounded by flames and
             wreckage. The building is
             heavily damaged by the strike.
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Break contact and return to -
                                              DESTINY ANGEL (V.O.)
                                              But, Captain!
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                              Return to base, that's an
                                              DESTINY ANGEL (V.O.)
                                              SIG, Captain.
             The Angels fly off.
             Blue remains on the scene,
             worried about the whereabouts of
                                              CAPTAIN BLUE
                                             (calls out)
                                              Captain Scarlet! Captain
                                              No, no one could have survived
                                              that blast. But the Doctor
                                              said, "indestructible". I
             No sound, absolute silence.
             FADE OUT:
             END TITLES

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