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Note:  This was born from serendipity; I was searching for something else, found this song (of the same name, by Brad Paisley) and instantly thought of Ochre. So here's the story. Hope you like it.


It never woulda worked out anyway

By Sage Harper


Captain Ochre stood his ground in the Amber Room, but seemed certain to falter as pairs of female eyes bore into him. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and here were four of them.

He tried to make light of the situation.  “Geez, lighten up. Where’s your sense of humour?”

Rhapsody snorted. “I fail to see the funny side of you spreading rumours about Melody.”

“Yeah… but they were for a real good reason, I was looking out for her… and anyway, I’m sure those other fellas never once really believed the stories I told were true.”

“Ah yes those ‘stories’. Like the time you told that cowboy, Mag used to be a man. Or the doctor she were dating, that she hid her wedding band. Can't think why it scared them off…”

At that point Ochre found the floor rather interesting.

“Well even if I did scare them away, Mag should be thankful. It never woulda worked out anyway.”

“That’s really not great justification Rick.” Symphony explained, her patience rapidly evaporating.
“Oh, and what about when you told that lawyer Mag spent a year in jail? And the salesman she was seein' that she hung out in cheap motels?”

“That was really low.” Harmony agreed, looking set on showing off her finely honed judo skills.
“And you still haven’t explained yourself.”

“That’s because I can’t get a word in edge ways.” Ochre looked imploringly at Melody. “Just hear me out, yeah?”

So Melody nodded and tried to listen attentively.  “Why are you doing all this? That’s all I wanna know. Don’t you want me to be happy?” she demanded.

“Of course,” he said, more firmly than intended. “God, can’t you see why? It’s because I really care about you girl. Okay I’ll admit, I did go a bit further than I really oughta.”

“I’ll say,” Symphony muttered.

“Karen, let him finish.”

“But that’s just because… I care about you... and it never woulda worked out anyway.”

Melody rolled her eyes.  “Funny way of showing it. What about the time you told that dentist I had seven little kids and doubled as a dancer at the strip club on the ridge?”

“Yeah, that too. The thing was, well, you were spending all your leave with that guy and ignoring me – I mean us. So maybe I was a little jealous.”  Melody fought to remain impassive.

“Besides it never woulda worked out anyway,” he added

“You keep saying that, so go on then, how come?”

“It’s like you and those guys live in different worlds.”

“So what, Mag should only date someone here? Any suggestions?” Harmony put in sarcastically.

Ochre finally plucked up the courage to go over to Melody.

“Fine, here’s the real reason.”

And he pulled together the courage to say what he should have before. If not to prevent the situation, then at least before it started spinning out of control.

“It's all because I love you... and I can't stop thinking of you...  and I need you in my world.”

Melody’s eyes widened in surprise, then she smiled.

“And it never woulda worked out anyway."







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