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The Quest 

A “Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons” story


By Chris Bishop








This story is set directly after the TV episode “Manhunt”, and is the follow-up to the storyline started in the short story The Secret.”


After Captain Black had escaped the net set for him by Spectrum, Captain Scarlet blames Symphony Angel for her careless that had permitted Black to capture her, and holds himself responsible for not having been able to foresee his former colleague’s deception.  Fearing Scarlet is growing obsessed with the idea that Black could be saved from the Mysterons’ control,  Colonel White decided to reveal to Scarlet a secret that had been kept from him since his first revival.  But White obtains more than he bargains for when, giving to Scarlet access to the file containing all about that secret, Scarlet discovers something else he wasn’t meant to ever learn.  Now, with an angry disposition toward his commander, and reconsidering his future with Spectrum, Scarlet takes some days off and set off on his own personal quest.  To make sure he won’t get into any trouble, Colonel White assigned Lieutenant Green, Rhap­sody, and a very eager to atone herself Symphony to keep tabs on him.  But the search for the Truth may very well be lethal when Scarlet and Symphony cross once again the path of the very deadly Captain Black.










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Many thanks to Hazel Kohler and Mary J. Rudy who had helped me a great deal by proof-reading the text for the following story.


Multi-parts story – check often for added parts.


As said in the synopsis, this story is set directly after the events of ‘Manhunt’, which never really was one of my favourite episodes, but does bring out some interesting questions.  Why was Captain Black at the Culver Atomic Centre that night, when he was exposed to a radioactive isotope?  Surely, he was preparing the ground for some new threat from the Mysterons, but was interrupted before actually carrying it out.  Why did that Mysteron Agent, posing as a mechanic, was killed so easily by Scarlet (and I suspect that it was not only because the mechanic ‘didn’t ask for their identification’ that Scarlet deduced the guy was a Mysteron agent).  Why was Symphony Angel so careless when landing in the area where Black had been seen?  What was Captain Blue’s reaction when Scarlet stopped him from going into the Centre to free Symphony? Wouldn’t he be angry at Scarlet for doing so?  And even knowing that Scarlet is a military man used to follow orders to the letter, but also knowing that he often would go out on his own, doesn’t it seem rather cold of him that he would not want to follow his friend in to save Symphony?


This story is also a follow-up to the short fanfic I wrote a couple of years ago ‘The Secret’, which revealed that Captain Black had a direct hand in the initial killing of Captain Scarlet.  Only a few months had passed since the events of ‘The Secret’, and Colonel White, Captain Blue and Doctor Fawn had kept it from Scarlet ever since.  Now here’s the time for him to learn the truth.  I was personally wondering if he would learn it soon after it had happened or later – maybe a couple of years from then.  I figure that, considering the character, he would have learned it sooner than later. 


‘The Quest’ also points out another important question I have been asking myself:  considering the events that had happened in the TV episode ‘The Mysterons’, where Scarlet kidnapped the World President and almost killed him, what were the odds that the Presidential Authorities will trust Scarlet enough for him to come back to duty within Spectrum?  Even with the best of motives from Colonel White, it’s doubtful that the World Government wouldn’t ask for some insurance, to make sure that Scarlet will behave.  This came the idea for that ‘other secret’ that will compel Scarlet to question his future within Spectrum – and whether he is really trusted or not.


Some mentions of other stories, like ‘All the Colours of the Rainbow’, ‘A Question of Trust’, written by myself, and ‘Chance for a Lifetime’, by Mary J. Rudy can also be found in the story. The idea that Rhapsody Angel and Captain Scarlet might eventually fall in love with each others (hinted at in this story) was originally presented in many of Mary J. Rudy’s stories.  And the past relationship between Captain Scarlet and Destiny Angel – inspired by one of the last scene of the TV episode ‘The Mysterons’ was also mentioned first in Kimberly Murphy-Smith and Richard Spake’s story  ‘Whose heart the blackest’.



Mention of Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward from the TV series ‘Thunderbirds’ has also been made.  Rhapsody Angel’s biography details that Dianne Simms had been trained by Lady Penelope before becoming her successor at the head of the Federal Agency Bureau. 


I hope you will enjoy this new story.  Feel free to write to offer your comments!






EPILOGUE – Posted November 25, 2004 – completed!