A “Captain Scarlet” Novel

By Chris Bishop




I don’t own the rights of “Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons” or any of the characters.  This story I wrote was done in a spirit of fun, with respect for the works of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, and the rest of the team from Century 21 and ITC Entertainment.  I don’t make a dime out of this, so please don’t sue me anybody!

While I tried very hard to stay faithful to the Gerry Anderson Chronology, I have taken some much-needed freedom (for “creativity’ sake”) with some aspects of it.

I personally don’t believe that all the series created by Gerry Anderson have taken place in the same universe, like the Century 21 and Countdown Magazines have implied (I have read somewhere that Gerry Anderson himself didn’t have that concept in mind either).  But I have kept some ideas from it.  For example, it is rather interesting to think that Dianne Simms (Rhapsody Angel), had worked for some time for an elderly lady of the name of Penelope Creighton-Ward…  If I referred to a WASP organisation, Marineville and a Stingray prototype, that don’t necessary mean they’re the same elements as described in the “Stringray” television series…

The Captain Scarlet Annual 1968 had implied that Rick Fraser (Captain Ochre), during what was called “Operation Jigsaw”, had to undergo a plastic surgery in order to join the Spectrum organisation…  That would lead us to believe that ALL Spectrum senior staff had to go through that as well.  So I scratched that idea and, taking into account ONLY the case of Captain Ochre, replaced it with one of my own (granted, a rather simple one).  Beside, if one read carefully, there is a warning upon the 1968 Annual “article”: “For security reasons, this report from the Jigsaw files is false…”  

I have also borrowed some ideas and characters from Kimberly Smith-Murphy and Mary J. Rudy, from the “Power Star” stories, such as Captain Scarlet’s parents, the real identity of Captain Brown and the facts that Scarlet and Destiny Angel knew each other’s fairly well before joining Spectrum.  Thanks, you two!  If you ever read those lines, let me know what you think of all this.

Keep in mind that this is my first try at a fan fiction, and my first go in writing in the English lan­guage.  There’s bound to be errors, grammatical or otherwise, throughout the story.  Be kind to me.  I’m opened to critics and suggestions…






2 years before the Mysterons begin their war of nerves with the people of Earth, the World Gov­ernment prepares to instigate a Special Military Force that, unbeknown to all, will eventually be­come the ultimate adversary of the Aliens:  Spectrum.   Six men, chosen by a Spe­cial Selection Committee, encounter in a warehouse in Perth, Australia, and then embark on a mysterious hunt for clues, trying to discover who is this mysterious man who has ambushed them.  While his newfound companions are send stranded in the Austra­lian outback, colonel Paul Metcalfe, of the WAAF Special Forces, is keep as prisoner in a military base, called Koala Base, where he is res­cued by five female fighters pilots: the Angels…






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