New series Suitable for all readersAction-oriented/low level of violence

The Mysteron Curse



A New Captain Scarlet Story

written By Angel Crystal



Chapter 1: New Girl


It was a normal day on Skybase, when Colonel White called all personnel into the conference room. 

He said, “Right is everyone here?  Good.  Well, the reason I have called you all here, there is someone I want everyone to meet.  This is Angel; she is our new team member.  Just passed her final exams and has proven herself in her battle training, she will be working with Captain Scarlet and Destiny. "


Angel is 21 years of age, tanned, dark haired and has a very strong built body.  Captain Scarlet was taken with her, but Angel started straight away working with Doctor Gold.  She called in his first patient, Doctor Gold watched her.  She spoke with his patient, keeping him calm by explaining what he was in for and asking him if he wanted her to stay.


The patient said, "Yes miss, please stay; I'm so frightened of what the results might be.”  So Angel stayed with him while he had the tests done. 

Then Doctor Gold came out and said, " It's good news: your fine, no worries.” 

The patient thanked her for staying with him and went back to his quarters. 

Doctor Gold then reported about Angel's support in surgery that day.   He said, “Colonel, I had Angel working with me today.  She has shown perfect nursing skills and has a great positive attitude with my patients.  I think she should take her nursing exam and get her nurse's licence.”



Colonel White agreed with him and put down her name for the exam in three months time, she got such a shock when she saw her name on the nurse licence exam form.  When Colonel White told her she was so happy and said, “Oh thank you.  I have wanted to take my nurse's licence exam for two years now, as I want to train to be a nurse.”




Chapter 2: Making Friends


Angel was always working so hard, she hardly had any time for herself.  When Lieutenant Green was busy at her computer one day, she noticed Angel had left a note on Colonel White's desk.  When she left the control tower, Lieutenant Green took the note to Colonel White's quarters and posted it in his mail slot.


Captain Scarlet had just gone down to the gym to begin his workout, when Captain Blue walked into the control room.  He kissed Angel and said,  “Hey, you work too hard.  Relax a bit get to know some of us.” 

So Angel decided to go to the gym with Captain Blue.  She started lifting weights, and then she started going four hours a day doing weight lifting.


Within six weeks, she had not only made some friends, but also built quite some muscle. Angel then decided one night for her and her new friends to go out clubbing.  They did, but as Destiny was dancing she fell over.  Angel went to help Destiny get up, but as she started walking back to the table she suddenly lost consciousness and fell backwards into Captain Scarlet's arms.



Chapter 3: The Threat


Captain Scarlet said, “Right, we are going back to Skybase now.”  When they did eventually get back to Skybase, Angel was taken to sickbay to see Doctor Gold.  She had regained consciousness by then.   Doctor Gold asked her if she was ok, and could she remember what happened before she blacked out.


Fortunately she was able to remember.  Angel said, “Yes I remember everything: Destiny was dancing when she suddenly fell over.  Captain Scarlet and I went to help her up; we were all heading back to our table when I started feeling dizzy.  As I passed out I heard a voice, a familiar voice.  It was very deep voice, it sound like our ex-team mate, Conrad.”


Angel explained about the mysterious voice, the voice had said: “You betrayed us on Mars; you acted totally out of character towards us.  For this all of you will pay for it, we are unleashing a curse.  When you least expect it, you will die one by one.  It could be an accident that no one will survive, or to be killed by someone you love the most.”




Chapter 4:  First Love Hurts


Angel was in the Yellow Lounge, she had dozed off beside a huge stack of documents, when Captain Blue walked in. 

He said, "Hey, you ok?”

Angel woke with a jump and saw him by the coffee machine.  She said, “Oh, Captain, I didn't know you came in.”

Captain Blue said, “I’m sorry, did I wake you?” 

Angel said, "Oh no, it's ok.  I'm glad you did; this revising is a nightmare and I have to do my other double shift in an hour.”



Angel started putting away her revision work, and got ready to start her night shift in control tower.  While she was on duty, Colonel White started feeling ill. 

He said, “Oh, I'm so sorry Angel, I think I better go and get Doctor Gold give me a check over.  I feel so embarrassed leaving you in command alone like this."

She said, “Colonel White.  It is ok with me; my concern is for your welfare.  Please look after yourself first; I will be fine working without you for the time, as I have done it before sir.”


Angel was pleased when her shift was over as she was ready to go to her quarters and get some sleep.  Captain Scarlet was already asleep in his quarters, next door to Angel.  He was woken by her shouting:



Captain Scarlet quickly got up and went into Angel's quarters where she sat crying. 

 He said, “Hey what's the matter?” 

She said, " It was them again, there threatening me.”

Captain Scarlet said, “How are they threatening you?”

 Angel said, “They said there going to kill the one person I love.”  

He knew who the Mysterons meant.


Captain Scarlet called Destiny and Captain Blue; he asked them to head up to Colonel White's quarters. 

Angel said, "He went to see Doctor Gold at 21.04 hours, he didn't feel too well." 

Captain Scarlet said, "Right, thanks for that information.  You sure know the rules well.”  Angel said, “Yes, I have been revising before my shifts, for my nurse licence exam in three days time."

Everyone went to Colonel White's quarters - to find him dead. 

Destiny couldn't believe it.  Angel was lead out the room by Captain Scarlet, while Captain Blue reported to sickbay.  Doctor Gold got up to the room within 10 minutes; he got two of his assistants to put Colonel White's body in a black body bag, and take him away to the preparation room for the funeral. 

Captain Scarlet asked Angel to stay with him in his quarters that night.




Chapter 5: A War We Can't Win


Angel never slept that night, she was so upset.  She didn't want to go to the funeral, Captain Scarlet stayed with her. 

He said, “I know he meant the world to you, but we will get through this.  He may not be here in person, but he will always be with you.” 


Angel said, "Captain, I know he's still here.  But we have to face the fact, he can't help us now.”

 Captain Scarlet looked at Angel, with a sad expression on his face.  Then tears started rolling down his face.

 She said, "Captain Scarlet, please don’t; if you start now, I will too.”


He said, “I’m sorry, I'm such a child at times.”

 Angel said, "Captain, you’re not a child just because you cry.  You cry all you want; after all, you were best friends for years.  So let him know how you feel, by expressing your feelings freely, like everyone should do.   But there is one truth I must let go of." 

Captain Scarlet said, “What is it?”

Angel said, “We must face up to the fact that we won't win this war.   This curse will destroy Spectrum's future.  Only you, me and Destiny will survive it.” 

Captain Scarlet and Angel went up to the control tower and watched the sunset.   After a long sad time, they went to bed.



Chapter 6: Losing Friends


As each day went on, more people died and more funerals were held each week.  When the day of the exam finally came, Angel was pleased as she knew, if she passed, she would be an official nurse, Angel went into the examination room.  The exam began.  The exam time set was 3 hours and she had been in the exam 1 1/2 hours already and was doing well until she hit the one question which she always struggled with in her revision.  She sat a good few minutes, then finally answered it.   She finished the rest of the paper and handed it in.  Angel finished within 2 hours, she hoped she did well enough.

Captain Scarlet said, " Angel, don't worry, I'm sure you did great.”

She gave him a smile and said, "Captain, I'm just hoping for peace.  I don't care if I fail that exam.”

Captain Scarlet said, “You should, Colonel White put your name down for it because he believed in you.”


Angel said, “You’re right, he did; he believed I had what it took to become a nurse.  I'm not doing it for myself anymore; I'm doing it for him too.” 

Captain Scarlet smiled at her; she smiled back and held Captain Scarlet's hand.



Chapter 7: The Results


Angel was called to the examination room to get her results.  It was Miss Jennifer Winters who was giving the results that day. 

She said, “Angel, please take a seat.   I have your results here.” 

Angel sat down, she looked at the paper put in front of her.  Angel sat silently in shock, then her eyes started to fill up with tears.

Miss Winters said, “Are you ok?"

Angel said, “Yes, but thank you.”

Miss Winters said, “For what?"

Angel said, “For this. Colonel White signed me up for the exam and for me to get it is my dream, but this is also for him.”

Miss Winters said, “So you feel you owe him this?”

 Angel said, “Yes, so thank you.   I'm going to see the others and get back to work.” 

So she did, but she saw Destiny, Symphony, Melody, Rhapsody and Harmony first.


They all kept asking how Angel, had done.  She got a drink of water and then said, “I PASSED!”

Everyone cheered. 

Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Lieutenant Green and Doctor Gold heard all the shouting.  They ran into the Yellow Lounge.   Angel ran up to Captain Scarlet and hugged him, she then stepped back. 

The Angels left the room, so Angel could announce her big news. 

She said, “Captain Blue, Captain Scarlet, Lieutenant Green, Doctor Gold.  I want to say something special to you all; it is ‘thank you’ for your trust and friendship over the last few days.  When I lost Colonel White, I knew we weren't just losing our leader.  We were also losing a friend.”



Chapter 8: Is This The End?


More people died; there were more funerals. 

They were down to the last six; Captain Blue, Captain Scarlet, Destiny, Lieutenant Green, Harmony and Angel were the last remaining survivors.  The curse drove everyone else into madness, so that, one by one, they killed each other.  Captain Blue was so frightened to stay in his own quarters; he went to get a coffee from the machine in the Yellow Lounge.

When it started to spray boiling water in his face he died instantly from the shock.   Harmony was looking for the others when her foot slipped by a lift shaft.  She fell and was killed instantly.    Doctor Gold started going insane and went after Lieutenant Green.  He killed her by stabbing her with an operating knife, through the chest and out of her back.  He then killed himself the same way. 

 When Destiny saw Lieutenant Green and Doctor Gold lying in a pool of blood, she ran to find Captain Scarlet and Angel, hiding in Captain Scarlet's quarters. 

Angel said, “This is it.” 

Captain Scarlet said, “What are you saying?”

Angel said, “The Mysterons have completed their mission.  It's over.”

Destiny sat crying. 

The Mysterons had won the war, but had not finished the fight just yet.  They said, “We have one more part of unfinished business with one of you Earthmen.   She knows who she is.  We will not rest until we destroy her.   Angel, you must die.”



Chapter 9: The Secret Unfolds


Captain Scarlet looked at Angel and saw a Spectrum symbol on her left wrist glowing.

 He said, “Why do they want to kill you?” 

Angel said, “Because a long time ago, I agreed to marry the Mysteron leader.  But when I met him, I ran off and never got found out until that night we were all out together.  Remember when I passed out?   That was them telling me unless I returned to marry their leader, everyone I care about would face the punishment.  I refused and now look at this.   Only us three are left, I must set things right.” 


Captain Scarlet and Destiny had no idea how Angel was to do it,

Destiny said, “Surely you can't try and fight them?  You will never do it using skills.” Captain Scarlet watched Angel as she pulled out a special compact.  It was sky-blue, with white crystal, and inside was a lilac-coloured crystal. 

He was shocked and said, “You’ve been hiding this from us.” 

Angel said, “When I was a little girl, I was given a special power that can only be used once.  So I wanted to keep it for the one time. I really needed to use it.  But I didn't want to reveal my secret, until I had no choice.   I'm sorry, I should have done it sooner.”  And she started crying.  

Destiny said, “It’s ok.  You have no choice now, if you want to save yourself and the world.”

Angel said, “I would save the world.  But not myself.”

Captain Scarlet said, “How come you won't be saved?” 

Destiny could tell what Angel was going to say by the look on her face.

 She said, “Because when I use the Spectrum Crystal’s healing kiss, I will have to use every ounce of my strength, to make it work.”

 Captain Scarlet stood by in silence.



Chapter 10: Final Sacrifice


Destiny didn't want Angel to do it, but Angel said, “Destiny, I have to.  Look, if I don't the Mysterons will destroy the world, and you will be killed too, along with millions of people.  I don't want the world to suffer because of me.”

Destiny just stood and began crying as Angel went to the control tower of Skybase, where Captain Black, leader of the Mysterons was waiting.

He said, “Glad you could make it for your death.”


He was about to attack, when Angel pulled out the compact and brushed her hand in front of it, revealing the lilac crystal inside.  She shouted:


She began to change from her uniform into a long, white crystal gown with wings. 

Angel said, "You never would have guessed it, would you?  I'm the princess of Spectrum, Lady Angel, I have known since I was a little girl, and now I choose to use it to save my friends and the world from your evil curse.  I'm Spectrum Angel.”

Captain Scarlet saw what she was going to do, so he and Destiny took cover. 


It made a ribbon shape around her then shot at Captain Black, killing him on impact.   Then the curse was destroyed. 

Captain Scarlet saw Angel start falling to the floor, he caught her.  As her eyes closed, he kissed her as she died in his arms.   Destiny started crying. So did Captain Scarlet.  They wondered if they would see Angel again.   Who knows?  But one thing they'll never forget is that she will always be with them wherever they go.









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