New series Suitable for all readersAction-oriented/low level of violence

The Children of the Past, a "New Captain Scarlet" story for Halloween by Adam Blue

“Right, where did I put my phone?  I put it on the table this morning,” said Captain Blue, scratching his head.  “I know I did!” 

Blue was in his room, on Skybase, packing his holiday bag for a three-day break with his best friend, Scarlet.  Joining them were Captain Grey and Lieutenant Green.

They were heading to the UK to an old 18th Century mansion, in the middle of nowhere, in Scotland near the east coast.  It had been built on a 100 acre plot that was never developed on beforehand. The name the owner had given his home was, “Mystery Mansion”, due to the fact not much information was known about the place.  Grey knew the owner of this huge house and asked if he and some friends could stay there for a few days whilst he was away on holiday.  The owner had lived there for over 30 years and he never once wanted to leave its historic walls.

 “Ah, there you are!”  Blue said smiling, as he found his phone on top of his oven.  Then he suddenly realised. “How did you get all the way over there?”  he said.  “Hmm, strange.  I must have poltergeists in my room!”  He put his phone in his suitcase, closed it up, grabbed it and went to meet the others on the Swift.  That was one perk of being a Captain: you got to travel in comfort and style.

After a few minutes, Blue reached Vehicle Bay and walked to the Swift, carrying his well-packed suitcase.  The others were already on board.

“Hi, Adam,” said Scarlet, sitting nearest to the door.  “Got everything?”

“Yup, think so.”  Blue walked further in, put his suitcase away in a compartment and sat down.

“You know, Adam, you won’t be doing a huge amount for the next three days.  I mean can you cope with that?”  Grey said, smiling.   Scarlet laughed a little.

“Yes, I think I can,” Blue said with an unhappy look on his face.  “The house does sound like it has a lot of ‘goings on`.  So that should keep me busy.”

“Yes, it does.  It‘s said it has been haunted since it was built back in the 18th Century,” Grey said in an excited voice.

“Cool!” said Green. “Who haunts it?”

“Oh, come on!” said Scarlet, shaking his head.  “You don’t believe in that stuff, do you?”

“After what the Mysterons can do?” She leaned in to him. ”Yes, Paul, I do.  I’m surprised you don’t,” she said, sitting back in her seat again.

“Yeah, well, I don’t believe in things I can’t see.  A Mysteron I can punch in the face.  A ghost, what face? ” Scarlet replied.

“Right, Captains, Lieutenant, we are on our way up,” a voice said through the comm.

Just then everyone jolted as the Swift headed upwards to the runway.

 “Anyway, as I was saying,” said Grey, “most of the house is haunted, apparently, by two children and their mother.”

“Oh, that is so sad!” Green said with a sad look upon her face. “What happened to them?”

“Well, as it goes, the two children, twins, died when they were five.  They were apparently killed by their father.  His wife, their mum, apparently, had an affair with another man. He found out, and to get back at her, he killed their daughters by stabbing them with a pair of scissors!”

 A voice then came thought the comm. again:

“Captains, Lieutenant, we‘re about to take off.  E.T.A., three hours.”

 The captains and Lieutenant Green sat back in their seats and the Swift shot down the runway and up into the air.  Blue continued the topic.

“Sick man,” he said in anger.

“Why kill their daughters?  Why, if you must, not kill their mother instead?”  Green said with a wobble to her voice.

“It was for two reasons really,” Grey said. “One she loved those girls more than life itself, so what better way to make her suffer? Two, he didn’t know how long she had being ‘seeing’ this other man, so wasn’t sure whether the twins were his...”

“Oh, come on!”  Blue said with a continued anger in his voice.  “That’s just plain evil!  You have to be sick in the head to think about killing them in the first place.  So what if they weren’t his?  You don’t kill kids!”

“What happened to the mother?”  enquired Scarlet.

“She hung herself.  She couldn’t get over the fact her own husband killed them and that they were never coming back.”

“God.  That is just so sad,” Green said looking down.

“Apparently, she is not a very pleasant ghost either.  She protects her daughters like crazy. She goes everywhere they go, or should I say, floats.  She will hurt anyone if she thinks they might hurt her children,” Grey continued.

“Hurt them, how?” asked Blue.

“She either scares you into leaving or physically hurts you. By that I mean, she throws things at you, or at her worst she’s ‘pushed` people down the stairs,”  Grey explained, making sure they heard him correctly.

“Pushing people down the stairs!”  Scarlet said in shock.

“Oh yes, she’s not afraid to do anything.”

“I don’t think I want go there now,” said Green, sliding down in her seat.

“Sounds like something interesting could happen,” Blue retorted smiling.

“Well, we will be there soon, so you will be able to feel the hairs rise on the back of your neck!” said Grey.

“Cool!”  Blue exclaimed, sitting on the edge of his seat.  Green just looked at him.

“Well, that’s what some people say happens in that place.  It could be total nonsense,” Grey added, light-heartedly.  The others just looked at him in disbelief.

“You say all that but it might not even be true!”  Blue said in disappointment.  “I hope for your sake it is true.  Or I would have to kill you for scaring Serena for nothing, and for getting my hopes up.”  

Scarlet rolled his eyes. ‘Yeah right,’ he thought.




Once the Swift landed at the small airport called, ‘Wee Lock Airport,’ which was close to a small town called Lock Town, the passengers walked off with their suitcases and saw a big old grey Volvo waiting for them.

“Here’s our taxi,” said Grey with a smile. He pointed a finger at the car.  The captains and Green just looked each other.

“That old wreck is our taxi?  Will it make it there?”  Scarlet said.

 Grey gave him a stare.  “Yes it will.  The driver is one of my father’s friends. He will be driving us there.”  He then looked round back to his friends and whispered, “He won’t come out of the car, he doesn’t always communicate very well.” 

“It’s not far from here, is it?” asked Green.

“No, about thirty minutes, why?”

“Good, because I find these quiet people a bit strange.”

“Does he have a name, Ian?”  asked Blue.

“Yup, but I can’t remember it.”

They all climbed into the car and sat on the black leather seats.

“Hi, mate!”  Grey said to the driver.  “These are my friends, Paul, Serena and Adam.”

 The driver looked in the rear view mirror, nodded and then drove off to the mansion.

Scarlet didn’t really enjoy sitting in the backseats, as they had sunk in the middle and he could feel the bumps go through his spine.

 ‘I think my spine is going to shatter before we even get there!’  he thought to himself, tensing up his body.

“Oh, Ian, you never mentioned what happened to the father?”  asked Green.

“No one knows. He just disappeared after the murders.”

Twenty minutes later the driver pulled up to a huge gate.  It had a roller coaster shape, witch was a silver colour covered with rust, with plenty of weeds entwined in the railings.   There was a plaque shaped like a child in the middle, which split in two when the gates opened.  “Wow, that gate is huge!”  Green said in amazement.

“You should see the mansion,” Grey replied with a big smile.

“Part of me wants to, but if it’s haunted, the other half off me just wants to stay put!”  Green said, shivering slightly.

The driver got out and walked to the gate, took the keys out of his pocket and opened the big lock with one big key. Just as he was about to try and heave one of the huge gates open,  a ghostly child’s face came out of the image and went through the driver, who fell backwards in shock, and went through the car, and through the passengers.  Then there was a faint child’s laugh as it disappeared.

 “WHAT WAS THAT!?” screamed Green.  The others jumped out of their seats and were looking out the windows

 “It looked like a child’s face!”  Grey said in a shaky voice. 

 “Where the hell did it come from?”  Blue said trying to calm his voice and not move. But he couldn’t anyway because Green was leaning against him and holding on to him tight, her face buried in his chest.

“I don’t know and I don’t care.  Just make sure it doesn’t come back!”  she said in a muffled voice.

“Oh, come on, you’re all imagining things,” Scarlet retorted.  “I didn’t see any face come through the window.”

“But it was there, Paul,” Grey protested.

“The only thing I see is a scared expression on Serena’s face.  So stop it, please.”

Scarlet got out of the car and saw the driver on the ground, shaking like a leaf.  He ran over and knelt down. “Are you ok, sir?” 

The man shook his head and grabbed onto Scarlet’s arm.

“I thought the talk wasn’t true!  I never believed the stories of the children,” he said, his voice shaking.

Scarlet helped him up and the man ran to the back off the car and hid.  Scarlet noticed something shimmering on the ground; it was the keys.

‘The driver must have dropped them when he fell,’  he thought.  He picked them up and put them in his jeans’ pocket.  He then saw Grey slowly getting out from the car and looking at the gates.

“Well, Grey, do you want to continue?” Scarlet asked.

“Yes, I do, but I’m not sure if Serena can go any further.  She’s really scared,” Grey replied.

“Adam will look after her,” said Scarlet

Scarlet walked up to the gates and asked Grey to help him open one.  They heaved the huge squeaky gate slowly open.  Nothing scary happened this time.

“It’s ok, Serena.  You can look now,” said Blue in a soft voice. “Paul and Ian have opened one gate and nothing has happened.”

Green didn’t want to lift her head as she was still too scared.  “Are you sure, Adam?”

“Yes, I promise.”  Green slowly looked up and saw nothing.  She then let go of Blue and slowly sat up but was still staying close to him.

Scarlet and Grey walked back to the old wreck of a car.  Scarlet couldn’t see the driver behind the car.  He looked everywhere but there was no sign of him.  All he could see were some trees and bushes on each side of the road.  He then joined Grey. “Hmm. Where has he gone?  He can’t have just vanished?”

They both got back into the car, deciding he would drive the remainder of the way, took the wheel. He drove into the grounds and parked the car right in front of the front door, just in case they needed a quick escape.  They all got out. Green was still holding on to Blue.


The driver had waited for the team to leave the car from behind a nearby bush.  He then ran and opened the door, almost pulling it off in the process.  He started the car and shot backwards, then turned it around and drove off.  Scarlet, Blue and Green watched in horror as he left, whilst Grey ran after him, shouting at him to stop the car.


 But the driver wasn’t listening.  Grey stopped running and watched the car turn into a blip in the distance.

“I’LL WRING YOUR MISERABLE NECK NEXT TIME I SEE YOU!”  Grey shouted waving his fist in the air. Scarlet jogged next to him.

“Great, now we don’t have a getaway car if anything happens,” he said in a mix of annoyance and anger.

Grey walked back to the others, with Scarlet following close behind.

“How do we get back now?!”  Green said with panic in her voice and rubbing her arms as she had goose bumps.  Adam pulled her close again.

“We get a taxi,” Grey said looking at her.

“If they’ll come out to this place,” Scarlet replied, looking around.

“I’ll bribe them!”  Blue said with determination in his tone.  “Well, now we’re here, we should go and investigate.”

They all turned round to look at the mansion and they were all hoping nothing was going to happen.

 The mansion had a huge wooden front door with a lion knocker in the middle and two big dog statues either side of it.  The rest of the front of the house wasn’t looking in too good a condition, but had a line up of amazingly detailed angel statues. On the second floor, a big angel was placed on the centre of the roof, as though guarding the place.

The captains looked around whilst walking up the big chunky stairs to the front door.  They reached the top and all looked at each other.  Green was starting to think something else could come out and scare her.

“You can let go of my arm, Serena,” said Blue with a smile.  “I’m right here, I won’t leave you.”  “I know, but I feel even safer if I hold on to you,” Green replied with a quick flash of a smile.

Grey was given the keys by Scarlet and he unlocked the door. Then he twisted the knocker to the right and tried to push the door open.  He needed a bit of help from Scarlet.  It creaked open and the team looked inside, and one by one they walked into the magnificent hall.

 “Wow!  Look at that massive stairwell!”  said Blue.

It was a smooth spiral shape with thick rusted metal bars. Moulded animal shapes ran from the top to the bottom.

“You could slide all the way down on that!”  joked Grey. 

Scarlet was looking around the massive hall, admiring all the oil paintings, statues, big plants and all the gold trimming you could think of.

“I think Colonel White would love this place for its architecture alone.  Right up his alley,” he said smiling.

“Right, the rooms are up here, guys,” Grey said, pointing to the top of the stairs.  “You’ll each get one, and believe me they will be a nice size.”

“You can basically swing a cat in them then?”  joked Blue.


As they all headed up the creaky stairs, Green felt something was watching them.  She looked over her shoulder but no one was there.

Blue took the first room, nearest the stairs, on the right hand side.  Scarlet had the next. Green the room after and Grey the last one up the corridor.

They all went inside and looked over the accommodations that they would be sleeping in for the next three days.  Each room was the same as the next, apart from the picture hanging above the huge fireplace.

Green was telling herself that the ghosts couldn’t harm her like the Mysterons could - and did. So really, she shouldn’t be scared.  It was starting to help.  She wasn’t feeling quite as nervous. ‘I think maybe I should share a room with someone if something happens. ‘I’ll ask if Adam would like to,’ she thought to herself.  After all, what a perfect way to get nearer to him.


Scarlet was looking out the window, which looked out over the front garden, and saw a woman walking past the flowerbeds that covered one half off the lawn. She then turned around and looked behind her. Scarlet turned his head to look at what she was looking at; he saw nothing.  He returned his attention to the woman. Before his eyes, she then just seemed to disappear.

Scarlet looked in all directions but could see nothing. Where did she go?  Surely he wasn’t seeing things?  He stepped back and thought about it for a moment.


Green walked to Blue’s room and knocked on his open door.

“Come in, Serena.  What do you think of the accommodations?”  he said with his arms out-stretched.

“I don’t like them, they’re too big,” she answered, walking into his room.  “But, I don’t feel as scared as I did when we walked in.”

 “That’s good.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not sure how I’d feel if I keep hearing strange noises.  I’m a tough woman, but something like that could turn me again into what I was earlier.”

“You’ll be fine.  But if you do get scared again, you could share my room.”

“So you’re offering then?” she said looking at him with her big brown eyes.

He looked back at her and smiled. “Yeah... I believe I just did.  Yes, I’m offering.”

He couldn’t believe she just asked him so bluntly. But he couldn’t turn down a damsel in distress who was named Serena.

Green sighed with relief.  “I don’t want to intrude or anything.  If you’re not sure, then please just tell me.”  She saw he was slightly hesitant. “I know it’s a bit weird me asking you this.”

“No, no... It’s fine.  It’s just…” He rubbed the back of his neck.  “I’ve never shared a room with a colleague before.  Anyway,” he said, now smiling, “There’s plenty of room, it’s a big bed.”  He walked over to it.  “I’ll just... hmm... put something down the middle!  How’s that idea?”  “Yeah, sure,” she said, smiling.

Just then Grey walked into Blue’s room along with Scarlet.

“Hi, guys.  Hope I’m not interrupting anything?  But you won’t believe this!” said Grey with excitement.  “Paul has just seen a woman out of his window, but then she just disappeared!  Like Houdini!  He turned around for a split second and when he looked back, poof, gone!”  

“It could be the ghostly figure of the mother?”  joked Blue.

“Oh, could be, Adam!”

 “Hey, I don’t know what exactly happened to her!  She was there, and then she wasn’t!  She didn’t look like a ghost to me!”  Scarlet replied.

 “So we saw a child’s face earlier, heard what sounded like a child’s laugh and now Paul might have seen the mother?” replied Grey with continued excitement.

 “I hope she can cook!” joked Blue. Just as Grey was about to carry on with the hot topic, there was a massive slamming noise which seemed to be coming from down stairs.  The team was started by the sound.

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!”  screamed Green, who looked at Blue whilst walking to him.

The others were looking out the door, their ears pricked.

 “No one else meant to be here, Ian?” asked Scarlet.

“No, no one,” replied Grey.

“Stay here, Serena, we’ll take a look,” said Blue.

“No, I’m not, Adam.  I’m coming with you.”

They all went to the doorway. They looked either side of the hallway, then they walked slowly to the stairs, keeping watch in all directions.

Grey and Scarlet looked down the stairs and saw nothing. 

Scarlet looked at the front door and thought of something. “Did we close the front door when we came in?”  he asked, looking at Grey.

“No, we didn’t,” Grey said, now starting to sound a bit worried.  “There’s no breeze to shut it, and anyway, it couldn’t move that door, it’s too big and heavy.”  Scarlet and Grey continued to look at each other.

“The ghosts aren’t going to kick us out this early!” Green said. 

“They might try.” Adam responded looking at her.

“Adam, there are NO ghosts!” Scarlet protested.

And what is it we witnessed up until now, then?” Blue challenged.

“I’m sure there’s a logical explanation to where this woman I saw might have disappeared to – and to also explain the phenomenon at the gate.”

“Look, the smallest room will be the kitchen,” Grey said.  “I’ll take you there.  We should be safe from anything else that might happen.”

“Well hopefully long enough for Adam to eat something,” commented Scarlet.

“I am famished,” Blue retorted. “Okay, so where is that kitchen?” 

“Down the stairs and to the left.” 

Whilst they started walking down to the ground floor, they didn’t notice the ghosts of the children and the mother behind them at the top of the stairs.  The ghosts were followed by two green circles, which started moving over their ethereal ‘bodies’.  The circles then disappeared, leaving the children’s and their mother’s eyes glowing green.

Once the team reached the kitchen, Grey turned the knob to find it wasn’t locked. They walked in, and Grey, the last one to enter, shut the door behind them. They all sat around a big, solid oak table.

“This is a small kitchen for such a huge place,” said Green.

“Yeah it is,” Grey replied, looking inside the cupboards.

Green decided to make them all hot chocolate drinks, as Grey had found some whilst searching the cupboard. An hour passed and nothing happened.  No noises or any other sort of activity. 

They were rather enjoying the silence.  Even Green seemed happy. But it wasn’t to last.

“I’m going to walk out and take a look around, as it‘s quiet,” said Scarlet.

“Come back in one piece, won’t you?” said Grey.

“I intend to,” Scarlet replied, slightly smiling.

He left the room and turned right to walk down the huge hallway.  Just as he reached the magnificent stairwell, he felt something fall on his head.

“OUCH!”  he yelped.  He put his hand on his head and looked around but couldn’t see anyone.  He looked at his feet and discovered a book, lying on the floor, with blood on the bottom edge.  Scarlet looked at his hand and saw blood on his fingers.

“It must have fallen from somewhere,” he said. He looked round and couldn’t see any shelves with books on. ‘Now it can’t be those ghosts,’ he told himself. ‘There’s no such thing! Or is there?’  He bent down and picked up the book.  Then he suddenly remembered what Grey said earlier, about the mother ‘pushing’ people down the stairs.  He whirled round, but didn’t see anyone behind him or near the stairs.  So he walked back to the kitchen, quickly.

“I think one of those ghosts of yours threw a book at me!”  Scarlet said out loud, rubbing his head.

“Are you ok, Paul?”  Blue said, getting up and taking a look.  “Sit down.”

“I’ll get some warm water and a cloth,” Green said, rushing to the sink.

 “It does hurt a bit,” replied Scarlet.  He felt his head throb a little.

Green came back with a bowl of warm water and a cloth she got from the cupboard under the sink.  “Okay, Paul, I’m going to clean it up a bit, so it may well hurt a little.”

 “That won’t be necessary,” Scarlet protested.  “It’s nothing, a little cut. You know it’ll be completely healed in a little while.”

“I know, but still, it needs to be cleaned,” Green retorted.  “You can’t leave it unattended, Paul.”

  While Green played nice nurse to Scarlet’s injury, the team were unaware the daughters were floating towards them.

 “There you go.  All cleaned.”

“Thanks, Serena. You’re a very good nurse.”  

Grey turned round to face the door, when he saw the ghosts of the two girls hovering there, staring at them. They both held some wicked-looking scissors.  

“Guys? We’ve got company!”   

The others looked round and saw the ghosts and their glowing green eyes.

“Oh, come on!  No way!” Blue exclaimed, looking stunned. “Please say their eyes are meant to glow, and in Paul’s favourite colour? Surely the Mysterons can’t take over ghosts as well?” 

 “That’s impossible,” Scarlet muttered, but this time with uncertainty.  “There are NO such things as GHOSTS!  And certainly NOT Mysteronised ghosts!”

The ghosts lifted their arms and the two pairs of scissors were thrown towards them.  One went through Blue‘s arm, near his shoulder and the other pair just narrowly missed Grey, as he dived out of the way.

“OW!”  Blue yelled as he dropped to his knees in shock and pain.

ADAM!” Green rushed over to him, followed by Scarlet. “I’ll get a cloth and tie it above the wound,” she said, trying not to panic. “Don’t pull the scissors out, it could be helping to stop the blood from pouring out.”

 “Well, I guess that answers your questions, guys,” Grey replied nervously, whilst keeping an eye on the ghosts. “You okay, Adam?”

“Oh, never felt better.”

“Good,” Grey sighed.

Then out of the blue the girls started speaking, without moving their lips, together, as one voice:


Just then, the room started shaking and all of the plates, cups, dishes, saucepans and ornaments were falling off the shelves.  But the sharpest objects were hovering in mid air: the knives, the forks, and meat slicers. The deadly weapons started floating towards the ghosts.

“I think I know how this is going to end,” Scarlet said, wincing.

 “We need to lift that table up or we’re all going to join them,” Grey said quickly. “Come on!”

Grey and Scarlet knelt behind the table and started to try and lift it up.  It wasn’t budging.

“Too heavy!” Grey moaned.

A couple of knives went right over their heads and drove themselves into the cupboard behind them.

 “God, that was close!  We have to get this table up!”  groaned Grey.

Other sharps items flew by, narrowly missing them. Blue then pulled the scissors out of his arm and, not hearing Green’s protests, hurried to his companions’ side. They heaved and heaved and the table was getting higher and higher till it was flat on its side. The ghosts threw the rest of their arsenal at them, but they drove themselves into the table.

Blue let himself fall on his bottom.  “God, that hurts!”  he said through gritted teeth, reaching for his wounded shoulder.

“I told you not to pull out those scissors,” Green said in a strong tone. “Now keep the pressure on it!” 

“We have to stop them, or they’ll kill us,” Scarlet said.

Once the pounding and whizzing stopped, Scarlet peeped round the corner. The ghost’s of the two little girls were just floating there, their green eyes staring into empty space.

“They’ve used up all their weapons now,” Scarlet said quietly.

 “Good, but how do we fight back, considering they’re ghosts?” asked Blue.  Scarlet sat back down behind the table and tried to figure out a way for them to counter-attack. But before he could think for long, the table started wobbling.  Grey moved closer to a corner and peeped round. He saw a taller woman – a ghost as well – who was floating between the two girls.  She was also staring at the table with glowing green eyes, just like the girls.“Damn!  I’m guessing this is the mother that’s turned up.  Just what we need.” 

The table then started shaking more violently.

“We’d better hold on to it or it will probably be used on us!”  Scarlet said, gripping the table as tight as he could.

Blue decided to use his good arm and hang onto a spare leg.  All their strength was really being tested.  It was getting harder and harder to try to keep the table still.

“I can’t hold on much longer!” groaned Green. But suddenly there was a massive pull and the table went up in the air, making everyone get lifted up slightly till letting go.  They quickly scrambled out of the way, and the table fell back to the floor.  It just missed them. 

“What the hell are you two spoilt brats and your mother doing?!”  a booming male voice shouted out.  “Well, answer me?!”

“YOU ARE IN OUR WAY,”  the children replied.

“What?  What are you going on about?  And what happened to your eyes?”  the male voice asked.

The ghosts then made the table hover over the Spectrum officers and moved it so its legs were facing the ceiling. The team saw the figure of a man standing right in front of them.  He wore dark trousers, a black jacket and white shirt in the style of the early 19th century.

Scarlet saw a chance.  “RUN FOR IT!”  he yelled.

They got up and ran, two of them running through the man and through the other ghosts, and then rushing all the way to the shut door.  Grey opened it so hard that it slammed the wall behind it and made a loud bang. The table began to follow them, but the ghostly man stopped it.

“No, you three, don’t!”  He slammed the table back on the floor.  “Don’t you three know who I am? I am your husband!  I am your father! You must obey me!” 

The ghosts ignored him and just followed the team. 

“Brats!” he said angrily.  “Woman! You come back here!” He followed them out.

The Spectrum officers found a hiding place in the closet not far from the stairwell. Green opened the door just a fraction, and saw the ghosts looking around for them, but the male ghost was having none of it.  He put his arms out and magically pulled all three of them back to him.

“I have them, so I suggest, wherever you people are, that you leave, now!  I’m opening the door for you.”

They heard the door open, the creeks of the hinges echoing through the hall.

Green saw that the ghost was telling the truth.  “He has them, let’s get the hell out of here!”  she said to the others.

Scarlet gave the nod and they all shot out of the closet, passing through the ghosts again, and headed straight out of the front door. As they did so, they could hear the male ghost’s loud voice echoing around the hall.

“I’d better call base to pick us up!”  Scarlet said getting his Spectra-Tech out of his pocket and contacting Skybase.

“Thank God, you had yours at hand!” said Blue. “Mine was in my suitcase!”


“Well, I guess I will have to teach you three a lesson!” 

              The male ghost waved his arms to pull the children and the woman up the stairs when they gathered their Mysteronised powers to fight him.  The result was him being thrown against the wall.

 “What?   You must all be possessed! I guess you three are getting your own back on me? Well, I’m not finished yet!”

 Just as he said those words, the daughters and the mother’s eyes stopped glowing green.

“What’s happening?” the mother cried in shock.  What on earth were we trying to kill those people for?  I don’t understand... What is going on?” At that point, she saw her husband, getting ready for a fight.  “You! You found us! Where did you come from?  What’s going on?”  The children huddled against her as she spoke.

The father saw the expressions on their faces and realised that they truly didn’t know what was happening.

“I have no idea why you were trying to kill them,” he said. “That is not in your natures.”

“Yes, but, that all changed the day you killed me and OUR little angels!  Many people came to this place, but we just wanted to be left alone.  We just tried to scare them – we never truly meant to kill.”

“You tried with these people. And why were your eyes glowing green?” I don’t know... But I do remember.  I knew what I was doing, but couldn’t stop myself or my children. It’s like something had taken us over.” She looked at him, all confused. “And how come you found us, after all these years?  How did you die?  I hope that someone killed you too!”

“Oh, a couple of people did, when they heard I killed our ‘little angels’.  They didn’t understand why I did it so they beat me over the head with something very heavy.  I think it was wooden blocks or something.”

“Who did it?” she asked with a smile.

“Well if you must know, it was several people in our village. Mainly the husbands.  They called it justice. Putting me on trial wasn’t enough.”

“Good. Perfect justice.”

He started floating away, mumbling to himself. “What do I care anyway?”

“Oh, you will do,” the mother said. “I suggest you look to your right.  We have company.” 

The father stopped floating and said: “What?  What are you...  He looked to his right and saw a few other ghosts hovering about.  “What the hell are these weaklings doing here?”  He yelled, recognising the ghosts of the men and women, who killed him.

“Weaklings?”  said the man hovering at the front.  “We are the ones who killed you, so weaklings we are not.  We’re here to make sure you leave and never come back. You will never go anywhere near your family again.” They hovered closer to make their point further.

“Don’t worry, they are all yours.  I don’t want anything to do with them again.”  He floated out of the front door and of into the distance.


               Scarlet and the others, who had just walked through the huge gates to leave the grounds, saw the man floating past them.

“Thanks for saving us!”  Scarlet yelled after him.

“Even though you’re a sicko,” Grey said in a quieter voice.

The ghost told them to never return because he wouldn’t be around to save them next time.

 “You need treatment, Adam!”  Green said looking at his sleeve soaked with blood.

“Yeah, it is rather sore,” Blue had to admit.

Just then they heard a sound coming from somewhere in the sky.  Scarlet looked up, putting his hand on his forehead so he could protect his eyes from the sun and see what was coming.

“Look, it’s Spectrum.”  The others saw it too, and watched as a Hummingbird landed not far from them.  Once the craft had touched ground, they all walked to it and saw the stairs lower in front of them. They climbed on board.  

“Hi, guys.  You all ok?” Magenta was at the helm of the helicopter, and welcomed them with his usual cheeky smile. “The colonel told me you needed an urgent lift.” 

“Yeah, me and Ian are fine,” said Green.  “Paul too, considering his bump to the head is nearly healed. But Adam’s arm really needs looking at. So please just fly us home.”

Magenta looked at the magnificent mansion whilst taking off.

“So Paul, does the bump on your head make you believe in ghosts now?”  Grey asked hoping he would finely say yes.

“I’ll let you know when we all get back and when my legs stop shaking.”

 “Wow! You’ll have to tell me everything when we get back!”  Magenta said in an excited voice.





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